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  • The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

    GOLD AWARD BADGE PRESENTATION AT GOVERNMENT HOUSE (click here to see pictures) 15 young people attend Government House presentation ISLAND PRESENTATION EVENING AT THE GAIETY (click here to see pictures) Over 120 local young people received their Bronze & Silver Certificates at the Gaiety on 17 September 2013. Certificates were presented by BILL SHIMMINS Managing Director of Isle of Man Bank, sponsors of the event. Where can you do the Award? Secondary Schools/College: BALLAKERMEEN HIGH SCHOOL - LEADER: M…

    read more yesterday by Alison Gawne on iomyouth wiki

  • Our Final Y6 Music Red Badges

    Yippee! Here are our final Y6's with their red badge music awards. These boys are percussion players. That's now 100% of those pupils who carried on with the Soundstart Scheme + into Year 6 who have gained the award. That is 92% of the Year 6's that will go onto high school next year having achieved this. Well done to everyone for all their dedication and hard work.

    read more 2 days ago by Lynn Merriman on anaghcoarschool blog

  • Childrens Angling For Beginner Scheme

    Read more on the DEC wiki site by clicking on the 'What's Hot' and 'Recent Changes' (RIGHT)... ...or visit the official gov.im 'Education, Training and Careers News' or you can now follow DEC News pages at our twitter link... More about the Department in general can be found on the official gov.im pages Education and Children

    read more 2 days ago by itrainer on decnews wiki

  • Vacant Posts - opportunities to work at Ramsey Grammar School

    Team Leader (TLR1b) English closing date: 9th May 2014 Teacher of History closing date: 28th March 2014 - CLOSED details available here: Teacher of History Teacher of Mathematics closing date: 28th March 2014 - CLOSED details available here: Teacher of Mathematics Head of Sixth Form closing date: 14th Feb 2014 - CLOSEDdetails available here: Head of Sixth Form RGS Senior Education Support Officer (Level 3) closing date: 7th Feb 2014 - CLOSEDdetails available here: SESO

    read more 3 days ago by Julie Owen on ramseygrammarschoolhomepage wiki

  • Venture Centre Trip 2014

    Hi Year 6! This is our Venture Centre Trip page - I have posted another Kit List and an information letter in case you have misplaced yours. This page is set up so that anyone in Year 6 can log in and post comments. If you have any questions over the holidays you could try posting them here and I will try to add the answers. Remember to show your families the page so they can have a look at what we are up to when you are away. Best wishes and happy packing everyone! Mrs Beggs

    read more 3 days ago by lisa beggs on willastonschool wiki

  • School information

    “Contact us Michael Primary SchoolMain RoadKirk MichaelIsle of ManIM6 1AJ Tel: 01624 878246Fax: 01624 878794 e-mail: enquiries@michael.sch.im Senior Staff…”

  • Goodbye Mrs Robinson!

    “Today was Mrs Robinson's last day at Andreas School. She is leaving to have a baby and move to England. We will miss her!. Class 4/5 wanted to thank her…”

  • Kingswood 2014

    “Hello All! We arrived safely earlier this afternoon and have all settled in (no-one has been sick yet despite a rather rocky first hour or so on the boat…”

  • The 'F' Factor

    “What a great morning. After weeks of auditions, undertaken by the School Council, the final 10 acts were ready to take to the stage. First up was Mascia,…”

  • Whole School Events

    “Sports Relief Walk and Talk 14 to 16 Qualification Reform Please see information regarding the consultation exercise launched this week to help determine…”

  • Foundation Stage / Year 1 Rowan - Mrs Hicks

    “Welcome to the Rowan Class. On this page you will be able to find out what you child is learning, as well as keeping up to date with any important events…”

  • Year 1 / 2 Willow - Mrs Jones

    “Welcome to the Willow Class. On this page you will be able to find out what you child is learning, as well as keeping up to date with any important event…”

  • Venture Centre - Wednesday

    “Everyone was so worn out last night and slept so well they were very quiet at breakfast this morning. But it's been a really busy day again and the child…”

  • Soundstart Music Project 2012/13

    “10/12/13 SOUNDSTART PLUS BAND MERRY CHRISTMAS 07/05/2013 - Yr 5 worked on their first composition by splitting into groups and sharing ideas about sounds…”


    “Cycling superstar Mark Cavendish told the Isle of Man Bank Sport Awards he was hoping to lead the Manx team to gold at the Commonwealth Games. Tour de Fr…”

  • Crucial Crew

    “PRIMARY school children across the Island will be taught about road safety, first aid and safety in the home at the annual Crucial Crew event in June. Cr…”

  • Manx Utilities

    “We hope you are looking forward to visiting us at Crucial Crew this year – we’ve got an exciting interactive presentation for you to enjoy. After your vi…”

  • Summary

    “Nutrition and Food Based Standards The following are the 14 minerals and nutrients the school menu is designed to offer Energy Energy enables children to…”

  • Nutritional Standards

    “The Department of Education and Children has adopted best practice nutitional standards for school meals in line with those used within the UK. Our six m…”

  • Mrs Cottier - Year 6

    “Welcome to our page. On here you will find Parent's Information letters, as well as details about what we have been up to and maybe a few photographs. Fe…”

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