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    Cycling superstar Mark Cavendish told the Isle of Man Bank Sport Awards he was hoping to lead the Manx team to gold at the Commonwealth Games. Tour de France legend Cavendish was named Isle of Man Bank Sportsman of the Year and 16-year-old equestrian rider Yasmin Ingham the Isle of Man Bank Sportswoman of the Year in the awards, presented at the Villa Marina on April 10. Cav had a successful 2013, winning the Red Jersey in Giro D’Italia to become only the fifth person to win the points classifications in…

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  • Crucial Crew

    PRIMARY school children across the Island will be taught about road safety, first aid and safety in the home at the annual Crucial Crew event in June. Crucial Crew began in 1992 to teach children in year six how to respond to emergency situations including when to dial 999. Manx Telecom Isle of Man Fire & Rescue Service Manx Utilities St John Ambulance Service Isle of Man Coastguard Isle of Man Police Road Safety 2011 Crucial Crew Gallery

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  • Manx Utilities

    We hope you are looking forward to visiting us at Crucial Crew this year – we’ve got an exciting interactive presentation for you to enjoy. After your visit try our quizzes ‘Switched on kids electrical workbook’ and ‘water workbook’ to see if you can answer the following questions. 1) What is dangerous when mixed together? 2) What item should never be taken into the bathroom? 3) What percentage of your body is made up of water? 4) Why is it important to drink water? Manx Utilities Website (Currently bein…

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  • Summary

    Nutrition and Food Based Standards The following are the 14 minerals and nutrients the school menu is designed to offer Energy Energy enables children to concentrate learn and play at school Carbohydrate Starchy carbohydrate should provide the main source of energy in the diet Non – milk extrinsic (NME) sugars A diet high in NME sugars can contribute to tooth decay Fat High fat intake can lead to excess energy intake and weight gain Saturated Fat A diet high in saturated fat can cause high cholesterol an…

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  • Nutritional Standards

    The Department of Education and Children has adopted best practice nutitional standards for school meals in line with those used within the UK. Our six monthy menus are analysed using software to ensure they comply with these standards. The Children's Food Trust at childrens food trust site has a wealth of information regarding these standards and a brief Summary of nutritional information is available here. More facts regarding Salt (Sodium) is available here.

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  • Mrs Cottier - Year 6

    “Welcome to our page. On here you will find Parent's Information letters, as well as details about what we have been up to and maybe a few photographs. Fe…”

  • Mountaineering Magic with Class 3

    “To bring our current topic of "Mighty Mountains" to a fitting close, we scaled the heights at the Venture Centre... ... and then aimed even higher, reach…”

  • Ballaugh School

    “To follow the mountaineering adventures of Class 3 click here Click the Venture Centre icon above to take you to the relevant forms page Congratulations…”

  • Venture Centre Trip 2014

    “Hi Year 6! This is our Venture Centre Trip page - I have posted another Kit List and an information letter in case you have misplaced yours. This page is…”

  • Venture Centre 2014

    “What a fantastic time everyone has had this week - thank you to Miss Harvey and Mr Oates! We have lots and lots of photos for you, so will get these onto…”

  • Music in the Spring Term 2014 at Ballacottier

    “Tuesday 15th April Last Monday, the choir took part in the Manx Folk Awards at the Rosemount Church in Douglas. So that all the choir could take part, th…”

  • Venture Centre - Tuesday

    “Good morning from a very sunny Maughold! It is lovely and sunny here this morning but a bit chilly so we have packed plenty of layers for today's adventu…”

  • Easter 2014

    “On Friday April 11th we held an Easter assembly. The Rev Des Deehan came to talk to us and then the winners of the hat and egg decorating competitions we…”

  • Welcome to Queen Elizabeth II High School

    “This is our public school wiki. Here you will find information about the school, and can find this by simply typing in whatever you want to find (such as…”

  • The 'F' Factor

    “What a great morning. After weeks of auditions, undertaken by the School Council, the final 10 acts were ready to take to the stage. First up was Mascia,…”

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

    “What is Autism? Autism is a lifelong developmental disability. It is part of the autism spectrum and is sometimes referred to as an autism spectrum disor…”

  • Year One trip to Braddan Church

    “On Tuesday afternoon year one, along with year two, went to have a look around Braddan Church. When we arrived, Reverend Richards welcomed the children i…”

  • Stars of the Week

    “Each week every teacher has the difficult task of choosing just one pupil from their class to be the 'Star of the Week.' You can be chosen as the Star fo…”

  • Braddan School


  • Multimedia Video

    “Multimedia Highlights: CLICK to visit the Podcast Library (Login Required) Shift Happens - Introductory conference video Professor Tony Watts Doug Strych…”

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