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    Welcome to Anagh Coar School's Wiki

    On this wiki you can find information about our school, look for things you want to view by simply typing in whatever you want to find (such as "Newsletters", "Aims" or "Staff") in the search box above, then pressing return.

    This is the place to come for important news - such as what each class has been learning, information about events in school, newsletters, parent information, policies/reports and so on.

    The blog (button shown above) is updated regularly to show you what we have been doing in school and the calendar will give you important dates for your diary.

    Contact us -

    Mr. R. Coole (Headteacher)
    Anagh Coar School
    Darragh Way
    Anagh Coar
    Isle of Man
    IM2 2BA
    Tel: 01624 622148

    E mail : anaghcoarenquiries@sch.im