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Manor Adventure Diary 2017: 11

Wednesday 10th May 2017

The children (and staff) all seemed to sleep really well again last night, shattered after their busy day of activities. They have another busy day today - here is what they will be up to. Mr. Coole has drawn the short straw and has to do the long bike ride for a 2nd day running!

Group 2 Group 3
Abseiling Blind Trail
Initiative Exercises Crate Stacking
Raft Building Low Level Cycling
Stand Up Paddle Boarding Low Level Cycling
Evening Walk Evening Walk

Tuesday 9th May 2017

The children went to bed in really good time last night and have slept through until now (7.15/7.30am). They are all looking forward to their nice cooked breakfasts this morning at 8.15am before a busy day. The weather is glorious so it should be a really good (and relatively clean!) day! Looks like they are going to be getting dusty rather than muddy this week...

Here is what they have in store today - hopefully Mr Coole will get to do a good update with more photos around the tea time break today...

Group 2 Group 3
Crate Stacking Low Ropes
Obstacle Course Abseiling
Low Level Cycling Raft Building
Low Level Cycling Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Blind Trail Climbing

What a brilliant day we have had so far - again with many children challenging themselves to overcome their fear of heights. In the abseiling Keira and Jake D were initially reluctant when they first went up but then managed to do two brilliant walks down the wall just like everyone else and perfected their techniques on the second run and really enjoyed it. It is amazing to watch the children find something within themselves to overcome these fears and to hear the rest of the group's encouragement of them.

In the Crate Stacking it was Lee and Ashleigh who managed to reach the maximum height allowed of 11 crates with everyone else giving it a really good go. Josh's Hulk impressions were hilarious - he's coming up with catchphrases like they are going out of fashion!

Here are a few photos of Group 2 doing the Obstacle Course this morning and Group 3 on the Low Ropes trail. As you can see from the photos the children are really working well together in teams to help each other out. The staff at Manor Adventure have commented on our groups being some of the best they've ever seen for team work - so well done everyone! Keep it up! Maddie always finds the time to find some really encouraging words for anyone she can see has been struggling with things - even if they are not in her pair or team. She seems to understand the power of encouragement in helping others. Shaun made everything on the Obstacle Course look easy and Aaron did a brilliant job of getting up and over all of the high obstacles that came in his path - really listening to the encouragement and how to get the best techniques.

This afternoon Group 2 enjoyed a nice long cycle out on the roads whilst Group 3 got very wet on the lake. On the lake in the afternoon it was only Nathan who managed to stay completely dry with Kelsey almost making it but falling in at the last minute. Luke spent most of the afternoon in the water along with Keira who did a few spectacular dives - even coming up spitting out water at one point!

On the roads it was Lee and Derren who managed to keep up with the leading instructor and Mr. Coole on every hill climb - never once stopping until they had reached the stopping points at the top. Marcus was determined to give the cycling a go and really gained in confidence on the bike in the afternoon with some one-to-one tuition.

As the sun has been really shining today we had a BBQ in the garden for our evening meal before our final activities of the day. Still lots of fun to be had on the Climbing wall and Blind Trail before room inspections and bed!

Below are some photos from the Blind Trail and Climbing wall from Tuesday evening.

The Blind Trail wasn't its usual muddy self but there was still lots of fun to be had watching the children try to follow instructions without the sense of sight. Ciaran thought that the sense of smell might come in useful when trying to keep up with the rest of the team - he might be right after 2 days here! Leah was gutted by the lack of mud on the Obstacle Course and Blind Trail - she didn’t want to just get dusty she wanted to get covered from head to toe in real mud!

Who knew spiderman had so many sons with Jake CF, Rhys, Connor, Nathan and Orry all managing to make it to the very top of the climbing wall and making it look very easy by doing it so quickly and with great technique. Evie nearly drew blood as she determinedly clawed her way up the wall as high as she could go - gripping the wall itself if there wasn’t a hand hold in reach!

Monday 8th May 2017

After a very early start meeting together in the Sea Terminal at 6.15am this morning we made it safely to Manor Adventure for 3pm. Mr. Coole was very impressed with how quickly everyone got organised getting the bags checked in and being first on the boat - thanks everyone for your efficiency! The sailing was a little bit rough to begin with but it soon calmed down and all the children travelled pretty well.

Once we arrived at Abernant Lake Hotel the children had a quick introduction to Manor Adventure and then were sent straight into their first activities: Group 2 had Archery and Group 3 had the Lake Challenge - everyone gave both activities a good go. Mrs Cassidy was the winner in the archery for this session - even beating herself in the end!

Everyone found something to eat at tea time with a choice of braised beef, tandoori chicken, vegetable lasagne or BBQ pork and this set them up well for swapping activities in the evening. Again it was a member of staff winning the Archery session - well done Mrs Mellon! The Lake Challenge was enjoyed by all too with some children really testing their confidence with heights - even if they didn't manage to complete it!

The weather has been lovely this afternoon so we are hopeful that this has set in for a few days now - it's looking good until at least Thursday. Everyone is settled in bed now after a long day so hopefully they'll get a good night's sleep ready for tomorrow's fun.


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