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KS1 Sports Afternoon

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Laserblast Fun

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Latest Out of School Achievements

[image] [Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 23.09.56.png][Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 23.11.28.png][Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 23.12.13.png]

Loud Shirt Day for DASH

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Manor Adventure 2015 - Diary Page

Day Four Well what a difference a day makes... today was pretty miserable weather wise with rain for most of the day and for all ...

Manor Adventure Diary 2017

Friday 12th May 2017 Happy Birthday Derren and Keira! It's home time today - the week has flown by because everyone has been having so m...

Manor Adventure Diary Page 2016

Manor Adventure 2016 - Day 4 Diary At last the sun came out for us today on our last full day and it was perfect weather for an 8 mile cycle ...

Manx Folk Awards

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Manx Radio/Robinson's Competition Launch

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Manx Youth Games & Football Awards

[image] Once again as the football season ends we have a number of awards to celebrate from all those pupils who play for teams outside of school. Un...

Millennium Football 2016

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New School Meals Menu

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New T-Shirts for Swimming Team

Thank you very much to Terry Boyd, one of our parents, and owner of Tel-Vision, for sponsoring our new 'Team Anagh Coar' t-shirts. These were first u...

Onchan Sensory Garden Improvements

Miss Lomas was asked by a friend that works at Barclays to help with creating sensory boxes for the new Jubilee (Sensory) Garden in Onchan. A few of ...

Out Of This World Visitor

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Out Of This World Visitor

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Primary Schools' Cross Country Championships

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Remembering the Battle of the Somme

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School Policies

You can find links below to a range of school policies that may be of interest to parents. You will also find related information leaflets and th...

Shakespeare Rocks

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