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September 2010 Newsletter

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Anagh Coar School September 2010 Newsletter

Hello! Here we are back again! I hope you all had a great summer, the children certainly seem to have enjoyed themselves - I’ve heard lots of stories about their exciting holidays.

There are lots of things that we have already got organised in school for this term and the details of these dates are in this newsletter. As other events are organised, or if arrangements change, we will inform you in good time so that you can plan ahead.

It’s great to see the children looking so smart in their uniforms - another plea though, from us, to name all their clothes - we have a lot of lost property here in school - we will get it out for you to have a look through any evening after school. Pop in and check for any missing items!

I’m really excited about starting the new academic year here as headteacher and look forward to meeting you all throughout the year at events, or if you just need to pop in for a chat.

Best wishes,

Rob Coole


Unfortunately our 1-2-1 Laptop Scheme has now come to an end and some of our laptop stock has gone back to the Department. The remaining laptops will be distributed between classes so that they can continue to use them to further improve their ICT skills in school.

Texting Easier?

If you have any urgent messages to get to us during the school day or out of hours you can:

* leave a message on the school answering machine

* text us on the school mobile

Our Mobile Number is: 470999

We will respond to your messages as soon as possible.

Diary Dates



Monday 13th September

Swimming starts for KS2 / NSC for KS1

Tuesday 14th September

IOM Newspapers Reception Class photo

Thursday 23rd September

Pupil/Class Photos

Monday 4th October - Friday 8th October

Y6 Cycle Training - afternoons

Friday 15th October

Wear it Pink for Breast Cancer Day

Tuesday 19th October

Parents Evening

Thursday 21st October

Harvest Festival Assembly

Friday 22nd October

Break up for Half Term Holidays

Monday 1st November

Back to school after Half Term Holidays

Tuesday 2nd November

Foundation Stage Reading Meeting 18:00 - 19:00

Wednesday 1st December

Christmas Fayre

Tuesday 7th December

KS2 Performance 13:30 - 14:30

KS2 performance 18:30 - 19:30

Wednesday 8th December

KS1 Performance inc Nursery

KS2 Performance 18:30 - 19:30

Thursday 9th December

School Christmas Dinner

Monday 13th-Friday 17th December

Christmas Parties (Days/Times TBC)

Friday 17th December

Break Up for Christmas Holidays

Collecting children during school time

As always can you please ensure that if you need to collect any children during the school day for appointments that you come to the school office, there is usually someone there, if not if you ring the bell you will be attended to. Any visitors going into school MUST sign in the Visitors book in the Reception area for Health and Safety reasons. (This obviously includes all parents who come in to help in the classes).

School start time To enable the children to have a settled start to their day can you please ensure that they are in school at 8.50. (The pupils are already doing an assembly, “Activate”or other lessons by 9.00 so this is obviously important.) I have to remind you that we cannot be responsible for the health and safety of the children before 8.50. I would advise that the children should not be arriving at school much earlier than the given time. If your child is late he/she must come through the main door by the office, as other doors will be locked. Department of Education policy now states that if a child does not arrive in school during the time set aside for registration this is classed as a “Late mark” and will be marked accordingly. Should this become a pattern we have no choice but to inform the Educational Welfare Officer. This is an Island Wide policy in all schools.

The children must bring into school everything they need including PE kit and a water bottle to use during the day. (Foundation, Years 1 and 2 use cups.) PE kit is, as always, a red or white plain T-shirt and black or white shorts. Pumps are required for indoor PE. Please make sure all sweatshirts, polo shirts, coats etc. are named.

Absence from School

Should a pupil be absent from school we must receive a telephone call informing us of this fact as soon as possible. If we do not hear, we will phone you! If we are unable to contact you and the situation persists we will write to you asking for an explanation. Again this is Department Policy to ensure that we are aware of where each child is each day.

Leave of Absence for holiday

The Department of Education & Children has updated its policy on term-time absence from school: please note that as Headteacher I can authorise a maximum of 10 days’ absence.

Medical/Other Appointments

Wherever possible, for any appointments taken within school time an appointment card should be brought to school or a letter / telephone call received by school before the appointment.

Class Assemblies

This year all of the children will again be taking part in class assemblies to which you are invited at 9.00 am. I will try and give you as much notice as possible to enable those of you with work commitments to make arrangements should you wish to come along.

Water bottles

EVERY child in school should either have a water cup - Foundation Stage/KS1 - or a water bottle - rest of school - in school at all times. The children have access to water from the water cooler to refill bottles during the day. They do get thirsty and need drinks as the day goes on. Water bottles should be named.

Swimming/NSC Sports

As usual, all children from Year 1 upwards will be taking part in swimming lessons on a rotation basis. This half term those children swimming will be Years 3,4,5 and 6. On a Monday morning Years 1 and 2 will be going by bus to the NSC to take part in sports activities using the Secondary Sports Hall. If anyone would be interested in helping out during the Monday morning sports session please let me know... any additional help is very gratefully received. We are at the NSC from approximately 11.00- 12.15.

On the subject of swimming...... Following NSC rules, earrings CANNOT be worn for swimming lessons. Boys need a pair of swimming trunks not baggy swimming shorts and girls need a one piece swimming costume, long hair must either be tied up or a swimming hat worn- swimming hats are preferable as this does get the children’s hair well and truly out of the way!.

All children need a towel! The children will have their feet checked for verrucas. If your child has a verruca he/she cannot take part in swimming lessons unless a verruca sock is worn. Children taking part in sport at the NSC need to bring a PE kit - the usual school one not a football strip- and a track suit or similar to wear over the top for when we are on the bus. A water bottle is also essential and must be brought into school so we can take drinks to be taken with us.

Out of School Activity Clubs

Key Stage 2 Table Tennis will start on Tuesday 14th September and will take place from 8am on Tuesdays and Fridays. Mr Kettlewell will inform children in assembly if he is unable to run

the club at any time due to other school events.

Key Stage 2 Football Club will take place from Wednesday 22nd September from 3.30-4.30 - letters will be sent out next week to get numbers and permission for those who want to take part.

I will inform you of any other clubs that will take place once they have been organised. In response to your feedback in the Parent Questionnaires, we will be looking to try to provide some out of school clubs for the Key Stage 1 pupils later in the year.

If you are willing to offer your expertise in any clubs or help out with any we already offer, please do let me know.

Reading Books

Your child will be bringing home a reading book and a yellow reading record book which should be completed by you as a parent each time your child reads. Our updated policy on reading really has had a tremendous impact, thank you to all of you who did listen to your child read daily, you will have seen the superb results I’m sure! If your child does not read daily he/she really will be at a disadvantage. If you are able to come into school and listen to any of the children read please let us know.

Hair and Headlice!

As always, please can you help us to control the start of any headlice problems by ensuring that any children with long hair - girls AND boys - come to school with their hair tied up out of the way.

This also makes PE lessons a lot easier as it is not practicable to take part in outside lessons with hair flying in eyes or gymnastics which would be very unsafe! I know many of the girls like wearing their hair down but it really is so much better if it is tied up during school time.


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