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    Class 3/4 2012/2013

    Summer Term 2013
    Here's a photo from our recent trip to the Wildlife Park - what a brilliant day it was!
    Spring Term 2013

    The topic for the spring term is the Celts. To get us started, we all enjoyed an interesting trip to the House of Manannan, where the children took part in several activities. They dressed as Celts before attempting weaving, modelling clay and looking at designs of Archibald Knox, which were influenced by Celtic artwork.
    After lunch we had a look around at the other artefacts before heading back to school, having had an enjoyable and informative day out.
    Download file "House of manannan.pdf"

    World Book Day

    As one of our World Book day activities, the children looked at stories from around the world.
    They considered what they thought they knew about Africa, India, North America and Australia before reading a selection of books set in different cultures. They were then asked to add anything they'd identified from the books they'd chosen to their original lists, before discussing some of their ideas as a class - very interesting!

    After their internationally themed lunch, they shared stories with Class 1.

    The final book related activity today was to choose their favourite book and draw its cover, for display in the classroom.

    Autumn Term 2012

    This term we've started learning about chocolate as our main topic. So far this has included taking a look at the origin of the cocoa bean, how and where cacao trees grow and a timeline of how the cocoa bean has evolved into some of our favourite food!
    The children also found out about the pop art movement and each drew a bar of chocolate in this style, taking care to apply what they'd learned about 3D shapes in maths to their art work. These are now on display in the hall - thank you to anyone who assisted in supplying the wrappers!

    In science we've learned about teeth and the components of a heathy diet. As part of this topic we carried out an experiment to see what would happen to a tooth if it was left in coca cola for an hour - the results were extremely unpleasant!

    In maths we've already covered a lot - place value, rounding, bar charts, 2D and 3D shapes, measuring and I've been really impressed by the majority of children's positive approaches to their home learning.
    Similarly reading is going really well - the children are super keen! I'm undertaking reading assessments at the moment, so some children may find that they move up a stage in the coming week.

    Here are a selection of photographs taken in the classroom recently:

    Below are also some links to a selection of websites to support the learning undertaken so far:


    If the children are complaining of boredom over half term, encourage them to write out their times tables - this makes such a difference in maths!
    The order we suggest they're learned in is 2x, 5x, 10x, 3x, 4x.

    In maths we have been learning about position, direction and coordinates this week.
    The children enjoyed beating me at battleships! Attached is a link to the battleships document we've used - print a copy per player if you'd like to have a go at home, or copy the grids out onto paper!

    We'll be looking at telling the time next - the following website links (imperfectly, but adequately to have a go) to games we'll be playing in school...

    Here is a page I think may help some of the children with spellings and remove some frustrations!
    We've had a brief look at the learning style(s) the children think they favour and the site below makes some suggestions as to alternative ways of approaching spellings, dependent on whether the child prefers visual (sight), auditory (hearing) or kinaesthetic (touch) learning. Even if they show no strong preference, the ideas listed may be helpful in making spellings activities more fun that the traditional revision of a list of words.

    On 20th November we visited L'Experience restaurant to carry out some chocolate-related activities. The children had a go at making truffles, piping chocolate mousse and decorating it, using moulds to make festive chocolates and dipping fruit in melted chocolate.

    Roy Macfarlane and some of his staff came to demonstrate how they make chocolate orange cheesecake, after which we all tucked into a fabulous lunch prepared by Michael and Belinda Murphy. Robinsons were good enough to assist with the supply of some of the ingredients for our morning, which seemed a great success.

    After lunch we travelled down to the Fudge Factory in Balthane, where Peter Birch led an informative talk and we were able to watch the ingredients for butter fudge being put into the boiler and to sample some of the many varieties of confectionary produced at the factory.

    We have had a guest in to speak to us at school. Margaret Newton of the Fairtrade Association came to explain the process of selling cocoa beans for chocolate production. She gave an interesting explanation which enabled the children to understand the problems faced by the cocoa farmer and how the fairtrade cooperatives help them.

    A chocolate bar was used to demonstrate how the income from cocoa farming is split between the farmer, the factory owner, the middle man, the shopkeeper, the government and others - this fitted in well with our fractions learning!



    Andrea (unauthenticated)
    Oct 23, 2012

    A great idea for the hols Mrs B !!! we might do table mountain too !!!
    They look like they are having a great time in year 3 thanks for the photos and info !!

    Oct 24, 2012

    Thanks Andrea - I hadn't realised table mountain was accessible via the internet, so have added the link above.

    izzy scarffe (unauthenticated)
    Oct 24, 2012

    well done

    Debbie Hunter (unauthenticated)
    Nov 2, 2012

    Table mountain is a super tool, great help with times tables. Thanks for the link ;)

    Nov 6, 2012

    Glad you found it helpful - I think the wiki's a brilliant way to share links of this type, so watch this space! I'm currently thinking about alternative ways of learning spellings that might help children who find them difficult to remember, so I'll post an update here soon.

    Andrea (unauthenticated)
    Nov 13, 2012

    That will be great Mrs B . Joe did better this week we have written the words out bigger and like flash cards (tho not as big ) and have played various games like hiding them around various rooms then he reads and spells them or writes them down ?? Something helped he got 8/10 this week !!!!!!

    Andrea (unauthenticated)
    Nov 13, 2012

    Just another thought Mrs B would it be useful to ask the other parents of class 3/4 to look at the wiki and add their tips Maybe via the F/B page or a note home ??

    Nov 15, 2012

    Thanks - that's a good idea and coincidentally fits in very well with something I'm working on. We thought it might be helpful to set up a new wiki page which would provide a summary of helpful websites, organised by subject, so that parents and pupils of all year groups can easily find appropriate links to support home learning.
    Once this is up and running, it would be fantastic if parents and pupils were also suggesting useful websites for the rest of the school community to look at.
    We'll do our utmost to get this online as soon as possible, preferably before the end of this term.

    Ayesha (unauthenticated)
    Nov 20, 2012

    Wow wish I was doing that!!!

    amelia (unauthenticated)
    Nov 22, 2012

    it wos fun

    molly (unauthenticated)
    Mar 15, 2013

    it was fun amelia you are right.yeah

    Andrea (unauthenticated)
    Jul 2, 2013

    the spelling web link has some good ideas I will try them with Joe !
    Thank you !

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