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    Class 4/5 2012/2013

    Welcome to Class 4/5 2012/13 Wiki Page!

    Our theme in Summer Term is...

    Keep visiting our India page to find out what we have been doing.

    This term we have been studying stories from other cultures and are writing our own version of 'The Seawoman'.

    Class 4/5: Conquering Snaefell for UNICEF!

    On Wednesday 22nd May, Class 4/5 children and teachers will be walking from the Bungalow to the summit of Snaefell. The children are finding sponsors for this 'epic' adventure and all money raised will be donated to UNICEF and given to help children in India.

    This fantastic initiative was planned by the children after an assembly on the Rights Respecting Schools and following a class discussion on childrens' rights to have shelter, food, to be safe and have an education. The children realised that not all children in the world are as lucky as they are and wanted to do something to help other children enjoy the same rights as them.

    The children are really looking forward to it (I don't think they appreciate how hard it will be!!!) and are busy planning what morale-boosting songs to sing.

    Keep checking this page to see the photos and write ups of our explorations and keep your fingers crossed for a dry day!

    WE DID IT!!!


    Our theme in Spring term is...

    Click on the link to go to our learning page!

    Soundstart 2013

    For the second year, the Year 5 children are taking part in the Soundstart project. After a term of lessons, they are already playing as an orchestra and producing some great sounds.

    Keep accessing this page to find out how they are getting on.


    After weeks of hard work, Class 4/5 are proud to announce their debut

    performance on Tuesday 28th May 2013 at 2pm in the school hall.

    Invitations to this prestigious event will be sent out this week!

    World Book Day 2013

    Click on the link to see some photos!

    Our theme in Autumn term is...

    ...and what an amazingly busy half-term we've had!

    The Sun, Moon And Earth

    We found out how the Earth rotates on its axis to produce night and day and created our own models to show how this happened. We then took photos of our models and used the pictures to make our own comic strips. These are on display in school.

    The Solar System

    We used the internet and good old-fashioned books to find out key facts about the planets in our Solar System. We created mnemonics to help us remember the names of the planets and their order from the Sun. Kane's mnemonic was one of our favourites:

    My Very Evil Mum Jumped Stupidly Under Nana Pat!

    We are using our facts to make Planet Top-Trumps! Watch out for the children's 'Did You Know?" facts that they discovered on these fantastic web-sites.

    Space Inspired Art!

    We used some of our new learning to develop and produce a piece of art work that reflected the colours and movements in space. We created our own colour wheels and learned about primary, secondary and tertiary colours so that we could show night and day colours in our pastel creations. These master-pieces are on display in the school hall.

    Observatory Visit.

    Click on this link to see some of the photographs from our super-exciting trip!

    READ ALL ABOUT IT! We are going to produce a class newspaper about our exciting visit.

    Space Exploration Play Bin Style

    The Play Bin is an exciting new addition to the school playground and after learning about the 'space junk' left in space from previous space explorations, the children decided to use earth-junk to create their own space visions.
    Click on this link to see some of the photos from today's space odyssey!

    More Science Facts!

    In space no one can hear you scream!

    To find out is this is true, the children of Class 4/5 are exploring the concept of sound and hearing.

    Other Exciting Events!

    Visiting Author:

    As part of the Isle of Man Literary Festival we were so lucky to have the author, Hilary Robinson in school. She talked to us about her 'mixed-up fairy-tales' stories and we were so inspired that we decided to make our own!

    Step 1: We made the bones of our story by choosing 4 fairy tales to mix up. We decided on Goldilocks, Red Riding-Hood, The Three Little Pigs and Cinderella.
    Step 2: We put the muscles on our bones by making mind-maps to plan our stories in more detail.
    Step 3: We added some skin by making up alliterative phrases, similes and finding powerful descriptive phrases to add to our stories.
    Step 4: We put some life into our stories by adding some suspense and humour.

    Now our stories are written, we are going to send some to Hilary Robinson for her feedback. We'll keep you posted with her comments.

    Click on this link to see some photos of the visit:

    Author Visit

    Play In A Day

    This was one of the busiest and challenging days of the term but we had a fantastic time working with Jeff and learned a lot about acting, dramatic conventions and story telling.

    Click on this link to see some photos of the visit:

    Play In A Day


    P4C is always a popular lesson. Recently we have taken inspiration from our theme 'Out Of This World' to discuss Neil Armstrong's famous quote:

    "One small step for man;
    one giant leap for mankind."

    Using Maths To Help Our Community

    The children have become very concerned about the amount of motor vehicles and fast drivers using the roads in Anagh Coar and think that the community needs some safer crossing areas across busy roads.

    We contacted the Road Safety team and together we have planned a traffic survey that will be carried out next week. The class will analyse their data and send it to the people in the Government who can help us improve the community.

    Watch out for our survey photos and results next week!

    Traffic Survey Day 1: Cushag Road/Stevenson Way

    Our first day surveying went well and we were all surprised at the amount of traffic driving around the estate. We will be continuing the survey tomorrow and will start analysing the data we've collected on Wednesday.

    Christmas Crafts

    Click on this link to see what interesting things we've been doing for Christmas.

    Class Reader:

    We are really enjoying listening to the story:
    And we are looking forward to watching the film of the story as a half-term treat for all the hard work we have done!


    Nat Tyson (unauthenticated)
    Oct 22, 2012

    Today Class 4/5 went out to do a survey. We all had a group of ten people, the survey was about cars, bikes, cyclists, pedestrians, trucks, little vans, tractors and buses. I really liked doing this, which we did at Cushag Road and Stevensons Way. Thank you Mrs Mellon, Mrs McGregor, Miss Casady and Kath

    Helen Mellon
    Oct 23, 2012

    The survey went really well. Everyone was surprised about just how many motor vehicles drive through Anagh Coar. We will be analysing our data soon and talking about how to use it to make our community a safer place to live and work in.

    Andrea (unauthenticated)
    Oct 23, 2012

    I love the mnemonic for the planets !!! and I hope you get a good response to the trffic survey from the department . I will be very interested in your results

    ayesha faragher (unauthenticated)
    Oct 24, 2012

    i enjoyed doing the survey with cath

    izzy scarffe (unauthenticated)
    Oct 24, 2012

    it was fab thank you everybody that joined in

    Kyra Campbell (unauthenticated)
    Nov 1, 2012

    I liked doing the survey

    kane munn mingins (unauthenticated)
    Nov 8, 2012

    I cant beileve my mnemonic is on the wiki

    Amy Quayle (unauthenticated)
    Nov 9, 2012

    my mnemonic was . my very energetic mother just served us newt pie

    ayesha faragher (unauthenticated)
    Feb 21, 2013

    wwII is well fun i liked it when mrs dale came in and told us some memories of the wwII she was 14 when war broke out . i am glad we wern't as scary as she thought we would be !

    Robert Coole
    May 3, 2013

    Wow 4/5 you really look like you've been busy this week with your writing. Can't wait to read some of your own versions of The Seawoman!

    Nat (unauthenticated)
    May 14, 2013

    I thought the survey went very well

    Robert Coole
    May 19, 2013

    I can't wait until Wednesday when we all get to conquer Snaefell. Really looking forward to it after getting fit last week at Manor Adventure!

    shakiera (unauthenticated)
    Jun 28, 2013

    well done class 4 and 5

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