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Manor Adventure 2015 - Diary Page

Day Four

Well what a difference a day makes... today was pretty miserable weather wise with rain for most of the day and for all of our activities. Everyone was so pleased that we had all had our water activities before today as it would have been freezing on the lake.

Group 1 had Low Ropes, Climbing, Zip Line and a very mucky Obstacle Course.

Group 2 had a day of heights with Climbing, Zip Line, Crate Stacking and Abseiling. Everyone in this group met their own personal goals by reaching different heights or challenges they had set themselves - especially those afraid of heights!

We all then got together with Henry Bloom Noble School for the disco tonight where there was lots of dancing from everyone. Can anyone guess what dance everyone is doing with Mrs Mellon in one of the photos?

We have had a brilliant week here in Manor Adventure with everyone throwing themselves into every activity with positive attitudes and trying their very best. There are lots and lots of funny stories to tell everyone on our return.

Fingers crossed for a smooth crossing tomorrow on the boat. Everyone will be glad to get home to see their families at 10pm tomorrow (including the staff!). Although Mrs Mellon and Mr Coole have to admit it has been a pleasure sharing these experiences with such a well behaved group of children. They have all looked out for and after each other all week throughout the challenges they have all faced on the activities. A big well done to everyone!

Day Three

Well what an absolutely beautiful day it has been here today. Perfect weather for taking another dip into the lake! Group 1 started off with Raft Building this morning - they required a good chant for getting the right effort to push the logs into place so opted for the call of ‘sausage’ and the response of ‘roll’. By the time they had done this a number of times Keeley was calling ‘shaushage’ instead and had everyone in stitches and had developed a very interesting technique for getting the logs into position. This technique proved to be the only method that worked so she was needed to secure every corner. She did a grand job as the raft stayed together for a number of challenges. Although it wasn’t long before Ayesha and a couple of the other girls fell off for a quick swim.

Group 2 enjoyed a spot of fencing for their first activity of the day - Mrs Mellon reports that Emily has the new name of ‘Slasher’ after quickly learning that cornering people against the wall and stabbing them with the foil was the best way to point score.

After break Group 1 went back in the water on the Stand Up Paddle Boards - Mr Coole joined them for this and soon got wise to the fact that the children had a secret code which meant they were going to gang up on him in order to push him in the water. Izzy seemed to particularly like this idea as every time he turned around she was there. She never managed it though despite her efforts. He did go in for a dip when he had to swap boards with one of the children though and when another child stuck their paddle under his foot and scooped him off! Very amusing!!!

Group 2 had their Initiative Exercises next with Lauren taking the lead in this and giving some very clear advice to the team in order for them to succeed in many of the tasks set.

Group 1 had the Lake Challenge before Fencing in the afternoon with everyone having two goes on the zip line. They all opted for being pushed off backwards on the second go so obviously took it all in their stride.

Group 2 had the Rafting and Paddle Boarding in the afternoon - Mrs Mellon managed to get lots of good action shots of this group’s falls into the lake. Ben was particularly good at keeping balance on the board though and had a very relaxed and laid back approach to it all which proved to be a good technique for staying afloat for most of the time...

As the sun was shining and with rain forecast for tomorrow the staff decided to do the BBQ tonight. Everyone enjoyed a lovely burger, hot dog or chicken skewer with a selection of salads before having a tasty Twister ice lolly for pudding.

This evening it was Group 1’s turn on the Low Level Cycling track with Dom coming out on top with a time of 25 seconds in the time trial. Group 2 had the High Ropes where Kyle took the lead and volunteered to go first doing an impressive recovery when he fell on the log. This didn’t phase him though he just picked himself up and carried on. Kyle’s courage shown here seemed to give everyone else the chance to overcome their fears with all children managing to at least reach the platform and abseil back down - pretty impressive considering we have some children who really don’t like heights! Hopefully now they’ve done this the abseiling tomorrow should seem like a breeze to them.

What a busy day! Everyone is nice and tired once again so all getting settled in bed for their final full day of activities. Fingers crossed the rain doesn’t hit us too bad - although the obstacle course is always a bit more fun if there is plenty of mud on it.

Day Two

7am Update

All is quiet on the corridor so I'm thinking we may struggle to get everyone up and out this morning, despite the early enough bedtimes... I'm sure the mention of a cooked breakfast will help! Luckily we're not expected downstairs until 8.15am today.

After breakfast we are all grouping together to do canoeing and kayaking on the lake. Check back later to find out who ended up in the water! The rain has stopped so hopefully we will see some more of that lovely sunshine we had yesterday afternoon too.

1.30pm Update - here are a few photos from this morning's wet activities on the lake.

10pm Update

Well what a fantastic day we have all had here today. We had a few showers this morning whilst on our water sports activities but that didn't really matter as most people got wet anyway when they fell in. In fact some people seemed to like the water more than sitting in their canoes or kayaks! Amelia found that sitting on the front of the kayak was more comfortable than sitting in the normal seat area and Callum dived out head first at one point and went for a nice little swim.

Most people managed to get a nice warm shower over the lunchtime break before settling into some dry and clean activities for the rest of the day. Both groups had archery this afternoon followed by Low or High Ropes. All of Group 1 managed to complete the High Ropes with no fuss - Megan managed four laps of the course and took it all in her stride!

This evening Mrs Mellon had a great laugh with Group 1 completing Initiative Exercises - everyone got very confused but they did manage to complete all but one of the challenges. Mr Coole joined in with the Low Level Cycling group this evening but with a time of 52 seconds he wasn't quite as quick as Jack (48 seconds), Lucy (49 seconds) and Rhys (51 seconds) when it came to the time trials part of the session.

The sun has been shining for most of the afternoon - we've got our fingers crossed for more of the same tomorrow as both groups have got another double session of water sports with Raft Building and Stand Up Paddle Boarding (Mr Coole is going to brave that one for the first time this year as he didn't fall in in the kayaking for a change!). Check back tomorrow to see how everyone gets on - we'll give an update on some of the other children's successes (or mishaps) tomorrow.

Day One

9pm Update

We all had a very early start this morning meeting at the Sea Terminal by 6.30am. Everyone was there in good time so we managed to get checked in nice and quickly and got settled on board (thanks Mrs Tyson for sorting out seats around two tables for us!). Everyone was in good spirits until we hit the open water and the sick bags soon came out. At least half the children made good use of these but were soon fine once things calmed down for the last hour.

The coach trip ran smoothly with a nice stop off by the canal in Welshpool for lunch. Tesco was very handy for Mrs Mellon at this point so she could go and buy herself a towel after she's nagged the children for weeks about not forgetting anything!

Once we arrived at Manor Adventure at about 3pm the children quickly got settled into their surroundings before starting their first activities. Group 1 did Crate Stacking and Group 2 The Lake Challenge. After a huge evening meal (the choice was bbq chicken, cottage pie or sausage and mash) both groups went on a brisk walk around the local area. They were asking to go to bed by the end of the walk.

Check back again tomorrow to see how they get on on the lake - lots of wet children I think!

This page will be updated on a daily basis whilst Year 6 are at Manor Adventure next week. Keep coming back each day to see what they have been up to. NOT LONG NOW...


lorna walton (unauthenticated)
May 11, 2015

Wales trip is brilliant. Hope everyone has a brilliant time xx.

May 11, 2015

Sounds great!!!

sophie chinn (unauthenticated)
May 12, 2015

Nice to know there safe

darren (unauthenticated)
May 12, 2015

Hope weather is nice for you guys have a brilliant week

Joanne scarffe (unauthenticated)
May 12, 2015

Looks like you are all having a fab time, can't wait to see all the pictures!

Mandy Ellwood (unauthenticated)
May 12, 2015

loving the pictures, you look like you're all having a great time!!!

Evie (unauthenticated)
May 14, 2015

You all look so happy hope it's sunny tomorrow looks fun xx

RyanColeman (unauthenticated)
May 14, 2015

It looks amazing!!! Id love to go again.

cheryl leece (unauthenticated)
May 15, 2015

looks like your haveing a graet time mr Cool

Jack J (unauthenticated)
May 16, 2015

that was the best five days ever!!! want to do it all again

Lauren s (unauthenticated)
May 17, 2015

Had so much fun in Wales if I could I would do it all over again thank you so much

leah (unauthenticated)
May 18, 2015

looks really fun did you enjoy it?
I can't wait to do all of that:]

Ayesha Faragher (unauthenticated)
Oct 24, 2015

I enjoyed Wales alot and was so greatful to go. I want to go again doing all the activities!!!

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