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Laa Columb Killey 2011

School Closes at 12pm on Thursday 23rd June for Laa Columb Killey.


Castletown Bus

The children will be taken to Vicarage Close to board the 11.45am bus.

Ronague Bus

The Ronague bus will leave the school at 11.50am.

Fancy Dress - Judging will take place at 2pm in the Parish Hall.

The procession leaves the Parish Hall at 2.30pm.

The opening ceremony commences on the Chapel Field (nearest to Methodist Chapel) at 3.00pm.

Arbory School Sports - 4.30pm.

Auction of produce at 7.30pm.

There is also a Ceili in the Marquee at 9pm with the Arthur Caley Giant Band.


Retirement of Mr Manton

The children, staff and parents would like to organise a special presentation to mark Mr Manton’s time at Arbory School. We hope this could be during a special assembly to celebrate his time as Headteacher here. Parents will also be invited to attend. Therefore we would like to organise a collection to buy a special gift as a leaving present. We will ask the children for their suggestions for a suitable gift. Donations towards the fund can be left at the office in an envelope marked Mr Manton. I will let you all know about the presentation nearer the time.

Year 5 news - Welcome to Arbory School - Miss Cretney has been appointed as Year 5 teacher until January 2011.

Parents Evening

Thank you to everyone who attended Parents Evening. We hope you have found the information useful.


Please feel free to play with the phonics games in the entrance hall. The displays are to inform you of our focus phoneme of the week. The Friends of Arbory have provided the funds to provide resources for the teaching of phonics throughout the school.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to fund raising and for attending fundraising events. Your continued support is invaluable.

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas child otherwise known as the “Shoebox Appeal” sends shoeboxes filled with toys and gifts to needy children in desperate situations in Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Every single shoebox makes a difference.

Leaflets will be distributed this week. They contain the necessary information as well as ideas of what to put inside the boxes. We had a fabulous response last year and I know many of the children had great fun filling their shoe boxes with gifts for disadvantaged children.

If you would like to get involved with this charity event, please deliver your shoebox parcels to school on Monday 1 November. A special shoe box train will run on Wednesday 3 November from Port Erin Station at 1.00pm

Lost property

We have a large number of unclaimed jumpers, most of them with no names in. The jumpers are hanging on the rails in the hall. If you have jumpers missing please can you have a look to see if they belong to you.

Please help us by writing names on the labels of jumpers!

Outstanding Dinner and Milk Money

It would be much appreciated if parents could pay for dinners and milk as soon as possible.

The Department of Education have made it clear to us that we should not extend credit and that money for dinners and milk should be paid for in advance or if paying weekly, paid on a Monday morning.

If payment is in arrears by two weeks then a reminder will be sent out, if money owing is still not paid then details will be sent to the Department of Education for them to take legal advice.

DINNER/MILK/FRUIT/UNIFORM MONEY should be sent into school in a named envelope or purse. To comply with financial regulations we do not carry floats of money in school, so it is vital that you send the exact money.

The origins of Hop -tu-naa

Hop-tu-naa is really a celebration of "Oie Houney", the original New Year's Eve. As such it is pretty much the sole reminder of these ancient times and "Hop-tu-naa" itself is a corruption of "Shogh ta’n Oie", meaning "this is the night".

However, the Celtic new year was moved to the secular new year on 01 January, a move still remembered in Scotland where "Hogmanay" (from the same root words) is still celebrated.

Hop-tu-naa Disco

Our annual disco starts at 6.30pm on Wednesday 20 October. Children can dress up and there will be prizes for the best costumes. Refreshments will be provided free but there will be some novelties for sale during the evening:-

Glow sticks

Spider putty

Pop up eyes

Bouncing eye balls


Stretchy pumpkin men

Entrance is £1.00 payable at the door

Please can all children be collected just before 8.00pm or earlier if you prefer.

Thursday 21 October - Trafalgar Service

We would like to invite parents and friends to attend our Trafalgar Service to honour the life of Captain John Quilliam who served with Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar. The service takes place at Arbory Parish Church starting at 10am.

All of the children in KS2 will be attending. Children in Year 6 will be joining in the service with readings and extracts from our play, Hearts of Oak. At the end of the ceremony we gather round the tomb of Captain John Quilliam to lay a wreath.

The Lieutenant Governor, Vice Admiral Sir Paul Haddacks and Lady Haddacks will also be attending. We hope that you can also join us.

2010 Quilliam Lecture

We still have free tickets available for the Quilliam Lecture at Arbory Church on Thursday 21 October 2010 starting at 7.15pm. Admission is by ticket only - available from the school office if you are interested.

Box Tops for Books

Nestle cereals are again offering schools the opportunity to build a fantastic collection of high quality educational books for free with Box Tops for Books. Tokens can be collected from the top of special packs of Nestle Cereals. We would be grateful if parents and friends of the school could collect these for us. Any tokens can be dropped off at the office. The scheme runs until the end of March. Thank you for your support .

The Vikings have arrived!

We have been very fortunate to receive the gift of a Viking Long Boat. There was great excitement when it arrived one Friday evening. The Viking Ship has been placed in the library for all the children to enjoy. It is a fabulous resource and I have observed many would be Vikings dressing up and planning their next voyage across the seas. Thanks go to John Bridson who built the wonderful ship and the Smith family for donating it to us. Please feel free to visit the library to see it, there are even costumes to dress up in!


Thank you to everyone who contributed to our rainforest appeal. Due to your generosity we have been able to purchase another 5 acres. A certificate is on display in the entrance.

School Photographs

Please return any orders to the school office as soon as possible.

Harvest Concert

You are all invited to our Harvest Concert on Tuesday 19 October starting at 2.00pm.

All the children are taking part. Everyone will be made most welcome.