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Our Jolly Phonics Song

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Scoill yn Jubilee Infant School

Welcome | Mission Statement | Starting School | Reception | Year 1| Year 2 | Schools Council | Staff | Friends of Ballaquayle | Ballaquayle Bears | N...

Behaviour policy & Anti-bullying policy

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Home Head teacher Mrs L Green Deputy Head Teacher Mrs L Peirce Reception Teachers Ms D Watson Mrs S Mo...

Mission Statement

Home [image] Mission Statement and Aims “Our mission is to be committed to providing opportunities for everyone to f...

Handwriting and Reading workshop presentations

[Download file "Parent workshop - handwriting .ppt"] [image][Download file "Reading workshop for Reception parents.ppt"]

Friends of Ballaquayle

Home Welcome to “The Friends of Ballaquayle”. It is an informal and friendly association involved in raising funds for those important ‘extras’,...

Learning and Teaching Policy

Back Learning and Teaching Policy [Download file "Learning and Teaching Policy.webarchive"]

Year 2 Computer Club

Computer club has been running for 6 weeks in school. The children have created a self portrait of themselves using a program called Art Rage...

Extra Curricular Activities

Home [Picture 12.png] Year 2 children are given the opportunity to attend a number of mini clubs during the year, each club lasts 6 week...

Page 4 of songs

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Page 3 of songs

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Page 2 of songs

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Ballaquayle Bears

Home [DSCF0078.JPG] [DSCF0079.JPG] Ballaquayle Bears is a toddler group for pre-school children and babies, from the school c...

Schools Council

Home The Schools Council is made up of a boy and girl representing each class in the school. They are all elected members. Elections ta...

Homework Guidance

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Starting School

Home [Picture 5.png] OUR AIMS ARE AS FOLLOWS: At Ballaquayle every effort is made to make children feel happy and...

School Prospectus

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Behaviour Policy