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Reception - People who help us

Tuesday 28th September 2010 Mr Druggan told us all about the IoM postal service. [DSCF0382.JPG]

Reception - People who help us

Friday 8th October 2010 Mr and Mrs Helfrich spoke to us about what happens when people go to court. [SANY0008.JPG]

Reception - People who help us

Tuesday 18th October 2010 Mr Craine and the other firefighters came to visit Reception. [DSCF0700.JPG]

Reception -People who help us

Tuesday 5th October 2010 Brian our Lollipop man came in to talk about crossing the road safely. [image]

Reception - People who help us

Tuesday 21st September 2010 PC Barry and PC Rob helped Reception solve a real life crime - who took the missing letters?! [image]

Reception - Festivals and Celebrations

Home Monday 8th November 2010 Mrs. Praveen, one of our parents came in to tell us about Diwali. We made diwa lamps we ate some traditional Diwali f...

Reception - Trip to the Family library

Tuesday 25th January 2011 [P1010014.JPG]

Reception - Baby William visits again!

Tuesday 15th February 2011 [DSCF0079.JPG] After his bath, William had a lovely time meeting the Reception children.

Reception - Celebrate Chinese New Year

Thursday 3rd February 2011 [Chinese New Year] Mrs Godwin came in to tell us all about how she celebrates Chinese New Year. Here she is telling us tha...

Reception - Baby William visits

Monday 14th February 2011 [Baby William visits the Cat class.] As part of our 'Ourselves' theme we had a visit from baby William. We watched him be...

Reception - Open Afternoon

Tuesday 15th February 2011 [6ce11.JPG.png] [1ce08.JPG.png] [c6f3f.JPG.png] We invited our parents in to teach them about ourselves! We had a sho...

Reception - Trip to the Garden Centre

Wednesday 30th March 2011

Reception - Trip to Laxey 18th May 2011

Two weeks ago, Reception received a letter from a pirate! He had persuaded our class characters to go away with him because he was feeling lonely. ...

Reception - Bus Driver Visit 19/5/11

Reception - Airline Pilot Visit 23/5/11

Reception - Pirate Pete came to visit 1/6/11

Pirate Pete came to see us yesterday, bringing Pippa Puffin and Kitty Cat back safely. Thank goodness for that! [We sang the Pirate song for him.] ...

Reception do phonics!

[Unknown.jpeg] The Reception boys and girls have been working hard to learn their sounds. So far they have been concentrating on the s...

Reception - Whatever Next!

Friday 25th November 2011 We have really enjoyed the story Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. We particularly enjoyed making our own rockets outside a...

Reception - Early Days

Our First Term in Reception [animoto_360p.mp4]

Handwriting and Reading workshop presentations

[Download file "Parent workshop - handwriting .ppt"] [image][Download file "Reading workshop for Reception parents.ppt"]