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Newsletter 12/10/12

Dear Parents/Carers

Halloween Spooktacular

We are holding events at the junior school on Thursday 25th October for both infant and junior pupils and families.

3.30 – 4.30 Halloween Spooktacular To be held in the junior school hall. Stalls and refreshments all with a Halloween theme. We will be holding a pumpkin competition for all children. Pumpkins can be delivered to the junior school hall any time between 8.30am and 3pm. (Please put a label with name and year group). These will be displayed and judged with a certificate for the winner in each year group. Tickets 50p for adult or child which will entitle you to refreshments – available from both school offices from Monday 15th October.

Halloween Disco – JUNIORS ONLY Thursday 25th October in the junior school hall 6.30pm – 8pm. Tickets are on sale from Monday 15th October in the school offices for our Halloween disco. Ticket entry only £4 to include disco, glow stick, hot dog and drink. All pupils must be collected from the disco at the end of the evening.

How can you help? Could we ask everyone to bring in an orange item for our orange stall please: - oranges, bottles/cartons orange juice, duster, orange club biscuits etc. Orange items may be brought to either school hall from next Monday please (15th). We would also welcome home made cakes and biscuits with a Halloween theme for our cake stall. Cakes/biscuits may be left on the day please. Items for the orange stall and cake stall may be left in either school hall. This is a new event in the school calendar and we feel sure, with your help, it will be a great success. To be able to run these two events we will have a list outside both school offices from Monday for parent volunteers who would be willing to run a stall/support the disco for a half hour block of time, to sign up to. Thank you.

School Christmas Dinner

School Christmas dinner will be on Thursday 13th December. If your child usually has a packed lunch but would like to have a Christmas dinner on that day please complete theattached slip and return to school by Friday 23rd November. The cost is £1.95 and should be sent to school in a named envelope with the slip.

Scholastic Book Club

With this letter we are sending out Scholastic Book club leaflets. Miss Miller has set up a Scholastic Book Club school group order online. This means you can now order all the books in your Book Clubs leaflet and many more at http://clubs-school.scholastic.co.uk/murrays-road. Books will then be delivered to school, usually about 7 working days after the closing date.

You need to order your books by Friday 9th November. After that date, Miss Miller will confirm the order and the books will be delivered to school to be handed out in class. For every £1 you spend 20p goes back to our school to spend on much needed books for the infant and junior libraries

If however you prefer to pay by cash or cheque please have your order in school by the same date. Please fill out the order form carefully and be sure to include your name and class on the order form together with the correct money. Place the money in an envelope stating your child’s name and class and hand to either school office. All cheques should be made payable to Ballaquayle Infants School.

School Photographs

Just a reminder that the individual and class photograph orders will be collected by Andrew Barton on Friday 19th October. Therefore, please can any outstanding orders with payment be returned to the school office no later than the end of school on Thursday.

Class photographs (cost £8.50) are on view in each classroom. Please send payment (cash or cheque – payable to A B Photography Ltd) in a sealed envelope clearly stating your child’s name, class and photograph code to the school office. Thank you.

Photo Re-sits

Andrew Barton will be holding re-sits on Wednesday 24th October from 4pm – 6.30pm and on Tuesday 30th October from 10am – 12pm. If anyone is interested please could they go to the new Studio, which was the old Post Office, Court Row, Ramsey. Any queries please phone 817817.

Hospital Appointment

Could I remind parents that if a child needs to be absent from school for a hospital/doctor/dentist appointment, for this to be classed as authorized absence, the appointment needs to be confirmed either by production of an appointment card or by a letter from the child’s parent/carer. Thank you.

Dinner times at the juniors

Some year 6 parents have expressed concern that they feel their children are missing out on choices of hot dinners by coming last into the dining hall each day. Our plan had been to start a rota system after half term once routines had been established but we have now decided to start next week to address the concern. Year 3 will have lunch first each day. Years 4, 5 and 6 will have lunch at a different time each week so that they see the system as being fair.

Fruity Friday

At Scoill yn Jubilee we strive to be a ‘Healthy School’ and we are inviting children to take part in ‘Fruity Friday’ on Friday 26th October. We would like children who have a packed

lunch to bring healthy food and snacks to eat in their packed lunches. We would ask that children bring bottled water that day in their lunch boxes as a healthier alternative to juice.

Teachers will also be invited to join children in the dinner hall on the day to eat their a healthy lunch. Please support us by trying your best to pack a healthy lunch.

Could we remind parents that children need to have a drink in their lunch box each day and to ensure your child has a spoon if they bring yoghurt for lunch. Thank you.

Mini clubs

Across the year we will be offering a series of mini clubs ( 6 week clubs) providing a range of activities for children to try. The clubs for the second half of the autumn term are: -

Year 2 only

Christmas Sewing Club with Mrs Murphy. Mondays 3.15pm – 4.00pm

Christmas Craft Club with Ms Watson. Thursdays 12.15pm – 1.00pm

All Juniors Christmas Craft Club with Mrs Miller. Thursdays 3.30pm – 4.15pm.

The clubs run from w/c 5th November. Places for each club will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please complete the attached slip if your child wishes to attend.

Friends of Scoill yn Jubilee

To accommodate all parents we have made the decision to hold Friends’ meetings alternately during the school day and in the evening. The next meeting will be on Tuesday 6th November in the infant staff room, commencing 2.00pm to plan for our Christmas Cracker (fayre).

The following meeting will be on Tuesday 13th November commencing 6pm in the junior school to organize a Pamper Evening. Everyone welcome (parents, grandparents, friends of the school).

Swimming lessons

To ensure we have the correct ration of adults to pupils to travel to and from the NSC pool we need 1 additional parent for each Year 4 class. If you are able to help, and have been police checked, please contact the junior school office, even if you are not able to support every week. Thank you.

Sickness bug

Can I remind parents that children need to remain at home for 48 hours after being free from symptoms, if they have had vomiting and/or diarrhoea.

Yours sincerely

Mrs L Green


Miniclub Autumn 2 2012

I would like my child to attend: Christmas Sewing Club (Year 2 only) Mondays 3.15pm – 4pm

Christmas Craft Club (Year 2 only) Thursdays 12.15pm – 1pm

Christmas Craft Club (Juniors) Thursdays 3.30pm – 4.15pm

Name of Pupil _________________________________________ Class_____________

Parent/carer Signature __________________________________ Date______________


School Christmas Dinner (Thursday, 13th December 2012)

I enclose £1.95 for the cost of the meal Name of Pupil _________________________________________ Class_____________

My child would like to order a Christmas dinner instead of bringing in a packed lunch on the above date.

Parent/carer signature __________________________________ Date______________ ------------------------------------------------------------------


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