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Newsletter 4/3/13

4th March 2013

Dear Parents,

Monday 18th March - Easter Eggstravaganza

This will take place at the Infants School 3.30-4.30pm. Please see the attached poster from

the Friends of Scoill yn Jubilee giving details of the event.

Decorated Egg Competition

All entries taken to the Infant School on the Monday morning (18th) will receive a

certificate. There are also first, second and third prize certificates for each year group

class, and a pre-school class. For parents/grandparents we are holding an adult class inviting

you to enter a decorated Easter Bonnet. Judging will take place during the day and you will be

able to see the judges’ decisions at the Easter Eggstravaganza. The certificates for first,

second and third places for each class will be awarded during our St Ninian’s Easter Services

on Thursday 21st March 9.30am for Infants , 2pm for Juniors. Everyone welcome.

Fair Trade

We are in the middle of Fair Trade fortnight. This morning Rosemary Clarke from the One

World Centre spoke to both infants and juniors about Fair Trade.

Our Easter Eggstravaganza will have a focus on Fair Trade, with large Fair Trade hampers as

raffle prizes. We are asking every child across the two sites to bring in one Fair Trade item

on Monday 11th March to help with this. These items can be left in either school hall in the

labelled areas.

Dress Down Day

On Friday 15th March we are having a dress down day and instead of making a donation for

this we are asking children to bring in the following items for the fair:

• Infants - an Easter Egg

• Juniors - a yellow item (can be jelly, Easter chicks, juice, tin of sweetcorn, plants etc)


We are asking for volunteers to help man the stalls for half an hour at the event. Please

could you sign up on the sheets outside each school office. Thank you.

We also need helpers to set up on the afternoon of the event from 1.30pm at the infants. If

you are able to help please sign the sheet outside the school offices.

Tickets for the Eggstravaganza will be £1 (to include a hot or cold drink and a piece of

chocolate cake) and are available from both offices. Please try and purchase your tickets

before the event so we can get an indication of numbers attending, for the catering. Thank


Transition to Secondary School Meeting

We are holding a meeting for parents whose children will be moving up to secondary school in

September 2013 and September 2014. The meeting will consist of a short presentation by Mr

Keith Winstanley, Deputy Headteacher at Ballakermeen, followed by a question and answer

session; this will be a good opportunity to raise any queries or concerns that have arisen since

the open evening at Ballakermeen last month. The meeting is to be held on Wednesday 13th

March at 6pm. All Y6 and Y5 children and parents are welcome to attend. In addition to this

meeting there will be an opportunity for Y6 parents and pupils to attend drop-in sessions with

a member of the Ballakermeen staff who will be available on the following dates to answer

individual queries and concerns: Monday 18th March, Monday 14th April and Monday 29th

April; between the hours of 2pm and 5pm. Further drop-in sessions will be arranged for the

Summer Term and these will be open to both Y5 and Y6 parents and pupils. No appointment

will be necessary, as these will be on a first come first served basis.

Scholastic Book Club

Accompanying this letter is a Scholastic Book Club letter. Mrs Miller has set up our

Scholastic Book Club school group order online. This means you can now order all the books in

your Book Club leaflet and many more at http://clubs-school.scholastic.co.uk/murrays-road

and, what’s more, you’ll be able to have your books delivered to school for FREE.

You need to order your books by Thursday 21st March 2013. After that date, Mrs Miller will

confirm that all orders are in and the books will be delivered to school for her to hand out.

For every £1 you spend 20p goes back to our school to spend on much-needed books for our

libraries. There are some great bargains with books costing as little as £1.99.

£1 World Book Day vouchers, which will be given out to all children on Friday, cannot be used

for the online ordering system, only if cash is paid. If you prefer to complete the Book Club

form and send the money/cheque into school please place everything in an envelope and

address it FAO: Mrs Miller. All cheques should be made payable to Ballaquayle Infants

School. Thank you.

Health and Safety

We have had a number of concerns expressed recently by parents which we are addressing:

• Dogs - please can I ask that dogs are not tied to any school railings/gate posts. Some

children (and adults) are fearful of dogs and this practice has caused some anxiety.

• Footballs - junior pupils should not be bringing their own footballs to school as we now

have plenty of playground resources and some footballs have been very hard and

heavy, causing injury when kicked or thrown.

• Parents taking other parents’ children home - we have had a few recent incidents of

parents taking children out of the junior playground at the end of the school day

without informing that child’s parents or class teacher. We need to ask that if you are

taking other children home it has firstly been agreed with that child’s parents and

also the class teachers have been informed.

• End of the school day (juniors) - To assist us at the end of the day we are asking

that children from all year groups are collected from the large top playground. Any

pupils using the climbing frame in the lower junior playground at the end of the school

day may only do so when supervised by the adult responsible for that pupil. Thank you

for your support.

Year 6 Cycling Proficiency

Cycling Proficiency for Year 6 pupils will take place the week commencing 8th April. This

gives everyone plenty of time to prepare for the week, ensuring all cycles are in good working

order and all children have cycle helmets.

Spare Clothing

Staff have made a request for any infant boys’ and girls’ trousers which no longer fit your

child to be given to school for when a child has a toileting accident. If your child needs to

borrow spare clothing please could you ensure it is washed and returned to school as soon as

possible. Thank you.

Dinner, Juice, Snack Payments

We recognise it is a nuisance but we would appreciate parents sending in any payments

separately across the two sites if you have both infant and junior children at school. Each

site has to reconcile its own payments. Thank you.

Half Term

(18 Feb-22 Mar)

End of Year


Cheque Payable to

Dinners (Infants and Juniors) £48.75 £177.45 IOM Government

Milk only (Juniors) £4.75 £17.29 I OM Government

Juice only (Juniors) £9.25 £33.67 Ballaquayle School

Juice and Snack (Juniors) £14.25 £51.87 Ballaquayle School

Snack only (Infants and Juniors) £5.00 £18.20 Ballaquayle School

Juice/milk and Snack (Infants) £10.00 £36.40 Ballaquayle School

Juice/milk only (Infants) £5.00 £18.20 Ballaquayle School

Yours sincerely

Mrs L Green



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