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Newsletter 17/12/12

Dear Parents,

Scoill yn Jubilee Governing Body

We now have our new Governing Body in place and have had our first meeting for the 2012 - 2013 academic year.

The governors are:

Education Council Member and Chair of the Governing Body: Mrs L Strickett

Parent Governor: Mrs J Chilcott

Teacher Governor: Mrs K Spencer

Co-opted Governor: Mrs G Gelling

MSR Clubs for Years 3 and 4

Please note, Monday and Tuesday afternoon MSR clubs have been cancelled for this week as the hall will be set up for the Christmas play. Thank you.

Seating for the Junior Play “Countdown to Christmas”

Seats are not allocated – please select your seat as you arrive. NO STANDING PERMITTED. Parents must stay seated throughout the performance. Could I remind parents that BABIES AND PRE-SCHOOL CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT TO THE PERFORMANCES. Please would the audience wait until all children have left the stage following the finale before leaving their seats.

Year 2 Visiting the Junior Filming of “Countdown to Christmas”-Tuesday Afternoon

Year 2 will be watching the junior performance on Tuesday afternoon during the filming for the DVD. If you have a child in Year 2 and a child at the junior site we will keep your Year 2 child in the Rainbow Fish Room instead of walking them back to the infant site. The Rainbow Fish room is accessed from the lower playground with the climbing frame. Mrs Peirce will wait with the Year 2 children in the Rainbow Fish Room ready for you to collect your child. All other Year 2 children (who do not have junior siblings) will be walked back to the infants.

Parents Watching the Afternoon Performance of “Countdown to Christmas” Wednesday 19th December

We have now been able to time the full run through of the junior play and it will end just after 3.30 p.m. If you are watching the afternoon performance and have children attending the infant site please collect your junior child first. We will invite any waiting infant children to go to the infant Nurture Room and watch a DVD until you can collect them after the junior play. Please enter school by the Stoney Road entrance (or walk around the outside of the school) to access the Nurture Room.

“Jesus in the Manger”

Thank you to everyone who made a donation at the end of our Friday performances towards our nominated charity “Manx Decaf” which supports people with dementia and other memory problems, their carers, families and friends by providing an opportunity to meet once a month in a social, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We will make collections at the end of the junior performances towards the same charity and inform you of the amount raised.


We would welcome donations of any unwanted costumes to add to our stock for future performances. Thank you.

Christmas Parties - Thursday 20th December

We still need some volunteer parents at the junior site to make sandwiches on Thursday morning (from 9 am) and help with the parties. If you can spare some time please complete the slip at the end of this letter and return it to the school office.

If you are sending in donations of extra cakes and biscuits please could they go to your child’s classroom. Thank you.

Christmas Activities

Year 3 will be visiting the infant site on Friday morning to sing Christmas songs to the infants. The junior choir will be visiting local residential homes on Thursday and Friday morning to sing a selection of Christmas songs.

Christmas Stamps

Please could you save your Christmas stamps for recycling to help people in different parts of the world. The One World Centre at St John’s is collecting stamps from schools to support the Leprosy Mission. Every two minutes someone is diagnosed with Leprosy. Saving your stamps seems an easy ways of making a difference. You are asked to cut neatly around the edge of the stamps leaving a 5mm margin and bring them into school. We will have a collection box outside each office. Please could all stamps be brought into school by Monday 4th February.

Thank you for your support.

Juniors’ Teatowel

All infant teatowels have now been sold. We have a few remaining junior teatowels which may be purchased from the junior school office and will also be on sale at both performances on Wednesday.

Swimming Years 5 and 6

Swimming lessons commence the first Thursday afternoon back in the new year for Years 5 and 6. The leaving and return times are:

Miss Westcott’s class: 13.05 - 14.00 pm

Mrs Keig’s class: 13.30 - 14.25 pm

Mrs Miller’s class: 13.50 - 14.50 pm

Miss Hesketh’s class: 14.15 - 15.15 pm

We will need 2 volunteer parent helpers from each class to have the correct adult/child ratio to enable the classes to go to the swimming sessions. If you are able to help please complete the attached sheet and return it to your child’s class teacher. Thank you.

Year 1 and 2 Violins

Mr Booth will not be giving any violin lessons this week.


Could I remind parents that it is so important to continue checking children’s hair and treating, where necessary, during the school holidays.

New Dyslexia Policy

Attached to this letter is an invitation from the Department of Education and Children to an information evening at your local secondary school to hear about the new Dyslexia Policy for the island.

Lost Property

Our lost property boxes are once again overflowing. The contents will be set out in the school halls on Friday afternoon so that you may check for missing items. Anything not collected will be sent to a local charity shop the following week.

Please also note that there are still some cake boxes/tins from the Christmas Cracker that have remained unclaimed in the infant office.

Dinner Money

The amounts payable for dinners, milk, juice and snacks for the Spring Term are listed below. Please note that all monies are payable in advance.

Half Term

Full Term

Cheque payable to

Dinner Money - Infants & Juniors



IOM Government

Milk Money - Juniors



IOM Government

Juice and Snack - Infants



Ballaquayle School

Juice/milk Only - Infants



Ballaquayle School

Snack Only - Infants & Juniors



Ballaquayle School

Juice Only - Juniors



Ballaquayle School

Juice and Snack - Juniors



Ballaquayle School

School reopens on Monday 7th January 2013.

On behalf of the staff could I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

Yours sincerely

Mrs L Green



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