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    Newsletter 1/2/13

    1st February 2013

    Dear Parents,

    Ladies Pamper Evening

    Please see winning raffle ticket numbers below from our latest fundraiser. Prizes may be

    collected from the infant school office:

    IOM Steam Packet Voucher - the winning ticket is blue 799 - M Bird

    Printer - the winning ticket is blue 709

    Sony DVD player - the winning ticket is white 768

    White Ticket Numbers

    351, 392, 489, 539, 542, 690, 719, 736, 766, 795, 827, 897, 927, 942, 997, 1000.

    Yellow Ticket Numbers

    448, 465, 506, 525, 535, 594, 604, 672, 691, 759, 776, 782, 813, 823.

    Blue Ticket Numbers

    639, 646, 682, 733, 741, 766, 781, 845.

    Peach Ticket Numbers

    803, 809, 819, 893, 958.

    Very many thanks to everyone who helped to make it such a successful event, raising over

    £1,200 towards the junior “Play Bin”.

    Valentine Discos

    We are holding an infant disco followed by a junior disco on Thursday 7th February both

    based in the infant school hall. Please see the attached poster from the Friends of Scoill yn

    Jubilee for details.

    Valentine Disco Arrangements

    Could all children enter school at the Stoney Road entrance via the Nurture Room. Parents

    are asked to take children’s coats home with them for the disco, as we do not have storage

    space in the hall. Thank you.

    In the unlikely event that the fire alarm goes off during the disco, children are all used to

    walking in silence out of the school to gather in pre-arranged places in the playground. We

    would ask volunteer helpers to support staff in this routine if required.

    At the end of the disco please come into school via the Thorny Road entrance to the hall to

    collect your child and leave by the hall doors leading into the Year 1 veranda.

    We will operate this routine for both discos. Thank you.

    Parent Interview Evenings

    All interview times will be sent out before the half term break.

    Please come into the hall to look at your child’s books and the accompanying ‘How to help your

    child’ sheet which the teacher will discuss with you during the interview. It will really help

    the staff if you complete the pupil and parent comment sections. Thank you.

    Year 6 Transition Form AP3

    All Year 6 pupils have been given an AP3 form today to be completed and returned to the

    school office by Monday 4th March at the latest.

    The Department and Education and Children have designated Ballerkermeen High School as

    our catchment area school for those who live within the school’s own catchment area. Your

    children will therefore attend BHS in September unless;

    a) they have a sibling currently registered at St Ninians High School who will still be on the

    register on 1st September 2013, then your child may attend SNHS.

    b) you live outside the school’s catchment area. If this is the case and (a) does not apply,

    then your child will go to the secondary school for your area. For example, if you live in St

    Johns then your child will go to Queen Elizabeth 11 High School.

    Under very rare circumstances it is possible to gain a place at a non-catchment area school.

    If you wish to see if your child can be given a place you should ask for an out of catchment

    area form, which when completed should be sent to the address on the form and not

    returned to school.

    If you have any questions please contact DEC’s Legal and Administration Services Division on

    685811 and not the school.

    Maths Workshop for Reception Parents

    Mrs Peirce will be leading a Maths Workshop on Thursday 21st February for parents of

    Reception children commencing at 2.15 pm in the infant school hall. You will then have the

    opportunity to visit the Reception classrooms to look at a range of activities set out to

    support children’s learning of problem solving, reasoning and numeracy. If you would like to

    attend please complete the attached slip and return it to the infant school office.

    Friends of Murray’s Road 100 Club

    Mrs Johnson has asked me to advise parents that she is still receiving money into the Friends

    of Murray’s Road account. In order to be able to close this account fully Mrs Johnson is

    requesting that any members of the 100 club cancels their direct debit with their bank at

    their earliest convenience. Thank you.

    Spring 2 Mini Clubs - Infants Site

    The Infant Choir with Miss Honner and Miss Bell will continue until the Easter break.

    Mrs Taghinejad will be leading a Healthy Cooking Club for Year 2 pupils each Monday at 3.15

    pm - 4 pm for 6 weeks, commencing 18th February 2013.

    If you would like your child to join this club please complete and return the attached slip to

    the infant school office. There are only a limited number of spaces available which will be

    allocated on a first come basis, but consideration will be given to how many clubs your child

    has previously attended.

    Junior Site Mini Clubs - Spring 2

    Monday and Tuesday MSR clubs will continue for enrolled children until the Easter break.

    Year 5/6 Netball Club with Miss Jones will continue until Easter. Mrs Keig’s Choir on Friday

    mornings will continue next half term.

    Skipping Club for Years 3/4 each Thursday in the school hall led by Miss O’Reilly and Mrs

    Oliphant at 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm.

    Year 5/6 Boys Football led by Mr Kelly on Thursdays at 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm.

    Tennis Club for Year 3 led by Mrs Rickard on Fridays 3.30 - 4.20 pm.

    Year 5/6 Cross Country Club at Nobles Park led by Mrs May and Mrs Dodd on Fridays at 3.30

    pm - 4.30 pm.

    All clubs will begin the week commencing 18th February 2013. If your child wishes to join any

    of the new clubs please complete the form at the end of this letter.

    All children should be collected at the end of club sessions from the front entrance. The

    exception to this is Cross Country Club, where children should be collected from Nobles Park.

    Parents need to meet Mrs May at the carpark entrance for Nobles Park on St Ninians Road.

    Swimming Years 5/6

    There will not be swimming lessons the first Thursday back after half term (21st February)

    for Years 5 and 6. The swimming session has been booked for a swimming gala practice and

    you will be informed if your child has been selected for a swimming gala trial that day.

    A Mobile Phone Found

    A mobile phone was handed into the infants school office before the Christmas break. If you

    have lost a phone please contact the infant office and give the administrator the make and a

    description of the phone for identification purposes.

    Yours sincerely

    Mrs L Green


    Maths Workshop for Reception Parents

    I/We would like to attend Mrs Peirce’s Maths Workshop on Thursday 21st February

    at 2.15 pm.

    Child’s Name:_____________________________________ Class: RSM/RDW

    Parents/Carers Signature: ___________________________ Date:____________


    Year 2 Mini Club

    I would like my child to attend the Healthy Cooking Club with Mrs Taghinejad on

    Mondays at 3.15 pm - 4 pm for 6 weeks commencing 18th February.

    Child’s name: ___________________________________ Class : 2EG/2SW

    Parents/Carers Signature:____________________________ Date:___________


    Junior Site Mini Clubs

    Name of Child:__________________________________ Class:_____________

    Please tick the club(s) you wish your child to attend:-

    Year 3/4 Skipping on Thursdays at 3.30 - 4.30 pm

    Year 5/6 Boys Football on Thursdays at 3.30 - 4.30 pm

    Year 3 Tennis on Fridays at 3.30 - 4.20 pm

    Year 5/6 Cross Country Club (Nobles Park) on Fridays at 3.30 - 4.30 pm

    All clubs commencing the week of 18th February 2013.

    Parents/carers signature:____________________________ Date:____________


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