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Newsletter 29/11/12

Dear Parents

Apologies for such a long letter. Please keep it somewhere safe to remind you of all the details! We are sending it out as a named paper copy to all parents to ensure everyone has been informed at the same time about ordering tickets for our Christmas plays.

Christmas Cracker

Thank you for your tremendous support. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the event. Special thanks to all the people who helped prepare items, set up and run stalls. Cake tins can be collected from the infant school administrator’s office. The money raised from the fair will be used to pay for the children’s Christmas parties and presents and for the refreshments provided at our community performance of the infants Christmas play for the elderly and disabled. Any remaining money will be used towards our playground equipment fundraiser along with the proceeds from our special playground raffle. We are still counting the money and will inform you of the amount raised in the next newsletter.

Raffle Prizes

Winners can collect their prizes from the infant School office from tomorrow morning. Please show your winning ticket to the Administrator who will hand your prize to you.

CHILDREN’S RAFFLE – The Winning numbers are:-

Blue Ticket Numbers (AW577096) 323 335 339 364 368 374 377 383 389 393 402 412 417 465 551 584 593 599 619 625 634 638 650 654 661 663 694 703 707 711 727 737 744 754 757 765 766 773

Green Ticket Numbers (Ref AV327099) 119 131 137 145 146 151 156 172 177 198 213 221 240 262 280 292 297 307 322 335 341 351 371 385 395 405 410 412 441 459 466 475 481 490 508 516 521 523 526 533 538 567 582 600 604


Peach Ticket Numbers (AV560579) 452 435 476 484 490 494 504 520 526 534 549 580 591 592 597 601 611 619 624 632 639 647 652 660 667 680 689 723 726 730 743 757 759 764 769 774 777 785 801 806 816 832 861 864 869 871 878 901 903 908 913 923

Pink Ticket Numbers (AW323111) 293 326 331 342 347 353 379 381 395 418 424 429 434 439 444 448 458 460 465 496 521 533 534 538 553 556 560 564 581 588 592 600 608 613 626 660 673 699 707 717 725 727 759 773 776 787 797 805 816 820 828 841 848 852 857 863 867


1st Prize - WII with Mariocart - Blue ticket (AV172115) 342 - Gerry

2nd Prize - 19’ HD TV set- Yellow ticket (AV435333) 348 - Kira

3rd Prize - A freestanding basket ball - Blue ticket (AV172115) 588 - Heather Williams

SNOWMAN CAKE RAFFLE - winning number is 833 (Yellow - AV214359) - Alex Parker

SCHOOL COUNCIL - GUESS THE DOG’S NAME? – The name was Bumbles - Isla Halsall

SCHOOL COUNCIL - GUESS THE MONKEY’S NAME – The name was Sunday Roast Dinner and the winner was Jenna Sayle.

Tea-Towels 2012/13 for Infants and Juniors

We advise that there is a tea towel order form attached to this newsletter for you to purchase an infant or junior version (please indicate clearly on the slip). Thank you.

Stamp Collection

We are again supporting the Leprosy Mission this year in their appeal for people to save the postage stamps from Christmas cards and gifts. Stamps may be left in the marked box in the school entrance.

Christmas Plays

INFANTS - This year’s infant Christmas play is “Jesus in the Manger”. There will be 2 performances of the play for parents and relatives held in the infant’s school hall. These performances will be on Friday 14th December at 2.00pm and 6.30pm.

JUNIORS - This year’s junior Christmas play is “Countdown to Christmas”. There will be 2 performances of the play for parents and relatives held in the junior’s school hall. These performances will be on Wednesday 19th December at 2.00pm and 6.30pm.

Due to fire regulations we have to issue tickets for the play. There will be 2 tickets available for each family for the afternoon OR evening performance allocated on a first come first served basis. Please complete the slip below for tickets and return to the school office by Friday 7th December, infant tickets to the infant office and junior tickets to the junior office. We will endeavour to accommodate everyone’s request. If there are any remaining tickets we will allocate to a nominated grandparent, again on a first come basis. Please indicate on the slip if you wish to go on the waiting list for an additional grandparent ticket, and the name of the grandparent to be nominated. There is no charge for the plays but a charity collection will be taken after each performance. Please could we request that pre-school children and babies are NOT brought to the plays as they may distract the performers. Children should not be taken out of either site to attend the afternoon performances.


A DVD of “Jesus in the Manger” will be made during the week of the infant performances and a DVD of “Countdown to Christmas” will be made during the week of the junior performances. Copies of the DVD may be ordered at a cost of £10.00. Please complete the order form at the end of this letter and return it to the school office by the end of Tuesday 18th December. Money must be sent with the form for an order to be placed. Please make cheques payable to Ballaquayle School.


On Tuesday (11th December) Andrew Barton Photographic Studio will take photographs of all the infant children in their costumes. These will be available for viewing before each performance on Friday 14th. On Monday 17th December Andrew Barton Photographic Studio will take photographs of the junior children. These will be available for viewing before and after each performance on Wednesday 19th December. Some photographs will be available to buy immediately but it will also be possible to place orders. Details will be available at the performances.

Christmas Play Costumes

We feel it is important for every child to be dressed in a costume for our Christmas play. We already have costumes for some of the characters, others we will ask you to help provide. Tomorrow (30th November) we will be sending out slips suggesting the simple costume your child will need. If you do not receive a slip this will mean that the school has a costume for your child.

All infant costumes should be sent into school by Thursday (6th December) on a named coat hanger. All junior costumes should be sent into school on Wednesday 12th December. Should you wish, a named comb or brush may be sent into school for the sole use of your child during preparations for the play.

Are there any parents who would be willing to help dress infant children in their costumes for the play? If so, please complete the attached slip. We are looking for help on Monday (10th December), Tuesday (11th December), Wednesday (12th December) and Friday (14th December) afternoon and Friday evening.

Parents who help to dress children will be able to watch the Monday and Tuesday afternoon performances from the back of the hall. Unfortunately, due to fire regulations, this will not be possible for the Wednesday pm and Friday afternoon and evening performances.

For the evening performances children will need to return to school at 6 pm and should be ready for home at 7.30 pm (7.45 pm for juniors). All children are expected to return to school even if parents do not have tickets for the evening performance. However if your child will not be available on that Friday evening please let us know as soon as possible so that we may allocate their part to another child. Thank you.

Christmas Post

Each Christmas we set up a post box in the school front entrances for children to send cards to each other. We will set up the post boxes on Monday 10th December. If children send cards, please could they add the child’s surname as well as the child’s class. This makes it much easier for the “postmen/women” to sort and deliver cards.

Packed Lunches

Please could I remind parents that children need to bring a spoon in their packed lunch box if they have a yogurt or dessert in a pot. Thank you.

Save the Children Festival of Trees

Our Reception children have placed an entry in the Save the Children Festival of Trees at Ronaldsway Airport. They have been kindly sponsored by Boston Finance to place their entry. Please take a look at our tree from this weekend onwards. We hope you will place a vote for our school in the competition and make a small donation to Save the Children.


Our next FILMCLUB event will be on Friday (7th December) where we will be showing “Pirates-an adventure with Scientists” (U certificate) for Year 2 children, who may be collected from Mrs Wainwright’s classroom at 4.20 pm.

For junior children we will be showing “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” (PG). Junior children maybe collected at 4.30 pm from the playground door. All junior children who apply to attend FILMCLUB will be able to attend. There is no restriction on numbers. Children may bring a drink and a biscuit or piece of fruit to consume during the film.

If your child wishes to attend please could you complete the slip attached to this letter. Thank you.

Yours sincerely

L Green (Mrs)


Infant Christmas Play Helpers

I am willing to help dress children for the Christmas play on:

Monday afternoon

Tuesday afternoon

Wednesday afternoon

Friday afternoon

Friday evening (please tick)

Name _________________________

Parent/Guardian of ___________________ Class _____________________


School Tea Towel Order Form 2012-2013

Child’s Name: _______________________________ Class: ________________

No of Infant Tea Towels required: ___ No of Junior Tea Towels required: ___

Amount enclosed: £_____________ (£4.50 each)

(If paying by cheque please pay to Ballaquayle School)

Parents/carers signature: ____________________________ Date: __________



I would like my child to attend YEAR 2 FILMCLUB on Friday 7th December 2012 to see “Pirates-an adventure with Scientists” (U certificate).

I would like my child to attend JUNIOR FILMCLUB on Friday 7th December 2012 to see “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” (PG certificate).

Child’s Name ______________________________________________

Parent/Carer’s name ________________________________________

Date ____________________ Class _____________________

“Jesus in the Manger” Ticket Request Form - INFANT FORM

Please read carefully

Complete and RETURN TO THE INFANT SCHOOL OFFICE the slip below to reserve your tickets for “Jesus in the Manger”. ONLY 2 TICKETS PER FAMILY PLEASE.

Name ____________________________________________

Child’s Name _______________________________________

Please reserve ______ Tickets (1 or 2) for Friday 14th December 2.00 pm or 6.30 pm (please circle). If you require 1 ticket for each performance please stipulate below.


Please nominate a grandparent to a list for an additional ticket for the Friday afternoon performance once all families have been accommodated.

Name of Grandparent ___________________________________________

Child’s name __________________________________ Class ____________


“Jesus in the Manger” – DVD Order - INFANT PLAY

I would like to order _______ copy/copies of “Jesus in the Manger” at £10.00 each

and enclose £_______ cash/cheque as full payment. Please make cheques payable to

Ballaquayle School.

Child’s Name _____________________________________________

Parent/guardian’s name ________________________________________

Contact Telephone Number ___________________

“Countdown to Christmas” Ticket Request Form - JUNIOR FORM

Please read carefully

Complete and RETURN TO THE JUNIOR SCHOOL OFFICE the slip below to reserve your tickets for “Countdown to Christmas”. ONLY 2 TICKETS PER FAMILY PLEASE.

Name ____________________________________________

Child’s Name _______________________________________

Please reserve ______ Tickets (1 or 2) for Wednesday 19th December 2.00 pm or 6.30 pm (please circle). If you require 1 ticket for each performance please stipulate below.


Please nominate a grandparent to a list for an additional ticket for the Friday afternoon performance once all families have been accommodated.

Name of Grandparent ___________________________________________

Child’s name __________________________________ Class ____________


“Countdown to Christmas” – DVD Order - JUNIOR PLAY

I would like to order _______ copy/copies of “Countdown to Christmas” at £10.00 each

and enclose £_______ cash/cheque as full payment. Please make cheques payable to

Ballaquayle School.

Child’s Name _____________________________________________

Parent/guardian’s name ________________________________________

Contact Telephone Number ___________________


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