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Rowan Class: 118

Rowan Class

Mrs. Cowin


We are learning how to tell the time this week! Please help your child to learn the days of the week, months of the year and the seasons.

You could use songs or chanting to help you. Here is one idea.

Days of the week

(to the tune of 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star')

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday too.
Thursday, Friday just for you.
Saturday, Sunday that's the end.
Now let's say those days again!
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday!


Today we looked at analogue clocks and digital clocks.

Click on the blue writing to go to a 'Fairy Clock' to use with your child. Please change the clock hands so that they look like these ones.

Click here to launch the Fairy Clock

Remember to ensure that your child knows that the longer hand is the minute hand and the shorter hand is the hour hand. Sometimes children use colours to identify the hands but can then get confused if a new clock has different coloured hands.

Look together at how the hands move. They go 'clockwise' around the clock. Start with o'clock times. Once your child is confident and accurate, you can introduce half past times. This is the right level of challenge for most Year 1 children. Don't worry if your child finds this tricky.

When your child can easily and accurately recognise o'clock and half past times, they can start to work on quarter past and quarter to the hour. This is the right level of challenge for most Year 2 children. Again, don't worry if your child is not yet ready for this. Of course, if your child can already do this, they may be ready for telling the time to the nearest five minutes or even one minute.

Click on the blue writing to go to a website that has some other online games that will help your child become more confident in telling the time.

Click here for 'Telling the Time' games


Thank you to everybody who remembered that Home Learning Journals were to be handed in by Friday 27th September. Here is a reminder of the task. The previous task was to personalise the cover of the Learning Journal. I hope your child enjoyed decorating their journal. I really enjoyed looking at each and every one. They are all unique now!

Download file "Nature Detectives.png"

Did your child remember to bring home their word work on Friday? Don't panic if you haven't seen these yet. They were put into their book bags if they brought one to school. They were handed to them if they forgot their book bag.

Children in Year 1 have Word booklets (pale green) and children in Year 2 have Spelling Booklets. They have their name written on them. Please remember to pop them back into their zippy reading folder with their reading book after you have used them.


Today in Rowan Class, we have been learning all about the police and how they can use clues to solve crimes! We really enjoyed out special visit and we have done some excellent writing too.

Today was an extra special day in Rowan Class because PC Kyle and PC Lana came to visit us and they brought some exciting things for us to learn more about. We talked about the police and how they help people. Then we found out about how they can be detectives who find and solve clues as well!

They showed us how to take fingerprints. They brought some special ink that was super sticky to take prints from hands and they had a very special powder to dust evidence to find prints too.

We chose someone to pretend to be a criminal who had graffitied the school. That person handled a can that we pretended was a can of graffiti spray paint. It was really WD-40 (not paint)!

We couldn't see any prints on the can when we looked. Then PC Kyle took out a silver powder and a big brush that looked like a make-up brush. That was very interesting.

Once he dusted the can, there were lots of prints. One mark was a very clear fingerprint. Can you find it in the photograph?

Mrs Cowin used tape to lift the print and then she put it onto white paper so that we could see it more easily.

Whose fingerprints do you think these are? Do they look a bit like your fingerprints?

Look at your fingers. They have tiny lines on them and they are arranged in a pattern. Nobody can have the exact same fingerprints. Even if you are an identical twin, you and your twin will both have different fingerprints to each other. That is amazing!

You could use this chart to see what types of fingerprints you have.


Do you want to improve your handwriting?

If so, click on the blue writing.

Letter Formation, Names and Sounds

It will bring you to this website.

Click on the pencil to watch a big pencil write that letter using the correct letter formation. Forming letters properly is really important, especially when you are doing joined up handwriting. Click on the ear to hear the sound that each letter makes and click on the speaker symbol to hear the letter name.


Look at these artefacts from Cregneash! What do you think each of these objects was used for?


We are looking forward to a special visitor. Who do you think it will be?

Here is your first clue:

He wears a uniform and he has a helmet. He helps people and he keeps us safe. Who could he be?

Here is another clue:

What sort of car are we building in Rowan Class?

a ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ car

Rearrange these letters: L P I E O C


In Rowan Class, we are getting ready to share something with you. Have a little sneaky peek at these pictures and see if you can guess what we are using them for!


We are being detectives in Rowan Class and we are examining artefacts (objects from the past) very carefully. We can look at them for clues about their function (what they were used for). We looked at what they were made of, what shape they were and we thought very carefully about them.

Can you guess what these Victorian artefacts are and what they were used for? I wonder.....

Have you any ideas what this object is?

What about this object?

Hmmm, what on earth could this be? Someone said it could be kept under a bed. Hmmmmm......


We are creating symmetrical patterns and drawings! We work really well with a partner or by ourselves and we always try our best!

As we start the Autumn term and a new school year, we are already having fun learning about DETECTIVES. As ‘Text detectives’ we are learning how to use the clues in the text to help us to become even better readers and to extend our comprehension skills. As ‘Secret Agents’ we will focus on honing our observational and investigation skills so that we can solve problems in Numeracy and Science. We are learning about how people lived in the past, especially in Victorian times. Did you know that we have being looking at Victorian artefacts? If you come into our classroom, you can try to guess what they were used for!

Download file "WIKI-Detectives Curricular information sheet.pdf"

Year 1

Mrs Quane


As we move towards the summer Year 1 have chosen to find out more about CASTLES.
We are changing our role play area into a castle and plan to have a banquet later this term.
If you have any pictures of castles, that we could look at, or any information, that you would like to share, please pop in and see us.

Download file "letter to parents ballasalla - castles.pages"


Today Year 1 visited Milntown (near Ramsey). We had a great time and the sun shone all day.
We explored the gardens and found lots of exciting things in the woods. The Milntown Gardeners told us all about the jobs they do and we saw lots of interesting plants that they are growing.
Here are a few pictures of the day.

Spring Term

This term our topic is 'WONDERLAND'. We have been reading the story of Alice in Wonderland and finding out about all of the different characters that are in the story. We have a Garden Centre in our role play area and we are growing lots of different seeds.

Can you guess what these seedlings are going to be?

We think the seeds will grow to be a Pumpkin plant.

We have also grown Cress and Mustard seeds and are looking to see which ones germinate the quickest.

Download file "letter to parents ballasalla - wonderland.pages"

Learning Journals

This week we have taken our Learning Journals home for the first time.
Our first task is to decorate our books so that they are individual and we are proud of them.

Watch this space and we will share the results of our first task when we hand our books in on the 19th October.

Autumn Term

During our first learning project this year we will be learning all about Africa.
We will be learning about some of the animals that live in Africa, finding out about the environments they live in and comparing the Isle of Man to rural areas of Africa.
Have a look at our termly letter to find out what else we will be learning about.

Download file "letter to parents ballasalla.pages"

Telling the time games


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