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Classes for September 2012

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e - SAFETY Everyone enjoys using computers, laptops, mobile phones, i-pods and i-pads - and they are GREAT! But, did you know,...

Friends of Ballasalla School

The 2012 AGM for Friends of Ballasalla School will take place on Tuesday 20th November at 3.40pm

Meet our Chair of Governors

As Chair of the Governing Body it gives me great pleasure to contribute to Ballasalla Primary School Prospectus. I am privileged to be a g...

Meet our Head Teacher

[Screen shot 2011-01-26 at 17.56.53.png] As Headteacher of Ballasalla School, it gives me immense pleasure to introduce our school to you ...

Policies and Procedures

Please find below links to Policies and Procedures [Download file "BEHAVIOUR policy .pdf"] [Download file "ComplaintsProced...