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Willow Class

Welcome to Willow class - Year 5/6 - Mrs Bankes-Jones.


Welcome back to school for the first term of the new school year! I hope you all had a super holiday and are ready to learn about...


Our studies of evolution have led to a life size Shetland pony in the classroom... as well as an Eohippus!

We managed a short notice- Skype contact with our pen-pals in Pakistan. We will be thinking about the environmental impact of plastic bags.

We had a visit from the police dog team and PC Anne talked with us about drugs and alcohol.

Some of our Y6 children represented the school at the Isle of Man One World Centre's Fairtrade Conference.

Our friends in Yemen are discussing "What makes a good childhood?" with us. There are many similarities between what we think.

We had a good time Skyping our friends in Mifumi School in Uganda. Standard Bank's Joe Smith visited the school and arranged the link so we could compare our education system with theirs and speak with the children whilst he was out there.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday. Have a look and see what we will be studying this term. There is lots of researching and reporting to do!

We have been sent recipes by our friends in Gaza and have tried to cook them. The results were very tasty! We have sent them some of our recipes from the Isle of Man.

It took lots of mixing, chopping, cooking and finally...


We have been Skype linking with our friends across the world. Here are the children in Mifumi School in Uganda taking to us about their problems with a broken water pump. They have to walk 5 miles to get water until it gets mended.

Willow class are picking up the theme of debate and discussion with a focus on persuasion and alternative viewpoints. Were the three pigs guilty? What were their motives? What is 'reasonable'? What makes something fair? Lots of questions to be investigated locally and globally.

Welcome back to this year's Willow class. I hope everyone has had a super holiday and you are all ready for a busy term. Please look at our topic for this half term:

We had a great morning at Peel Castle looking at plants.

Our film making - take a look at what we have produced:

We have made a film for the One World Centre Film Competition - "It's Not Fair!" We used the music we performed in our link project with CRHS was as our backing track. We learnt lots of new skills and had fun.

Soundstart update - the band is nearly ready for the big concert on May 7th at 7pm - Remember to be there!

A trip out around the village let us get the photographs to share with our international pen pals.

We had a trip to the Wildlife Park to do some research for our science and our recounts.
The watching dome was cool...

The Peacock displayed his feathers to impress the ladies.

We had a visit from the police dog unit. They explained to us all about the dangers of drugs and how they work with their dogs.

Our new topic is about sport. Take a look at what we will be doing:

Take a look at some of the things we have been doing in Willow class:

Y6 set out their plans relating to their WW1 role play area. Team work is all important and lots of relationship building and resilience is employed.

Learning about relationships - planning together and taking ownership of expectations. The Y5 decide on what they are going to do with their area.

Our first 'Parent Penny Whistlers'. Great to see the adults joining in and sharing learning with the children. Today Ballasalla.... tomorrow the World!

Well done everyone for taking the plunge and giving it a go. It is sounding good already.

It's not fair! A film making workshop from the One World Centre.

All sorts of ideas, but one main theme runs through all the groups and is shared with everyone else.
Film making - story boarding and scripting advice provided through the One World Centre.

A workshop about the world and it's needs. Leading in to a film making workshop for a group of children who are making a film on the theme of being fair.

Science fun... lots to find out about, but which type of question will help us most?

Asking questions ..... classification ..... evidence.... deducing what we 'are'.

Only yes or no can be answered. Am I big? - a fair question, BUT... what does 'big' mean? How big is big?

Celebrating our Manx culture... the class combine their talents to create their collage.

Trench art in the process of being made... some interesting outcomes!
Creating items for our role play areas.... a WW1 trench and a command centre dug out.

Skyping our friends in Pakistan. It was their first Skype contact with us and although the typed messaging worked they could not establish a video link. We will try again soon.

Rainbow day for Children in Need.

Not sure what the gap task is? Look here for a reminder!

(Due in on Monday 17th February)

(Due in on Monday 27th January)

Collaboration... Ballasalla and CRHS students combine to record their performance of 'Hear Me'.

Skyping our friends in Pakistan...

Welcome back from the Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Have a look at our topic for this term by scrolling down the page.

Download file "Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 01.04.54.png"

Looking at foods from around the world.

We looked at all kinds of foods from around the world.

Matoke tasting.

The children were able to prepare and cook Matoke which is the staple food of countries like Uganda. Two recipes were followed - one for plain Matoke and one for it cooked with onions, garlic and capsicum peppers. The pictures tell the story....

Mrs Ashworth also tasted our cooking.

Willow class gap task w/b 18th November 2013

Please complete this gap task to hand in on Monday 2nd December 2013.

Can children make a difference? Willow class representatives debate in Tynwald.

Well done to our Fair Trade team who managed to swing the vote by 2 on Thursday 7th November.

Our first full band session!

November 2013/2014

Update on learning for this half of the term.

Soundstart update... listen to us play!

Finding out about countries around the world....

Friends in other schools across the world have written to us and here are some of the first letters and drawings we have received. We cannot read Urdu, so the children write to us in English.

Measuring and making in science.... but how does the size of the spinner affect how fast it falls? Design a fair test to find out.

Maths games hit the mark....
The games designed will be made and sent out to our friends across the world in Pakistan, Uganda and Sri Lanka. Well done everyone for a great effort.

There has been much to make a noise about in class recently - Soundstart has arrived in Willow class!
Everyone has tried out different instruments and has started to learn how to play one.

September 2013/2014

Willow class will be exploring different communities around the world this term. Please take a look at our journey map by clicking the link below.

Download file "Willow Class 2013 Autumn.pages"

Miss Wheeler and Mrs Goldie share the teaching of Year 4/5. Miss Wheeler starts the week, teaching all day Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Mrs Goldie then teaches the rest of the week.

This half term we have chosen Africa as our topic. We have created an African Savanna reading area and have a beautiful African sunset painting across our classroom.
We will be learning about African animals, including their habitats, food and features. We will be learning about Africa as a continent, looking at the landscape and people in the different countries.
We will look at different examples of African art and study an African artist called Afewerk Tekle. In literacy we will read African tales and fables and write our own versions. We will also research and write about African animals and present information in an appropriate way.

Have a look at our plans through the link below.

Download file "Africa Parents information sheet Summer 2013.pages"

Mrs Goldie

Last term with Miss Wheeler the children embarked on a range of experiments and investigations based on forces, they started with a 'Design the best Parachute' challenge.
Have a look at the photographs below showing us involved in making our parachutes for our design challenge.

This is our parent's sheet for the Spring Term.
Download file "evacuation info sheet parents year 4:5 january 2013.pages"

In the Autumn Term we studied Francesca Simon as a significant author. She writes books about a character called Horrid Henry. We read different stories by her and then wrote our own stories in the same style. We even made up our own character names!
Below are some photos of us working on our writing for our Horrid Henry stories.

Parents are always welcome to come and visit or have a chat. Let us know if you would like to!


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