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    Fuchsia Class


    Mrs. Corkill - Welcome to Fuchsia Class!

    Last week Fuchsia Class enjoyed visiting the Wildlife Park and meeting Rainforest creatures. We also had a great time looking at all the other animals and having a picnic on such a beautiful day.

    This term are topic is 'The Rainforest'. The children have suggested lots of great ideas to help us learn about rain forests. Some of the areas we will be covering are shown on the information sheet below.
    Download file "Y3-4 Summer 1 2015 curriculum info sheet.pages"
    Wow! - what an exciting afternoon Fuchsia class have had. We went on a meteorite search in the school playground and were amazed at how many we found. See if you can spot some of our finds on the photos below - they are spherical with a white dot (reflected light).

    This term Fuchsia Class are really enjoying our Space topic. We had an enjoyable visit to the Manx Museum and learned lots from the Earth, Moon and Space lecture. We have made aliens from clay and are currently writing science fiction stories about our alien characters.

    Download file "Y3-4 Spring 1 2015 curriculum info sheet.pages"

    On 24th September, Fuchsia Class enjoyed a brilliant Viking themed visit to Ardwhallan. After, visiting Old Tynwald, we sat around the cosy fire in the Viking longhouse. Following an energetic orienteering game, we looked at Viking Runes and made shields. We were all ravenous by lunchtime and either sat in the longhouse to eat our packed lunches, or sat outside to enjoy the beautiful September sunshine and the spectacular scenery. After lunch we got very messy making, cooking and tasting bread. We also learned how to light a fire using flint and steel and how to chop wood. A game at the end of the afternoon showed how much the children (and staff!) had learned. We all piled into the minibuses and headed back home - tired, smokey and a bit grubby, but all very happy after such a great day out of the classroom. Well done to all at Ardwhallan and well done Fuchsia Class!

    This term Fuchsia Class are enjoying learning about the Vikings. Some of the things we intend to do are included on the information sheet below. However, as we get more involved in our topic the children will suggest activities and areas they want to learn more about.

    Download file "Y3-4 Autumn 2014 curriculum info sheet.pages"

    Fuchsia Class have enjoyed two educational visits recently. The first was to the Celtic Workshop at the House of Manannan. They all had a great time finding out more about the Celts and learning about Celtic art. The second visit was one of our series of visits to the Community Farm. The children met all the animals again and have planted some salad vegetables which will hopefully have grown by the time of our final visit in June.

    Fuchsia Class have been looking enthusiastically at the Puffin colony webcam on the islet of Burhou. We have researched lots of interesting facts about these fascinating birds and are looking forward to seeing more puffins and their pufflings in the next few weeks.

    Download file "Y3-4 Summer 1 2014 curriculum info.pages"
    Today (1st April, 2014), Fuchsia Class had a great time at the 'Rainforest Magic' Workshop at the Wildlife Park. It was a beautiful Spring day and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with Liz in the classroom, learning all about the animals and plants in the rain forests. We also had chance to explore some of the Park and have a picnic lunch. Thank you to Liz for making the visit so interesting and informative, and thank you to our parent helpers.

    We are continuing our topic of "Inventions and Inventors" this half term.
    Download file "Y3-4 Spring 2 2014 curriculum info.pages"

    Fuchsia Class have had a busy half-term. We enjoyed a visit from Mr. Cooper who helped us to understand problems that people with hearing difficulties encounter. We found out about inventions that make life easier for people such as hearing aids and fire alarms that emit a smell. We tried to think of some inventions of our own to help people with hearing difficulties.

    Also in Science we made 'sound guns' to demonstrate how sound moves and paper 'bangers'. (see photos below).

    Mrs. Kinley has been teaching us how to play the penny whistle. We are able to play tunes now that others can recognise and are really proud of ourselves.

    Happy New Year to everyone! This term our topic is 'Inventors and Inventions'. The children have made some suggestions about what they would like to do and find out when studying this topic. We have begun by putting some significant inventions on a timeline. I think we all had a few surprises when doing this. Our current curriculum information sheet can be viewed here.

    Download file "Y3-4 Spring 1 2014 curriculum info.pages"

    Yesterday (Monday, 18th November, 2013) Fuchsia Class had a fun afternoon when Amanda visited us from the Community Farm. The children worked really well in their groups to produce timelines depicting 'A day in the life of a farmer' and enjoyed making their timelines into puppet shows.

    Download file "Y3-4 Aut 2 2013 curriculum info sheet .pages"

    Today (Tuesday, 22nd October) we managed to avoid the rain and enjoyed visiting Rushen Abbey. We gathered lots of information about what life would have been like for the Monks living there. The children thought that getting up at 2 a.m. and taking a vow of silence would have been very difficult! Maybe we will all pretend to be Monks in class........

    Today (Monday 7th October) Fuchsia Class visited the Community Farm. Amanda and Harry introduced us to all the animals and showed us where the fruit and vegetables are grown. We enjoyed a walk down the lane to the conservation area and learned how useful worms are.

    Last week (26th Sept) Fuchsia Class had a great time at Castle Rushen learning more about life in Tudor Times. After dressing up as servants, the children set about preparing the Castle for the arrival of King Thomas. They enjoyed learning how to write using quill pens - a skill they have continued in the classroom! They also improved their acting skills by learning and acting out a play for the King. We also learned the medicinal uses of various plants and enjoyed pulverising herbs and spices to make breath fresheners. Many thanks to all MNH staff at the Castle who made the visit so interesting and fun.

    This term (Autumn) our topic is 'The Terrible Tudors'. We have begun to find out information about Henry V111 and need lots of ideas for our 'Working Wall' so that we can learn what life was like in Tudor times. Some ideas for activities we may do can be seen on the Curriculum information sheet (see below). We have been lucky to book for the Tudor workshop at Castle Rushen later this month - watch this space for photos!
    Download file "Y3:4 Autumn 2013 curriculum info sheet.pages"

    This term our theme is 'Water, water everywhere...' (inspired by our Summer weather!). You can read about what we will be covering in our Class Curriculum information sheet.

    We have enjoyed reading 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' and are beginning to think about designing and making our own model lighthouses. If you have any empty 'Pringles' containers please send them into school.
    Download file "Y2:3 Autumn 2012 curriculum info sheet.pages"

    On 17th October,Class 2/3 had a very enjoyable visit to the IOM Steam Packet. We were taken 'behind the scenes' and were checked in for a trip on the Manannan. Then we collected our boarding cards before going through security and on to the Manannan. We had a look around all the different areas on the ship - including the crew's dining room and the Bridge. The children loved sitting on the Captain's seat and fiddling with all the controls! ( I hope that wasn't the reason the sailing was cancelled on Wednesday!). Another highlight was trying on the life jackets and checking that the whistles worked. Many thanks to the parents and staff who came with us on this visit and a big thank you to all the staff of the IOM Steam Packet who were superb with the children.

    I was lucky enough to go with the children to visit the Sea Terminal and had a great morning. I was surprised to feel the ship rocking and we were only in the harbour! Well done to our very own Matthew who acted as our leader and controlled how we went through the security arch and onto the Manannan. Thank you for letting me come with you by Mrs Ashworth.

    January, 2013. Spring term.

    This term our topic is 'Ancient Egypt'.

    Download file "Y2:3 Spring 2013 curric info sheet .pages"

    So far we have discussed what we would like to find out and had fun writing our names using hieroglyphs. We are in the process of making Ancient Egyptian clay pots.

    We are working hard on our Learning Journal tasks - the children enjoy looking at each other's work and creative ideas.

    Summer term - 2013

    Our theme this term is 'Our Island Home'. You can see what we plan to cover on the information sheet attached. However, this is subject to change as the children are enthusiastic and are suggesting ideas about what we can learn. We are enjoying making Celtic Roundhouses at present and are really pleased with our Manx themed collages. Don't forget to have a look in the classroom next time you are in school.
    Download file "Y2:3 Summer 2013 curric info sheet.pages"


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