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Class 3

Congratulations Class 3!

What a fantastic finale to the year as foreign flavours were shared by family and friends!

Class 3’s latest project “International Restaurant” was brought to a fitting close, when parents and guests visited school on Monday afternoon, 11th July 2016.

Throughout the project, pupils developed all learning dispositions by exploring many aspects of restaurant business: marketing, through the creation of adverts, catchy slogans and logos, interviewing school meals managers and a local restaurateur, pricing and budgeting, and creating and producing their own dishes - Chinese, Mexican, French and Italian foods were all on offer.

The children were able to practise their culinary skills, cooking all their chosen dishes in one afternoon, a few weeks earlier, using the food technology facilities at Ramsey Grammar School. Thank you to staff and pupils for enabling this event. Also, a very big thank you to parents for providing ingredients and support, especially those who came with us to RGS and helped in school.

To view a photographic record of our activities, click this link.

An Afternoon with LEGO

On 11th May 2016, the whole school came together in the hall and learned together by creating a lego town complete with harbour, airport, trams, park, residences and even a jail!

Six mixed age groups were created and the children chose to work in pairs, groups or on their own. A quick scan of the 6Rs showed us that we had the opportunity to develop many learning dispositions (being more resourceful, being more resilient, building on positive relationships, finding ways to remember instructions) as well as being creative and giving our fine motor skills a work out.

I hope everyone enjoyed it.

World Book Day 2016



Download file "World book day 2016[1].pdf"


Diwali Celebrations in Class 3

Our good friend Mrs Daxa Patel visited us on 9th November to help us learn about the traditions and stories associated with the Hindu festival of Diwali, which took place during this week. We saw Rangoli patterns being created, watched a film about an Indian family celebrating Diwali and heard the Ramayana story of Rama and Sita. Following the visit, pupils made their own diva lamps and created their own versions of the Ramayana.

Success at Netball Festival

Well done to all of the players in our 'Ballaugh Ravens' High-5 netball team who won the regional round of the current Island Primary Schools Netball Festival.
We now progress to the Island finals. Great effort and teamwork from everyone!

Class 3 Viking Adventures

The topic this term in Class 3 has been Vikings. We started with a fantastic outdoor experience at Ardwhallan, where we spent the day inside a real Viking Longhouse, making and eating our own bread and trying to create fire! We rounded off the day battling each other with swords and shields that we have decorated back at school. Our Viking adventures at school have included learning songs and creating a large Viking wall frieze. At the start of February we went to the House of Manannan to learn more about how the Vikings travelled and lived.

Prize winner

Hot off the Press

On Thursday 27th November, children in Class 3 went to Mannin Media to see Toby's and other children's Christmas cards being printed. We marvelled at the amount of paper and card that was being used and were amazed at the size of the guillotine and the ink printer used for the production of the Manx Tails magazine. This month's edition of Manx Tails includes a feature on Toby and we were each given a copy before it went out to the public!

Well Done

Toby receives his prize from Mr Keith Dalrymple of Dalrymple Associates after being judged to be the best entry in the Design a Christmas Card Competition. The competition was in association with Dalrymple Associates and Mannin Media. In addition to his own prize, Toby also won £100 for the school and the chance of a class trip to Mannin Media.
Well done, and Thank you Toby

MATHletes did us proud

On the 12th November, four of our greatest MATHletes from Yr 6 did battle at QEII against all of the other Western Primary Schools. Despite being one of the smallest schools in the area, the team of Emily, Elsie, Erin and Oliver, finished in a fantastic 2nd place. I understand that they were ably assisted by Daniel Radcliffe, a current Yr 7 and Ballaugh MATHlete veteran (having competed in the inaugural event last year). Well done folks, we are very proud of your accomplishment.

Green Fingered Pupils

Garden Plot Success

Thanks to the hard work and dedication by pupils, yourselves and willing relatives, we were awarded 2nd place by Ballaugh Commissioners in their Garden Competition's "Best Community Project category". Thank you again.

Chess Success

Well done Ollie.

Ollie achieved a superb 10th out of 32 playing against Jennifer Shahade, a leading chess grandmaster, in a simultaneous (simul) chess match.

Hall Caine Success

Hall Caine Creative Writing Competition 2014

Daniel and Elsie attend the award ceremony . See the link for their stories.


Sporting Success

Well done to all those players that were part of the football squad that played at Ramsey Grammar School on Saturday morning. By winning 1, drawing 2 and loosing 0 we remained unbeaten. This would not have been possible if we hadn't been able to get two of our supporters to play (James and Jack) as we did not have enough players due to illness and other commitments. Thank you boys and to all of those that turned up to play and support.

Please Sir, I want more.........................

Ballaugh School hall resounded with the music of Lionel Bart, as Class 4 performed their version of 'Oliver' to the rest of the school and their parents to mark the end of their topic on the lives of children in Victorian times. They were awesome. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show and we had some excellent reviews - 'sensational'...... , 'like a professional production'......... , 'fantastic singing' .........
Mrs Bale was very proud of her class . Well done.
This term we are doing Ancient Greeks. Do I feel a Disney production coming on? ....
'Who put the glad in gladiator............?'

For more pictures follow the link.....................

Hall Caine Writing Success

Congratulations to Daniel and Elsie in Class 4 who both received "Highly Commended" prizes in this year's Hall Caine Creative Writing Competition. Out of 6 awards on the Island, 2 went to Class 4 at Ballaugh. Well done.

Class 3's Mountaineering Expedition

To follow the mountaineering adventures of Class 3 click here

War Horse

War Horse

On Monday 3rd March, Class 4 were very lucky to attend a screening of War Horse at the Studio Theatre at Ballakermeen High School. This was a recording of the live streaming of the play from the previous Thursday. The play is based on the book by our favourite author , Michael Morpurgo.We were all very excited and were not disappointed. Here are some of our reactions.....

'I thought the War Horse production was really effective with the way the puppets moved and when he sound effects came in. You could also tell there was a lot of effort put in to the production because some of the actors were sweating. It was amazing the way the horse puppet was controlled with three people. Overall I thought the production of War Horse was excellent and would love to see it again'

By Victoria

I thought that the play was good. But their were some draw backs because the people who controlled the horses could have hidden in the horse because you could see their feet, and the person controlling the head of the horse was easy to see. The person controlling the goose was running around the stage which I thought wasn’t very good. The sound effects weren’t very good because you could see the people making them. I didn’t like the person who came on the stage to sing. I liked the emotional parts like at the end By Ollie

I thought the first part of the production was a bit boring because there was not much action or excitement. I thought the second half was much better because there was action and excitement like the sounds of guns and bombs but it was just more grabbing in the second part. Overall it was a good performance and the puppet’s were very well made. I really liked some of the sound effects like the horse and the guns.

by Callum S

I thought that the War Horse play was very clever the way they made the horses look real and it was very well planned. Also, I liked the way that they had the line of paper which was ripped out of one of the soldiers sketch book and it was used as a part in the background of the stage.By Ethan

The production of War Horse was very emotional and it was clever how they made the horses. The puppet makers have taken puppets to the next level. I especially loved the idea of the strip of paper across the stage. I think the emotional thing was the bond between Joey and Albert. They acted like brothers. Overall I gave it five stars.

By Georgia

War horse was very moving and it was exciting in some parts. It showed how bad the First World War actually was. War horse was very clever because of how every movement that the puppets made was in sync with the other puppeteers and puppets. You could tell how the horses were feeling from every tiny movement they made. Even the horses ears moved.By Erin K

I thought the way the puppets were made was very inventive and I liked the way they didn’t care that you could see the people controlling the puppets. The person making the sound effects for the horses was very good because I thought it was playing in the background until they did a close-up on the person doing the sounds. I liked how they got the idea of a ripped piece of paper to project drawings onto from a person’s ripped up sketchbook. It was good how the middle of the stage spun around so you could see what was going on in the middle of the stage from different angles. you could see how hard the puppeteers were working because when there was a close-up on them you could see them sweating. I liked the way they made Joey grow up from a foal to a stallion. When he went up on his hind legs they changed the puppets and made the adult go into the same position. I liked how in some places you had to guess what they were saying because it was in either French or German. I liked how in one scene the soldiers were in the trenches and instead of making trenches on stage they used the side of the stage because it was slightly off ground. I liked how in the interval they had one of the directors and Michael Morpurgo say what they thought of the performance.

by Freya

I thought it was well put together . It had sadness,happiness and drama which every performance needs . It was amazing how they did the noises and the movement of the horses . I thought it was performed very well

by Amelia

World Book Day 2014

World Book Day in Class 4

Ballaugh School celebrated World Book Day on Thursday. Several children dressed up as their favourite character . In Class 4, Victoria came as the Victorian nursery maid, Lottie, from 'The Lottie Project' by Jacqueline Wilson which has been our class reader this term .

In assembly, members of Ballaugh Drama Club performed a scene from their future production of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl.

Spring Fayre 2014

FOBS Spring Fair 2014!

You raised a massive

Thank you for your generosity with donations, time and money.

It was fun and games at Ballaugh School on Saturday as FOBS hosted their annual Spring Fair. Have a look at what went on.....

'I think it's going quite well!".........

The face painting was very popular thanks to Mrs Field and Mrs Russell.

As usual, Mrs Teare ran the bric a brac stall.

There were lots of entertaining sideshows....

Oh dear .... the Manx weather strikes again!

So good they can't stay away! Ex Ballaughians dropped in to help.

Umm, how to be the perfect head teacher!

Thanks to all who donated the yummy cakes .

The cake raffle was won by Mrs Hewings. Thanks to Andrina for all her hard work.

And it wouldn't be a Spring Fair without the legendary crockery smash ......

X Factor 2014

Simon Cowell eat your heart out .....

Ballaugh has the X Factor!

The children of Ballaugh School showed what a talented bunch they are on Friday evening, when FOBS hosted the 'Ballaugh's Got The X Factor' competition at the Parish Hall.

It was a wonderful night with entries from every class from Reception to Year 6.

The KS1 winners were the Mc Fee-Bell family with their shadow puppet show.

In KS2 the honours went to stand up comedian, Callum Sherry but the overall title of X Factor champions went to Year 6 with their moving tribute to their classmate Alexis who sadly died in a road accident in October. They sang one of her favourite songs , Emili Sande's 'Read All About It". It was beautifully done a cappella style causing many glistening eyes in the house.

Here are our best bits, as they say, with judges comments........................

The people with the hardest job......the judges - Bridget and Doona.
Bridget and Doona ,ex Ballaughians, are now in Year 13 at QE2 High School . They are no strangers to performing themselves Doona is the leader of the strings and Bridget first flute with the Manx Youth Orchestra.They took part in this very competition when they were in Class 4 in 2006 .

First up - The Mc Fee Bell family shadow puppet show

"Very creative and imaginative.Fantastic props.Brilliant team work"

Then came a violin duet.

"Good posture and bowing arm.Confidence is key!"

Next some comedy from Dante....

"Good classic jokes! Very funny or should I say 'punny' !"

Rachel and Hermione sang 'Hello World'

"Don't worry about false starts - it's scary up there.Lovely matching outfits!"

More humour next from another comedian ......

"Lovely jokes - loved the school humour too"

The first half came to and end with the Gangnam Style of Jude and Alfie . They brought the house down (and nearly Alfie's trousers!!)..........

"You pulled it off brilliantly - very energetic"

Well done to all the KS1 competitors.

And the winners were..................

Family Mc Fee Bell. Congratulations.

The second half opened with a magic show from Erin,Izzie,Emily and Molly......
"Great names and confidence - 9 years ago Doona and I also did a magic show"

Next Georgia singing and playing 'DNA' by Little Mix.

"Good grasp of rhythm in intro- lovely voice. Beautiful playing too.Impressive playing piano and singing at the same time. Good diction heard all the words.Very hard song to sing - especially on your own"

Freya sang 'Fearless' by Taylor Swift

"A cappella is difficult but you stayed in tune well and hit all the notes.Good voice control and you tried to give meaning to what you were singing"

Next, the boys were back in town with 'Comedy 6'

"All very confident and creative - Loved the bass drop"
"I have no words!"

Trinity-Rose performed her interpretation of Adele's 'Someone like you' on piano.

"Brilliant technique"
"Great to be playing at such a high standard already"

Freya and Victoria sang 'Let it Go'

"Very confident - what about trying some harmonies?"

Next was Erin singing 'Over the Rainbow'

"A difficult song to sing but very composed with a lovely voice - made eye contact with audience- don't get too nervous"

Guitar group next - Daniel, Freya,Erin and Callum - they would walk 5000 miles......

"Lovely accurate guitar playing.The next ABBA maybe?!- (no need to get married!)"

The comedy talents of Mr Callum Sherry................

In complete contrast, we next had Georgia,Holly and Erin with a guitar version of Adele's 'Someone like You'

"Maybe you should start a group with Trinity? Beautiful singing and playing"
"Guitar gives great pace - hitting all the notes"

And finally - the evening closed with the Year 6 tribute to Alexis.

"Beautiful- everyone looked like they were enjoying it. A fantastic tribute"
"Just came along and blew everything else out of the water!"

The KS2 winner was Callum Sherry...............

But the coveted X Factor trophy went to...............Year 6-Tribute to Alexis

Well done to them and everyone who took part. It was a very enjoyable evening with a great atmosphere.

Get practising for next time ..........................................


SOS RNLI Assembly

Last Friday we had special visitors to help us celebrate - Dawn Dickens and Stormy Stan came to help us learn about the changes to the RNLI uniforms and life jackets. We found out that the jackets are now much more waterproof and the clothes more flexible than they used to be. The gear does, however, cost a lot of money, so we held a 'wear something blue' day and money raised so far is over £125! Thank you to all who sent in donations.

Local Hero

Local hero visits Class 3.

Children in Class 3 were delighted to have a visit from seven times World Champion Ian Sharpe on 5th December 2013. Ian told us about his gruelling time table for training when he competed as a swimmer and how he switched to cycling.

He showed us one of his paralympic silver medals and explained that he competed in his first paralympics 15 years ago. We looked at some of his cycling kit from the Athens games in 2004. Ian has won so many medals at European, World and Olympic level that he has lost count!

Manx Radio

Listen Again to the children singing "Light the candle" on Judith Ley's PRAISE show on Manx Radio.

This was aired on Sunday 22nd December. The children are one of the first items that you will hear. CLICK HERE


Mathletes Did You Proud.

Daniel, Erin, Freya and Georgia went to QEII High School to take part in the The First Great Western Maths Olympiad and were joined by Charlotte (an ex-pupil from Ballaugh now in Year 7). The team won the first round of 24 (a mental maths game where the number 24 has to be generated in as many different ways as possible from a set of given digits). By the end of the competition we learned that we had missed out on 1st place by a mere 5 points. Well done guys.

Tag Rugby for the Year 2/3 team.

On Thursday evening our team joined all of the Northern Primaries for a Tag Rugby Tournament at RGS's sports hall. Although the emphasis was on FUN, the team were always trying their best. Well done and thank you to all our drivers and supporters.

Remembrance Day in Ballaugh

On 10/11/13 our Year 6 School Council reps performed the solemn task of laying Ballaugh Schools' wreath. It had been created by all of the pupils from the school in the run up to the commemoration. It was wonderful to see so many pupils taking part and representing so many organisations.


1st Place!

Well done to our children and parents, grandparents and friends that worked so hard on their garden plots during the summer term. Your hard work paid off! Thank you.

What Was It Like In The War?

Class 4 had 2 special visitors today who came to talk about what life was like during World War 2 . Linda Wales who is Erin Callow's Grandma brought her friend Judy Dent to meet us.

Judy was born in 1937 and grew up in Barking in east London. She still has vivid memories of living through the Blitz, being in the family Morrison Shelter and the crowded, airless shelter at school. They brought in lots of their own memorabilia from the war including ration

books,photographs and medals. They had also put together some foodstuffs to show how much you would get each week on the ration.
We heard fascinating stories about Judy's father who fought in India and Linda's father in law who was in Burma.

It was a delight and pleasure to have these first hand experiences and we feel privileged to be part of this living History.
We would like to thank Linda and Judy for going to so much trouble in preparing their presentation. We thoroughly enjoyed it.