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    Brastyl 3 2014-15

    Hop Tu Naa 30.10.15

    In Brastyl 3 we looked up Hop tu Naa traditions. We decided against making the soddag valloo /dumb cake as we were not to keen to eat soot and eggshells! We did decide that bobbing for apples looked like fun though.

    In the afternoon we went to the arboretum with the whole school and created a piece of Hop Tu Naa art. We had great fun collecting twigs and leaves.

    Brastyl 3 Meayll Hill trip 13th October 2015 Photographs taken by Joseph

    We started our school trip with a short climb to the top of Meayll Hill from Cregneash carpark. Most of us enjoyed our trek through the gorse!

    We looked inside the WWII radar station shelters at the top of Meayll Hill.

    After that we went to look around Meayll circle. We located the 6 pairs of burial chambers which make up the circle. We discussed the similarities and differences between the burial practices between the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient peoples of Mann.

    We then walked through Cregneash and down the coastal path into Port St Mary.

    We finished our trip at the memorial anchor at Kallows point.

    We have been learning how to write instruction in Brastyl 3. We first found out how the Ancient Egyptians made their mummies, then we wrote instructions on how to do this. These are our pictures of us trying out our instructions to see how good our instructions were.

    We have been learning about the organs and bones in our bodies. We went to the arboretum and collected twigs.

    Then we started to create our skeletons out of the twigs we collected.

    After our skeletons were complete the class worked as a team to label some of the main bones in the body correctly.


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