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    Naight 2016-17


    Nollick Ghennal Erriu!


    I couldn't resist popping out to take a snap of these young performers who are regularly seen strutting their stuff at playtimes!


    Our Friday clubs have taken on a decidedly Christmassy feel this half term! The choir is working on songs for the Shirveish y Nollick, The animation group are working on music videos with a seasonal feel and the craft club are creating games and crafts for the Christmas Fair. This Friday we have the added excitement of our dress as you like and Margey Millish for Children in Need-gura mie eu for your generous contributions!


    Exciting news this week! You may have noticed our visitors from Channel 4 last Wednesday with some rather fancy equipment. We received a message this week that our first Manx Gaelic programme introductions will be aired next week, for the Simpsons on Wednesday 16th at 6pm and for Sunday Brunch at 9.30 Sunday 20th.


    This Friday was the funeral of our colleague Bnr Pitts. Kate came to the Bunscoill in 2006 and was with us until she retired in 2010, teaching Reception and Year 1 children. She helped us out on supply many times during her retirement, it was as if she'd never been away she fitted in so well. She also volunteered one day a week to help in Brastyl 2. We all have very fond memories of Bnr Pitts, both staff and pupils, and she will be very sadly missed.

    Kate was at the forefront of the language revival having started a group called Beeal Arrish with Peggy Carswell many years ago to teach Manx to preschool children. This predated both Kied Kesmayd and Mooinjer Veggey.

    She maintained her Scottish roots throughout and regularly observed Scottish celebrations such as Burns nights etc with her friends. She could turn her hand to reciting the poem over the haggis and did so on many an occasion.

    A long serving member of Clioagarree Twoaie Kate contributed a great deal to the cultural landscape of the Island.’ Kate was one of the unsung heroines of the language revival: she will be sorely missed.

    The Friday before last, the school gathered to present a concert for Mr and Mrs Kneen and colleagues. Mrs Kneen has retired from her work as one of our school dinner ladies. The children performed brilliantly, finishing with a tear- jerking rendition of Ellan Vannin, led by Felix, Cian and Felix. We wish Mrs Kneen all the best in her retirement.


    Clubs start today! This half term we have modelling with sand, 'upcycling' at the Teddy hospital, foraging and making a music video. Below you can see one of our prospective Teddy hospital patients being used as a reading cushion in a lovely photo taken by Matilda.


    Y Reihys

    Yesterday at the Bunscoill we joined the rest of the Island in going to the polls, in our case to elect members of this year's Coonseil ny Cleinney (School Council). Levels of excitement and engagement were high. The candidates were well prepared and deported themselves well. They all presented a short speech to voters before answering questions.

    The new Coonseil ny Cleinney will be B4; Agatha, Anna, Orry, Ryan B3; Frank, Jasmine, Josephine, Elena B2;Ned, Emily, Evie and Evie Grayse. Jeant dy mie shiuish.


    Failt erriu to new academic year!

    We are eagerly anticipating our new school website and hope to be able to direct you there for skeet, pics and info in the near future.


    Lioar y doofyr

    Tickets went home today and pre-ordered CDs. There are still some CDs left at £4 if you would like to buy one. Neil Corlett will be filming the Tuesday evening performance and we will deliver the DVDs when they arrive after editing.


    Excitement is building for our school musical. This week we will be doing some green screen recording for our digital backdrop, as well as working on our animations and sound tracks. Lots of great ICT work with a real purpose. We will also begin recordings for this year's CD-lots of very catchy new songs!

    That's the elephants ready!


    Lioar y Doofyr

    Costumes to be in by Monday 4th July please for a trying on session. Any problems please see Bnr Clague.

    Download file "costumeletter.docx"


    Shiaghtin Slayntoil

    Our healthy week activities began on Tuesday with walks in the countryside. Brastyl 3 and 4 walked along the old railway to Peel for lunch on the beach and then walked all the way back to school. Brastyl 2 took a bus to Peel before walking to school along the railway line, arriving just in time for lunch. Brastyl 1 had a good ramble in the arboretum before coming back for their lunch. In the afternoon, Brastyl 2 learned about the food pyramid and spent some time reflecting on how it related to their diet.

    On Wednesday we split into four mixed age work- groups for our healthy week science activities. It's always great to see how the older children support the younger children in their learning in these circumstances. Over the week, the children found out about mixtures and emulsions in their work on salad dressings, they learned about hidden sugar in drinks and tried making their own healthy flavoured waters, they learned about the importance of eating more plants and created a plate of crudités with a bean dip and learned about the importance of hand washing.

    On Thursday we worked in our Manx hill themed sports teams to create banners and songs for the Sports Day parade. The previous afternoon each team had created a race or game to gain points for skills, teamwork,speed and agility. I hope you enjoyed watching them busily working round the carousel of activities. We put family members together to make it easier to follow. The teams all cooperated really well and everybody in the school made an important contribution to their team. When we added up the scores the next day Barrule were triumphant. Team games were followed by individual running races. Certificates will be awarded to winners in school. Thank you for your help in sending the children to school in suitable kit, and with carrying equipment back form the field. This helped enormously with smooth organisation on the day.


    Close Cloie

    Improvements to our Close Cloie have begun, based on the ideas and designs of the children. We are awaiting a quote for our Tynwald Hill planter centrepiece from the St Johns sawmill. It would be really great if we could get a band of willing volunteers together to help us make our playground an attractive, exciting, stimulating environment for the children to learn and play. If you think you could offer some time for painting, scraping, simple woodwork, planting, weeding, watering.. get in touch with Bnr Matthews. The children are already enjoying performing and constructing in our new role play and building zones...


    New uniforms on the horizon!

    Spring is in the air, birds are singing and flowers are blooming -it's Spring, 'Yn Arragh' a time of change and renewal! Our current school uniform is very similar to that of the surrounding Primary schools and we decided it was time to make it more distinctive. We've gone with the concept of 'Gaelg My-Vlaa' (Gaelic blooming/flourishing) with the symbol of a fuchsia flower added to our Tynwald Hill Logo in a new design created by Bnr Blindell. Our colour scheme is inspired by the fuchsia flower and we are allowing children to express their individuality by choosing which colour polo shirt they wear under their navy sweatshirt out of a choice of green, red or purple. We don't have any samples of the sweatshirts yet, but will post up some photos of children in the new uniforms as soon as they arrive. In the meantime, you can see fabric swatches with the new logo at the school door/noticeboard.


    Yesterday, six girls and six boys from the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh competed against 170 children from schools all over the island in the Island Primary Cross country championships. The children ran two laps around a course at Nobles Park, a distance of 1 mile. Well done to all who competed.


    We all enjoyed the Western District Netball competition today at St Johns school. The two Bunscoill teams played very well, had good fun and improved their skills. Jeant shiu dy mie!


    For the final few weeks of the Spring Term we are going to be very busy preparing for and participating in inter-school competitions around the Island. Last week our chess team went to Cronk y Berry for the Primary Chess Championships. This week we sent two football team to compete in the Western District Football competitions. Next week we will be having a Manx Culture week as we prepare for the Manx Folk Awards and prepare Celtic Art for a Celtic Congress competition. We will also be squeezing in the Western District Netball Competition and the Island Primary Cross country championships. Finally, for three days in the last week of term we will be participating in the Manx Folk Awards. Gura mie eu to families for helping us give these valuable opportunities to the children by supporting with lifts, having the right equipment and practising at home.



    This week BBC journalist Andrew Bomford visited the school to gather information for a Radio 4 programme about minority languages. He recorded the children playing, singing, learning as philosophising in Manx as well as talking to staff and parents. Tune in to Broadcasting House on Radio 4 next Sunday (28)between 9 and 10 am!

    07/12/15 Brastyl 3 and 4 have been designing posters for our Shirveish y Nollick. We have been learning to design posters 'fit for purpose' and have combined our art and computer skills to help us create our designs. Have a look at some of our posters to find out about our Christmas Service.

    30/10.15 Coonseil ny clienney organised the Great Bunscoill Bakeoff, entrants were from Brastyl 4. We had lots of wonderful cakes entered into the competition. The cakes were judged on their original Hop-Tu-Naa design and their taste.

    Third place James

    Second place Emma

    First place Fergus

    23/10/15 We have begun recording in Club Rap, you can hear Lewie, James and Illiam's recording above-stars of the future?


    The return of clubs

    We are all excited today, as it's the first Friday of club time for the new term. This morning the children in KS1 and 2 chose between tag rugby, tin whistle, rap and garageband, crafts, story writing and fencing. We are all looking forward to getting started in our groups this afternoon and learning some new skills.

    Failt erriu gys blein noa ec Bunscoill Ghaelgagh!


    The children, old and new, are settling in well and exciting topics are underway throughout the school. We had a lovely treat yesterday morning when All-Ireland harp champion, Fiana Ni Chonaill came to visit us with Peddyr Cubberly. They entertained the children with a mix of Irish and Manx tunes to which the children clapped along enthusiastically. We even had four brave volunteers from Brastyl 4 standing up to dance along to Chyndaa yn bwoailley, jeant dy mie!


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