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We'll be 'wearing it pink' here at Bunscoill Rhumsaa on Friday 21st October! We're supporting breast cancer research by asking everyone to come to school wearing something pink! All donations to the cause are greatly received!

Mrs Quaye's class was the first from Rhumsaa to take part in Forest School!

Fab pictures at the Facebook page --> click me for Forest fun!

September Newsletter is available here --> Newsletters

Miss Vincent and the FairTrade Film Crew picked up 'Best Opening Sequence' at the FairTrade Films Award Ceremony! Congratulations!

You can see the film here --> http://www.oneworldcentreiom.org

Getting involved! Our pupils had a great time at Ramsey Town Hall, where they carried out a mock election! Click to see the results --> Future Chief Minister?!

The school is now a recognised 'FairActive' School! That's because of the great work our Year 6 pupils put in to run a fantastic FairTrade Fortnight!

You can't say fairer than that!

Champions! In the last few weeks Bunscoill Rhumsaa has won the IOM Schools Cross Country Championship and the Dolphin Swimming Gala! Fantastic stuff - we are all very proud of the teams!

Cross Country Champs!

Swimming Champs!

You can read our recent SSRE Validation here -->Our SSRE Validation outcomes

Our completed, now in place Food In School Policy is here;

Download file "RhumsaaFoodinSchoolPolicy2016FINAL.pdf"

PATHS is a big part of our curriculum! Find out more here --> PATHS

What makes our school so special? That'll be the Rhumsaa Difference!

What are Rhumsaa's Secrets of Success? Find out here --> Secrets of Success

Read about the Bunscoill Rhumsaa & RGS Breakfast Club -->A great way to start the day!

We've been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark!

Everyone at the school is very proud as we received our report from Dr Wendy Daley from IQM - it's a report which we're really pleased with, and it has resulted in the school being awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark!

Dr Daley spent two full days at the school, visiting classrooms, sitting in assemblies, talking with our children, staff and a group of parents…she saw it all! And here are some of her thoughts;

"This school is building the bricks of sustainable relationships. Originally two separate schools with two sites, it is now a sprawling campus - an enjoined primary. Bringing them together has been a clear and determined task.

The newness of the Headteacher to the post has ensured an empathetic journey of new beginnings and has given the creative opportunities that newness brings; exploration, discovery and the freshness of building new understandings. The success of this is built fairly and squarely on the recognition of the significance of listening. This school does not wait for whispers or hints; it is proactive in engaging conversations and ensuring that the smallest of voices is heard.

The community of Bunscoill Rhumsaa is as wide and broad as that of the whole island. There is a uniqueness of interconnectivity and of care and caring. The school is bringing together the richness of diversity and parents feel part of a journey of positive change. The growing strength of the school is in the visibility and transparency it represents for everyone. All voices are invited and welcomed, and the role of the individual is given value. The growth of confidence is seen in the willingness to offer creative opinion. The true essence of inclusion is in this equality of individual significance…"We feel part of the harmony of the school" (Comment from a parent).

Anne-Frances Royle (Unit Manager), Kathryn Oates and Alex Quane (the two Deputy Headteachers) have led the collation and presentation of evidence in readiness for the IQM assessment and the Self-Evaluation Report provides a thorough and insightful understanding of inclusion and of its profound place as the underpinning of the school's philosophy. The determination of the leadership to promote inclusive values is undeniable. There is a clear commitment to strengthen and grow the journey of inclusion and a humbling openness, and willingness to be open and embracing of any new possible avenues of development".

See what Dr Daley thought of our pupils! --> Inclusion Quality Mark

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