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    Crucial Crew: 31

    Every year the Isle of Man Coast Guard deliver a safety Presentation to year six classes

    from primary schools around the Island. This year we aim to deliver a fun packed workshop that delivers the essential information that you need to keep safe around the coast and on water. Michael McDonald and Isabella Hawke will be your presenters for the day and will be looking to you for some help in answering be Sea Safe Quiz Questions. You will learn how to:

    • Keep Safe around the Coast
    • When not to Swim
    • What not to do on water
    • What to do if things go wrong
    • How to call the Coastguard.

    We encourage you to keep up-to-date with information by reading the information below and in playing our interactive games before you come. Once you have played the games and listened to the presentation, you will be in a perfect position to take part in the quiz. At the end of the day your school will be able to enter the crucial crew competition, details can be found by clicking on the enter the competition link below.

    About the Coastguard: As part of the Ports Division, the IOM Coast Guard is responsible for the provision of search and rescue teams to deal with incidents around the coast and, increasingly, inland. There are five teams located at Douglas, Castletown, Port Erin, Peel, Ramsey. These stations provide a response by coastguards

    within 20 minutes to any part of the coast. The service response to an estimated 300 requests for assistance each year and incorporates closely with other emergency services.

    Coastal surveillance remains the core activity of the Manx Coastguard service and a high degree of familiarisation of the coast is required, gained to a system of more than 1000 patrols by the stations each year. All Coastguard units are fully equipped with vehicles and a range of coastal and inshore rescue equipment. Increasingly they are used as part of a co-ordinated response to inland emergencies such as hill searches and river pollution incidents.

    Enter the Competition | More about the Coastguard | More Games

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