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    Here are our top tips for online safety.

    • Passwords - always keep your id and password secret. Change your password if you think someone knows it.
    “Treat your password like your toothbrush”
    • Be polite - don't overshare
    • Never give out personal information such as real name, password, phone number, address or school - use nicknames if you need to
    • Be careful what you post. Be careful about what you say in chatrooms, treat it as a public space (digital footprint)
    • Never agree to meet anyone in person that you know from online - it may be an adult posing as a young person
    • Don’t share photos that are private between you and your friends
    • Tell your parents if you feel uncomfortable or if you are being bullied online:
    • Don’t respond, save message, tell an adult.
    • When gaming online remember these tips still apply

    Check out the Think You Know Website -
    Simply click on your age group for very useful information about how to keep yourself safe at the same time as having fun online!

    If you are worried about something that has happened online, you can use the report abuse button.


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