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    The Crucial crew week is one that the Isle of Man Constabulary looks forward to each year. It is a perfect opportunity for the Islands Youth to learn about what we do and how to keep safe.

    During our lesson at Crucial Crew we cover a wide range of topics from Theft through to Cyber bullying which is a fairly new phenomenon that is occurring within the Schools more and more.

    The children will get to meet Mannie our remote controlled Police car and have fun whilst learning about day to day Policing.

    It is a great week for everybody involved and speaking to students who have attended previously they have learnt a lot whilst having lots of fun.

    After your visit to the Crucial Crew workshops at the Isle of Man College, do you know the answers to these questions?

    1. According to Law what is the age of Criminal responsibility?

    2. What must you do if you find something that does not belong to you?

    Try our crossword…. (you can download it below to print out)

    · Down

    • 1. 1. What is the act of jumping of a high platform (cliff or pier) into the sea or river called? (tombstoning)
    • 2. Complete this phrase – ‘Don’t Jump into the _______ (unknown)
    • 3. What did Dame Dizzi-aster stick in the toaster? (knife)
    • 7. What does Gas smell like? (6,4) (rotten eggs)
    • 8. At wehjat age are you criminaly responsable (ten)
    • 11. True or false, you can always trust attachments sent to you in emails from your friends? (false)

    · Across

    • 4. Road safety - Red circles mean must ___
    • 5. Road safety - Triangles give these?
    • 6. how long does it take before something found belongs to you
    • 9. 1. Which item from your First Aid kit would you use to cover a minor bleed? (7,5)
    • 10. What should your screen name be when you’re in a chat room?
    • 12. 2. Before applying First Aid you must always ___________ the situation to make sure it is safe for you and the casualty.

    Download file "Constabulary activity_colour book_HR.PDF"

    Download file "Police crossword 2015.pdf"


    Rachael (unauthenticated)
    Jul 3, 2014

    This was really helpfull and easy to understand it

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