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Improved school swimming timetable will increase standards

A revised school swimming timetable will provide all pupils in Years 3 to 6 at Department of Education and Children (DEC) schools the opportunity to swim weekly from September to Easter.

It’s hoped the timetable, in operation from next week, will lead to more children leaving primary school having achieved the green certificate standard of swimming.

This denotes they can swim 25 metres without pause, demonstrating good technique.

Almost three quarters of Key Stage 2 children on the Isle of Man achieve the green certificate, compared to 56% in the UK. However, the DEC wants to continue to raise standards further.

Until now, some schools have had insufficient pool time to allow all Key Stage 2 pupils to swim for both terms.

The new timetable includes earlier start times for lessons and extended sessions, with some registration taking place at pools rather than schools.

The changes have come about following consultation by Manx Sport and Recreation with headteachers, swimming teachers, Bus Vannin and pool managers.

Manx Sport and Recreation also plans to offer additional tuition to those who need it to attain green certificates.

Graham Cregeen MHK, Minister for Education and Children, commented: ‘As an Island nation, surrounded by sea, we regard swimming as an important life skill and want to ensure pupils have the maximum opportunity to learn prior to leaving primary school. This more consistent approach to delivering lessons will assist that.’


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