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UCM Higher Education open day at the Nunnery campus

Potential degree students are invited to University College Isle of Man’s (UCM) Nunnery campus on Wednesday 11th October to discover more about its highly successful degree programmes.

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In addition to offering the opportunity to talk with lecturers about the 12 degree-level programmes and tour the Nunnery campus, the event also showcases many of the top companies on the Isle of Man that offer great career and work experience opportunities for graduates.

The Nunnery campus hosts the majority of UCM’s degree programmes, including computer science, applied computing, business management, marketing and event management and finance and accounting. It also hosts professional, work-based degrees, as well as postgraduate programmes and work-based MBA. UCM also offers degrees in history and heritage, public health and art.

Jo Pretty, Principal of the UCM, said: ‘It’s essential we prepare our students with the skills they need to be contributors to the Island’s growing and diversifying economy.

‘Knowledgeable, highly skilled and enterprising graduates from all our degrees are of immense value to the Island. Two of our new courses this year are an example of that; BSc Hons in cybersecurity and MSc in computer science.

‘Last year an outstanding 83% of UCM higher education students gained a top grade (a first class or upper second class degree),’ Mrs Pretty said.

‘In addition, they forged valuable connections with local employers and organisations, and participated in research projects that will prepare them for the workplace.’

Studying on-Island is now recognised as the ‘value for money’ choice. Eligible UCM degree students are not required to contribute to course fees, avoid travel expenses and, in many cases, maintain part-time work. UCM higher education students are also able to gain important off-Island experience through field trips and international placements.

The Nunnery campus is a partnership between UCM and International Centre for Technology Ltd (ICT), a private company which bought the Nunnery site in January 2015 to develop a premier learning environment with UCM and provide a hub to promote technology and enterprise skills.

The open day, which starts at 3pm to 6pm, is open to all.

The event includes short presentations at 4pm from Katie Nicholson, Manager, Bridge Angel Network, which supports start-up businesses and entrepreneurs, and professional golfer Tom Gandy, both local graduates. Katie will challenge guests to consider the attributes of an enterprising graduate.

Katie said: ‘High quality educational qualifications can provide a platform for a successful career and the creation of an enterprising organisation; but equally so are the personal attributes and attitudes of the graduate. Knowledge alone will not generate success.’

For more information about courses offered by the UCM, visit www.ucm.ac.im


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