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Employment event showcases opportunities in Isle of Man

An event this month will showcase the growing and ever-diversifying range of employment opportunities available in the Isle of Man.

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Employment & Skills 2017 takes place at the Villa Marina on Thursday 9th November from 9am to 6pm.

It’s a chance for those seeking or returning to work, considering a career change and contemplating exam and university choices to meet representatives of major employment sectors to discuss the qualifications or experience required and the opportunities they have available.

More than 50 exhibitors will attend – from aerospace, the arts, accountancy, armed forces, banking, childcare, construction, e-gaming, engineering, fire service, flight training, education, hair and beauty, healthcare, hospitality, ICT, law, life assurance, marketing, media, the motor trade, nursing, public services, professional services, recruitment, shipping, self-employment, transport, telecommunications and trust and company.

The Job Centre will offer online career analysis and advice on writing CVs and advisors from the Employment and Skills team will be present to discuss training, work placement and apprenticeship opportunities.

The event is organised by the Departments of Economic Development and Education and Children (DEC).

Laurence Skelly MHK, Minister for Economic Development, said: ‘We are continuing to grow our economy, create new employment opportunities and encourage inward investment.

‘Having the right people with the right skills in the right jobs is key to the success of our local companies and organisations.

‘With such a diverse economy and strong job market, we have more apprenticeships available than ever before and our Island’s young people have a huge range of career paths available to them here at home.

‘We have a strong pool of talent on the Isle of Man and this event provides an opportunity for people to meet employers and sector representatives and discuss the qualifications, skills and attributes they are looking for, the vacancies they have and the training and career prospects they offer.’

Graham Cregeen MHK, Minister for Education and Children, said: ‘The Island’s flourishing employment sectors offer exciting opportunities for school-leavers and returning graduates.

‘The event allows students to meet prospective employers and discuss future opportunities before they make crucial choices over exam options and university courses.

‘The DEC’s five secondary schools and King William’s College attend but we welcome students back with parents, after school, to further benefit from the information available.’

Admission to Employment & Skills 2017 is free and a programme listing exhibitors will be available.

The event is supported by Energy FM.

For more information, ring Kate Radcliffe on 01624 685498 or Frances Hampton on 01624 693830.


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