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Youth Motor Project helps young people gain work and skills

A project that harnesses young people’s interest in vehicles to develop wider skills is holding an introductory evening to recruit new members.

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The Youth Motor Project is part of the Department of Education and Children’s Youth Service.

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It holds daytime and evening, one-to-one and group sessions with young people aged 12 to 21 at its garages in Douglas, in schools and at locations around the Island.

It educates young people about motoring and road safety and equips them in the skills they need to rebuild and maintain vehicles.

It helps young people acquire confidence, self-esteem and sense of responsibility and develops skills such as teamwork and communication.

Among its programmes are Employment and Esteem, which mentors young people towards gaining work or continuing in education.

The Youth Motor Project’s annual report states that it worked with 48 young people in the last academic year.

Manager Pete Hodgson said: ‘It was a positive year in terms of young people benefiting from our presentations and resources.

‘We had considerable success with Employment and Esteem, which the Manx Lottery Trust underwrites, and supported seven young people into jobs or further education.

‘Five young people passed their driving tests with us.

‘Most importantly, young people engaged with others on projects that interested them and gave them focus and new skills.’

The project led two off-Island excursions: to Motorcycle Live in Birmingham for project members and to Cambodia for students from Castle Rushen High School to carry out charity work.

Youth Motor Project sessions will recommence on Tuesday evenings for those in school Year 7 and older.

Parents and young people are welcome at an introductory evening on Wednesday 11th October from 6.30pm.

The garages are located behind the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre at Hills Meadow, Peel Road, Douglas.

For more information, email youthmotorproject@manx.net , ring 07624 460601 or visit the facebook page Youth Motor Project.


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