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Workplace Wellbeing Week at Ramsey Grammar School

As part of IOM Government’s ongoing strategy to promote Workplace Wellbeing, Josie Corrin, Director of Pastoral Care and Wellbeing at RGS was approached to host and trial a Staff Wellbeing week. Together with HR Business Partner, Mary Slater and Christian Varley from Manx Sport and Recreation, Josie devised a timetable which hosts a huge variety of events ranging from activities such as Chisamba (dance moves) to wellbeing health talks, Yoga, a recreational visit to the Grove Museum and a Dark Night Skies talk from Howard Parkin. Staff from Ramsey Grammar School and its partner primary schools, Bunscoill Rhumsaa, Sulby, The Dhoon, Ballaugh, Andreas, Jurby and Laxey, have been invited to sign up for one or more of these events during the week. These events are timetabled to take place during lunchtime and after school.

Mrs Corrin said “I have been delighted by the enthusiasm of staff in signing up for these events as well as by the willingness of both staff and members of the local community to facilitate these activities in school. We have a shoestring budget to develop this important area where much of what we do is predicated on the good will of people who offer to help us. I am sure that the staff who have signed up for one or more activities will feel happier and healthier as a result”.

Headteacher, Mrs Annette Baker said “I am delighted that Ramsey Grammar School, through Mrs Corrin has taken the lead in the promotion of Workplace Wellbeing by facilitating this week of activities. With the increasing demands on teachers and other staff who work in schools, it has never been more important to look after ourselves. I am grateful to everyone who has made it possible to support the strategic direction set by IOM Government in the promotion of Health and Wellbeing by placing our school at the centre of a series of events which will help people reflect on what they can do to make sure that they stay happy and healthy.


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