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St Ninian's celebrates Olympic gold medal

Friday 3rd August 2012

St Ninian's celebrates Olympic gold medal

St Ninian's High School staff and students are celebrating tonight after ex-student Peter Kennaugh won an Olympic gold medal as part of Team GB's men's team pursuit cycling team.

Amid astonishing scenes in the Olympic velodrome in London, the 23-year-old Manxman and teammates Steven Burke, Ed Clancy and Geraint Thomas, set a world record time of three mins, 51.659 seconds to win the 4km race against fellow finalists Australia.

Andy Fox, Headteacher of St Ninian's and an accomplished sportsman, is proud of Peter's achievement. Speaking from London, where he is attending the track events, he said tonight:

'I would like to offer my congratulations and those of all at St Ninian's High School to Peter Kennaugh and his teammates for winning the gold medal in the team pursuit tonight. Not only that but the team followed up yesterday's world best with yet another record-shattering display.

'Peter has shown great determination and discipline to further his cycling career in such an outstanding way. He has had great support from his family and sport on the Isle of Man, who have also helped him achieve success. He is a fantastic role model and inspiration for all young people in all walks of life. We at St Ninian's are proud to say he is a former, student, teammate and friend.'

Manx flags flew all round the velodrome and former Ballakermeen High School student and world road race champion and Tour de France stage winner Mark Cavendish was on the BBC TV commentary team, ensuring the Isle of Man lots of mentions.


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