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Flying start for Sure Sports Primary School Programme

The 2015/16 Sure Sports Primary School Programme got off to a flying start at the NSC yesterday when pupils aged six to eight tackled tag rugby.

The sport is one of six that feature in the programme, which introduces children to physical activity in a fun environment.

Pupils from 25 schools learned the rudiments of rugby by taking part in four-a-side games.

Chris Brannigan, Isle of Man Rugby Development Officer, said: ‘Tag rugby doesn’t feature some of the more physical aspects of the game, making it an ideal introduction to the sport for children.

‘Encouraging physical activity among the young and increasing the number of children who regularly take part in sport are objectives of Manx Sport and Recreation’s Strategy for Sport 2014-2024.

‘The interest generated by schools, our coaches and the Rugby World Cup on our TVs has meant an increase in the number of children participating in the event.

‘It was great to see 324 boys and girls enjoying the sport and hopefully many of them will carry on playing by joining a junior section of one of the Island’s thriving clubs.’

Sarah Jarvis, Marketing and PR Manager for Sure Isle of Man, said: ‘It’s great that the festivals coincided with England hosting the Rugby World Cup, as children who have been watching matches on TV have been inspired to emulate their heroes.

‘Sure Isle of Man is pleased to support the annual Primary Schools Programme, which introduces new generations to new sports and hopefully fosters a lifelong love of healthy physical exercise.’

For more information on children’s and adults’ rugby, ring Chris on 07624 269325 or email chrisbrannigan@rfu.com


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