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90 Years Old This Month

St. Ninian’s Upper School site - 90th Anniversary on the 26th and 28th September (7pm to 9pm approx).

The Friends of St. Ninian’s High School are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the opening of the Upper School site in September 1927. The events start at approximately 7pm on the Tuesday and Thursday evenings (dates above) and have a varied set of experiences for those that attend on each evening.

These include a talk about the History of the site with the highly entertaining Peter Kelly providing much of the detail.

There will also be tours of some of the older and more traditional aspects of the building as well as some of the most modern, state of the art, facilities on the site.

Finally all can enjoy a display of memorabilia as well as refreshments and the chance to chat.

There is no charge for the event although any donations will be gratefully accepted.

It would be appreciated if those wishing to come could ring either school office (Upper 648800, Lower 648900) to let us know, or come along in person to collect a souvenir ticket. In addition you can just turn up on the.

If you are a former student please do bring along any photos and share your memories as it will be good to prepare for 10 years time and the centenary celebrations!

Former Headteacher Andy Fox commented – “The school will have played quite a large part in the early lives of many people on the Isle of Man. It has a rich and varied History which has been fun and interesting to research. We hope that many former students, parents, staff members and interested members of the community will come along and enjoy these informal, fun and informative evenings”.


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