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Please click the link to download Dhoon School's "Review of the Year 2016 - 17."

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Download file "Performance Data 2016-17.pdf"

DHOON SCHOOL –POLICIES (Some of our key policies are listed here)

Download file "Parent Partnerships Policy.pdf"

Download file "Manx Culture in the Curriculum Policy.pdf"

Download file "SRE Policy.pdf"

Download file "Engaging Through Social Media Leaflet.pdf"

Download file "Marking and Feedback Policy.pdf"

Download file "Dhoon E-safety Policy.pdf"

Download file "Creative Curriculum Policy .pdf"

Download file "Health, Medical and First Aid Policy.pdf"

Download file "Dhoon Inclusion Policy.pdf"

Download file "Health, Medical and First Aid Policy.pdf"

Download file "Behaviour : Anti-Bullying Parent Leaflet.pdf"

Download file "Behaviour : AntiBullying Policy.pdf"

Download file "Homework Parents' Leaflet.pdf"

Download file "Homelearning Policy.pdf"

Download file "Learning and Teaching Policy.pdf"

Download file "Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy .pdf"


Download file "High Five Club - Info Sheet.pdf" High Five Club - Parent and pupil information sheet 2015

Download file "Holiday Dates 2015-2018 Sept 2015.pdf" School holiday dates

Download file "Holiday Request Form.pdf" Holiday Request Form

Download file "School Booklet 2016-17.pdf"Click <<<<< to download a copy of this information


Welcome to Dhoon School

We are situated in Glen Mona, Maughold in the Isle of Man. The original building dates back to 1876, although of course there have been many alterations and additions over the years. Our most recent expansion, in 2003, comprised of a four classroom teaching area, with two activity areas, on one side of the original building, and a multi-purpose hall, changing rooms and kitchen on the other. We also benefit from a dedicated playing field alongside the school, as well as a substantial enclosed playground, a wooden adventure playground and a canopied outdoor learning area.

Our catchment area covers the parish of Maughold. If you live within the catchment area, or have other children who are already attending the school, then a place at our school is assured. Children are admitted to our Reception Class in the September of the academic year in which they reach their fifth birthday.

Currently, we have three classes:

Class 1 (Reception, Year 1 & Year 2)

Class 2 (Year 3 & Year 4)

Class 3 (Year 5 & Year 6)

Of course, these arrangements change year on year, depending on pupil numbers and staffing.

Staff information

Mr M Kelly - Headteacher

Mrs S Shimmin - Site Leader

Mrs L Stewart - Teacher (Class 1)

Miss C Liggins - Teacher (PPA Release)

Mrs S Jaques - Teacher (Class 2)

Mr A Cross - Teacher (Class 3)

Miss A Oates - Nursery nurse (Class 1)

Mrs A Barks - SEN support

Mrs H McCallion - Kitchen staff / lunchtime ancillary

Mrs S Goss - Learning Support Assistant / lunchtime ancillary

Mrs A Kelly - School administrator

Mr P Quayle - Caretaker

Governing body

Each primary school on the Island has its own governing body. Each governing body is made up of :

· a member of the Education Council (Steven Bevan)

· a Parent Governor elected by parents of children attending the school (Jane Cowley)

· a Teacher Governor elected by permanent members of staff (Anthony Cross)

· and a Community Governor co-opted by the governing body (Pam Kerruish)

They meet on a regular basis with the Headteacher of the school.

The governors are key people to the school and form a partnership with the Headteacher. The main aim of the governing body is to maintain and improve the quality of education and standards of achievement across the school. They act as a critical friend to the school.

Vision statement

Dhoon School is a creative, innovative and dynamic learning community, built upon traditional values and strong community links; where everyone is encouraged, empowered and inspired to be happy and successful, to seek improvement and to strive for excellence.

The Dhoon Approach

We enjoy a broad learning experience, taking pride in high academic standards and placing great value on music, art, sport, drama and dance.

By learning to learn we make the most of our potential, enjoying every opportunity to be happy and successful.

We are proud of our school, community and heritage and strive to be active participants in all three.

We understand that we should keep our bodies and minds healthy, through exercise, diet, new challenges and fun.

Dhoon School seeks to prepare all our pupils for the future, including knowing how to respond well to the uncertainties of an ever-changing landscape. We place a high emphasis on developing the following values in our pupils:

  • Creativity
  • Energy
  • Positivity
  • Self-belief
  • Determination


Ongoing communication between home and school is essential; it allows us to share goals and achievements, keeping you up to date with your child’s progress, as well as ensuring that we are able to work together to make sure that our pupils are enjoying a positive experience at school.

To this end, we operate, wherever possible, an ‘open door’ policy which means that you are free to call in to the school to discuss matters with our staff - our teachers are usually available for ten minutes before and after school. If you feel that you would like a longer discussion, please do call the school office and we will be happy to arrange a convenient time for a meeting. We are aware that concerns do crop up from time to time, and in our experience these are often best resolved with an early intervention, so if you do have something you would like to draw to our attention, please do not hesitate to do so at the earliest opportunity.

In the Autumn term you will be invited in to school for your child to show you what they have been doing and to talk informally with their teacher.

We hold a formal Parents’ Evening during the spring term, when parents have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress with class teachers.

A written report summarising each pupil’s progress is produced in the summer term; should you wish to discuss the content of the report, or any issues arising from it, then please call to arrange a meeting.

During the course of the school year, you will receive information leaflets entitled ‘What’s My Child Learning About?’. In this, you will find information about what your child has been learning as well as opportunities to offer your own area of expertise! We urge you to engage in conversation about your child’s learning, as the opportunity for our pupils to reflect upon their learning is key to their ongoing progress, enabling them to develop their own understanding of what it is to be a learner and to identify their own ‘next steps’ for learning.

Regular newsletters are sent home during term time (on the first Friday of each month), which contain information about what has been happening at school, as well as details of future events, and the occasional reminder about school policy etc. (For everyone’s convenience, we have allocated Friday as the day of the week that school will send home letters or information.)

Should you wish to make an appointment to see the Headteacher, please contact the school office either by phone, or by e-mail to enquiries@dhoon.sch.im The office is manned from 9.00am to 2.00pm daily.

The School Day

School begins at 9.00am, with a member of staff on the front playground from 8.50am. The bell will ring just before 9.00am, signalling to the children that it is time to line up in their year groups at the stairs to the main entrance. The teacher on duty (usually Mr Kelly) will then send the children into the school, class by class, to be registered in their classroom by their teacher, so that the school day may begin promptly.

Should the weather be particularly unpleasant, then we will open the classrooms to the children at 8.50am; on these occasions pupils may make their way directly to their classroom to engage in a quiet activity. Staff members will be on hand to ensure supervision.

Please note that pupils who arrive before 8.50am will be unsupervised by staff; supervision prior to 8.50am, including on school grounds, is the responsibility of the parent/carer.

There is a break each morning at 10.45am, and lunchtime is 12.00 - 1.15 for our Early Years and Key Stage 1 pupils, and 12.15 - 1.15 for our Key Stage 2 pupils. Afternoon Break is from 2.15 - 2.30. We have a playground for games and more active pursuits, and a separate playground (during the warmer months) for quieter activities, such as reading, card games and so on.

School finishes at 3.25pm. Pupils who are being collected by parents/carers will be escorted to the front playground by their teachers, while children who are catching the bus home will be escorted to the bus stop by two members of staff, who will also see them board the bus safely. It is important to note that we are not served by a dedicated school bus, and so delays etc may occur. Similarly, although we ask our pupils to represent our school in the best possible way at all times, incidents that occur on the bus itself are beyond our control. I would ask that you take the time to discuss safety and behaviour on the bus with your child.

Starting school – The Reception Year

Our Reception pupils enjoy an exciting, engaging learning experience alongside their Year One peers, where every effort is made to encourage children to feel happy and secure when they start school. Activities are varied, child-centred and lots of fun, carefully designed to ensure that each child is able to progress comfortably, develop a true enjoyment of learning and foster positive relationships with their peers.

Like all our classrooms, the Reception learning environment is rich in language and colour, and provides lots of opportunities for practical activities. We also make lots of use of our covered outdoor learning area, as well as the surrounding locale.


At Dhoon School, we are committed to providing a rich, varied and exciting curriculum for all of our pupils. We offer a wide range of opportunities for children to learn in different ways, catering for a range of learning styles. This means that our pupils learn to work both independently and collaboratively, developing an understanding of themselves as learners and recognising the ways in which they learn most effectively.

Our curriculum is creative and innovative, with our team of talented staff able to deliver high quality teaching and learning through cross-curricular, theme based activities; an approach that our pupils find engaging and inspiring, thanks to the variety and range of different activities on offer, and which allows them to make connections between the different areas of learning.

We place high value on the Arts, which is reflected in a curriculum that is rich in art, music, drama and dance. We also recognise the hugely positive impact that sport can have on young people, and so we are devoted to providing opportunities for our pupils to take part in physical activities, whether competitively or simply to keep healthy and have fun.

Our curriculum recognises the growing role of technology in all our lives, and we ensure that our pupils develop the skills to make the best use of this in order to support their learning and are given ample opportunities to become comfortable, effective users of Information and Communication Technology. Of course, we also make sure that your children are able to operate within this space safely and responsibly.

At the heart of our curriculum is a firm belief in promoting the values, dispositions and skills outlined by the Isle of Man’s ‘Essentials For Learning’ document and the ‘6Rs’,which are Readiness, Relationships, Resourcefulness, Resilience, Remembering and Reflectiveness.

We link our ‘Dhoon High Five’ values into the curriculum, too. As such, our curriculum also includes a commitment to helping our pupils learn to learn; we believe that children should develop an understanding of how they learn most effectively, reflect on their own progress and be involved in identifying their own ‘next steps’, thus developing the skills to be a successful learner for life.

At Dhoon, we are very proud of our high academic standards. We believe in ensuring that all of the above is underpinned by a focus on the key skills of Literacy and Numeracy; full competence in these allow our pupils to fully enjoy and engage with the learning opportunities at our school, and in all areas of their life.

Recording progress and receiving additional support

Children are assessed in a variety of areas throughout the school year. Children’s progress in Reception is recorded in the form of scale points.

In Key Stages 1 and 2 progress is recorded in sub levels. National averages are:

· 1a at the end of Year 1

· 2b at the end of Year 2

· 3c at the end of Year 3

· 3b at the end of Year 4

· 4c at the end of Year 5

· 4b at the end of Year 6

Whole classes are screened for a variety of difficulties over their time in school e.g. language development, reading etc. This is to ensure we are aware of any difficulties which may prevent children from reaching their full potential and identify support to put in place where required. Detailed records are kept on pupil progress. These records inform us of the learning needs of individual children, to enable us to make appropriate provision.

We support children who have additional needs at both ends of the spectrum -those with special needs through to rapid learners. We provide this by differentiating tasks children are asked to carry out in lessons, teachers working with small groups to extend their learning, employing staff with the key role of providing individual or small group support and also providing booster groups for spoken language and literacy.

Pupil expectations

We expect and strongly encourage high standards of work and behaviour. Pupils should aim to achieve their personal best. Pupils should be polite and helpful to others at all times. They should have respect for others and other people’s property. Pupils should always walk in school and are expected to talk in quiet voices. We have a positive attitude towards developing good behaviour through praise, encouragement, and rewarding very good work and behaviour with stamps and stickers. Each week the class teachers nominate children from their class to be ‘Stars of the Week’. At our Monday Celebration Assemblies the children’s names and reasons for nomination are read out; the children are given special Star Award prizes.


Our pupils wear school uniform from Reception to Year 6. Jade school sweatshirts, featuring the school logo, should be worn over white or jade polo shirts.

Polo shirts may be plain or with the school logo. They are worn with grey school trousers or shorts, tunics or skirts. Both boys and girls should wear black/dark shoes. In the summer, girls may wear green or blue checked cotton dresses.

We are aware, of course, that from time to time and for different reasons (a tear in the trousers, a hole in the shoe etc) it is not possible for the correct school uniform to be worn. In these circumstances, it would be appreciated if you could send a note of explanation. We are proud of our school identity, and the uniform plays a large part in that.

For PE and Games all children require shorts, a T-shirt and plimsolls/ trainers. During colder weather they may wish to bring tracksuits, or jogging trousers and a sweatshirt, for outdoor activities.

Our uniform is available to buy at the following outlets:

  • Esquires
  • The Promenade T-Shirt Shop

Attendance and punctuality

All absences must be explained in order for them to be registered as ‘authorised’. If you are keeping your child off school for medical reasons, including trips to doctors and dentists, please could you inform the school in writing or by phone call as soon as you can. Any absence that occurs where the school has not been informed of a valid reason will be registered as ‘unauthorised’.

If you wish to take your child on vacation during school term, it is required that you obtain the agreement of the school beforehand. You will find the appropriate request form at the end of this document. The law allows for up to a fortnight’s absence (in term time) during a twelve month period. Anything beyond this would be registered as an ‘unauthorised’ absence.

All ‘unauthorised absences’ are required to be reported by the school.

We urge you to make every effort to ensure that your child arrives at school on time. Where a pupil arrives after the register has been taken, it is recorded electronically and the number of late arrivals will be recorded on pupils end of year reports, as required by the Department of Education and Children.

Accidents and First Aid

Although we try our best to ensure that our school environment is as safe as possible, children do have accidents from time to time. At school, these tend to be restricted to minor bumps, bruises and scratches, in which case we are happy to help the children clean up and apply a plaster where appropriate (please let us know if your child is allergic to plasters). Where we feel that the accident or injury is of a more serious nature, we will contact you directly to inform you.

Drinks and Snacks

We have a chilled water fountain situated in the foyer area which may be used by our pupils during the course of the day. Pupils may also bring their own drink from home; it is important that this is brought in a suitable container. Fizzy drinks or ‘energy’ drinks are not allowed.

In addition, pupils may also bring with them a healthy snack which may be eaten during the course of the morning (usually at morning break). Again, this should be a healthy snack; items such as crisps, chocolate bars, sweets etc are not permitted.

You can also register your child to receive a carton of milk each day; to arrange this, at a cost of 95p per week, please contact the school administrator, Mrs Luton.

Lunchtime arrangements

Lunchtime is from 12.00 p.m. to 1.15 p.m. for children in Reception and Key Stage 1. Junior children have lunch between 12.15pm and 1.15 p.m.

At Dhoon School, hot, healthy lunches can be provided. A copy of the school dinner menu is always displayed on the parents’ notice boards. Cheques for school meals should be made payable to ‘Dhoon School’. If you prefer, your child can bring a packed lunch in a suitable lunch box which should be clearly named. The lunchbox should not contain any glass items or fizzy drinks. We aim for Dhoon School to be a healthy school.

A week’s notice is required should you wish your child to change from school dinners to packed lunch or vice versa.

During the lunchtime break, supervision is provided by lunchtime ancillary staff, who support the children in the dining rooms and the playgrounds until the start of afternoon school. On wet days children are supervised in their classrooms during lunch break, once they have finished eating in the hall.

Personal belongings

Parents are advised that if children bring valuable property to school, neither the Department of Education and Children nor the teachers or other employees of the Department will be responsible for any loss or damage to such property.

It is essential that all items of clothing are clearly named so that items of lost property can be returned.

There is no need for your child to bring pencil cases etc. to school as everything is provided. Toys may be damaged, lost or cause distractions and therefore should not be brought into school unless requested for a specific purpose.

We request that children do not wear any jewellery, including earrings, in school for reasons of safety.

The Department of Education and Children requires that all ear studs and watches be removed before P. E. lessons. If children are wearing ear studs which cannot be removed, tape needs to be placed over the studs so that any accidental knock to that part of the body will not result in the pin of the stud penetrating the skin below and behind the ear.

Pupil welfare

Head Lice

With so many children working closely together it is inevitable that head lice are found in children’s hair from time to time. The responsibility for checking hair now lies with the parent as routine inspections are no longer carried out in school.


The essence of the medicine policy is that we do allow for this to be given in school, but only where it is absolutely essential, and only after a meeting between parents and school has taken place and the correct permissions forms have been completed and signed by all parties. Children should not have medicines, including paracetamol and throat lozenges, in the school bags. We're sure you can all understand the obvious risks that this could potentially pose.


Should your child be absent from school, we ask that you notify us each morning so that the appropriate mark may be entered in the register.

If you wish your child not to take part in a PE/swimming lesson, written notification is required.

If your child has an appointment with a doctor, dentist etc. please sign them out of school and back in again. In order for school to be able to authorise the absence we will ask to see the appointment card/letter or we require a written note in advance explaining the reason for absence being a medical appointment.

School will always telephone you if your child is unwell and we feel they should be at home. If your child is unwell and you come to collect them, please let the school administrator know before you leave so that we can record this in our register accordingly.

Visitors to School

We welcome a lot of visitors to our school during any given term, and that includes parents too. From helping out on class trips, listening to readers or running clubs, we welcome any expertise! If you feel that you would like to help us out, or have a skill that you might like to share with our pupils, please do get in touch!

Please be aware that additional adults will not work unsupervised with children and should we feel it necessary we will ask for relevant Police Checks to be carried out, just as we would with full time workers in school.

Extra-Curricular Clubs and Activities

We are fortunate to be able to offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities here at Dhoon. As well as a variety of sports clubs (including football, athletics, netball, tag rugby, cricket), we also have a strong musical tradition! From our wonderful choir to our sensational folk band, there’s something for everyone. With arts and craft clubs running at different times through the year, our pupils always have a choice of extra things to do.

Complaints procedure

Should you need to complain about something connected with school there is a procedure laid down by the Department of Education, Sport and Culture which suggests that complaints are addressed as follows :-

First Point of Contact – The Class Teacher

If the complaint is not resolved or the complainant remains dissatisfied approach the next point of contact:

Second Point of Contact – The Headteacher

If the complaint is not resolved or the complainant remains dissatisfied approach the next point of contact:

Third Point of Contact – School Adviser, Department of Education, Sport and Culture, Hamilton House, Peel Road, Douglas.

If the complaint is not resolved or the complainant remains dissatisfied approach the next point of contact:

Fourth Point of Contact – The Chief Executive Officer for the Department of Education, Sport and Culture at the above address

The information contained on this page was correct and accurate at the time of publishing.

Some changes of routine or circumstances may have taken place since that time.


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