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Ecomann Website

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The Department of Infrastructure, in partnership with the Department of Education, have funded the provision of an environmental education website - Ecomann!

The website is arranged in to the 9 areas of the Eco Schools topics and is focused on local resources and organisations who can support the teaching of environmental issues.

There are also links to UK and worldwide websites and resource materials.

The website is updated regularly and has a 'what's hot' section on the home page which includes all new initiatives and up to date information.

There is also an email address on the 'get involved' page where you can send in your own ideas or information about environmental projects you have done in your school.

Access the website through the link button at the top of the page.

If you would like a staff meeting, assembly or other training linked to the site, please use the contact details on the Ecomann website to arrange.



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