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    How do we become an Eco-School?

    (information from http://www.keepbritaintidy.org/ecoschools/gettingstarted/yourecoschoolsjourney)

    Your Eco-Schools journey

    The Eco-Schools programme has a simple framework which provides the tools to promote and develop sustainability throughout your school.

    If you are a centre catering to children aged 0-5 years, please visit our Eco-Schools for Early Years pages. The programme has been developed to meet the needs of younger children, with the Eco-Schools elements broken down to make it more relevant to this age group.

    The Eco-Schools framework consists of seven elements

    1. Eco-Committee
    2. Environmental Review
    3. Action Plan
    4. Involving the whole school and wider community
    5. Linking to the curriculum
    6. Monitoring and evaluation
    7. Eco-Code

    The framework supports schools working on different environmental and sustainable topics. There are nine topics that you can choose to work on. Please note that energy is now a compulsory topic.

    Nine topics

    1. Energy
    2. Water
    3. Biodiversity
    4. School grounds
    5. Healthy living
    6. Transport
    7. Litter
    8. Waste
    9. Global citizenship

    In addition to these topics you can look at developing projects with Eco-Homes and
    Eco-Centres which can be used towards your Green Flag award and in particular
    Involving the whole school and wider community. You should also ensure your school is litter free, a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is displayed and a Green ProcurementPolicy has been created (this is mandatory from January 2013).

    Registered schools work towards a Bronze Award, Silver Award and, ultimately, the Green Flag. There’s a logical progression through the awards and the work required for each award is described in the Eco-Schools Award Overview.

    First steps

    Once registered, there are three initial steps for schools to undertake:

    1. Form an Eco-Schools action team (the Eco-Committee)
    2. Conduct an Environmental Review
    3. Develop an Action Plan

    A template for the Environmental Review and Action Plan, as well as a Getting Started with Eco-Schools Guide, can be found in our Programme Materials area.

    Once these three steps have been completed, your school can begin working towards their Bronze Award by focusing on the actions of one of the nine topics. Which topic(s) you choose to focus on will very much depend on what you find out from your Environmental Review.

    When schools are ready, they can apply for their Bronze and Silver Awards through the website which are self accredited. There’s a more formal application form and assessment that involves getting to Green Flag status. Visit the Eco-Schools Award pages for more information.

    For a comprehensive guide to using our online application system - from registration to renewal of your Green Flag Award - download the Eco-Coordinator's User Guide from our Programmes Materials page.

    To get started on your Eco-Schools journey, register now.


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