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Manx Newspaper Articles from WWII


QEII & St Marys Primary School visit the Gallery

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Ernst Eisenmayer: Art Beyond Exile

[Screen shot 2012-04-25 at 23.51.17.png] Art Collection Ernst Eisenmayer Interview QEII & St Marys Primary School visit the G...

Henry Inlander, 1943, Charcoal on paper


Old Bill, 1946, Charcoal on paper


Man with Dog, 1969, Gouache and oil on paper


Two Figures, 1969, Gouache on paper


Erich Deutsch, (Eric Doitch) 1946, Charcoal on paper


Self Portrait, May 1944, Charcoal on paper


Franz Reisz, 1937, Charcoal on paper



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Head, 1972, Bronze welded plates


Standing Figure, Bronze on marble base


Dog, 1960, Welded steel on marble base


Mask, 1968, Bronze on wood


Hostage, 1968, Bronze on marble base


Hostage, 1970, Bronze on Black Metal Base


Man with Dog, 1984, Bronze on Marble base


Family, 1969, Bronze


Masada, 1968, Bronze