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    The Isle of Man Children's Plan outcomes


    • Children and young people enjoy good physical, mental, emotional and sexual health and live a healthy lifestyle by, for example, maintaining a healthy weight and choosing not to take illegal drugs, abuse alcohol or smoke.

    • Children and young people are protected from harm through neglect, violence and sexual exploitation. They are safe from accidental injury and death, bullying, discrimination, crime and anti-social behaviour and live in safe and stable homes.

    • Children and young people get the most out of life. They receive and enjoy a good education to help them reach their full potential. Children and young people are able to enjoy and take full advantage of recreational activities and personal development opportunity within the education system, leisure services, voluntary youth organisations and their community.

    • Children and young people contribute to the community, Manx identity and culture, the environment and to society by developing enterprising behaviour. This includes, for example, contributing to decision-making, not only about their own lives, but the wider community. Children and young people will contribute ideas about what services should be provided and more generally by not engaging in law breaking or anti-social behaviour including bullying and discrimination.

    • Children and young people achieve emotional, social and economic prosperity by building positive self esteem, resilient relationships and positive values. They should live in decent homes in settled communities and participate in further education, training and work opportunities on leaving school.Home


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