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    Similarities and Differences


    Similarities with 2006 curriculum ("Freedom to Flourish") and 2011 curriculum ("Essentials for Learning")
    - both provide a broad definition of “learning” for education in IOM
    - both include "the 6Rs" (the learning dispositions) as central to the design of the curriculum
    - both make explicit the link between personal, social and academic development
    - both attempt to support, rather than prescribe the specific content of the curriculum (content being the responsibility of schools to develop, to match the needs and interests of their pupils)

    - E4L has a single aim - to inspire learners to flourish in life
    - while the 6Rs have remained the same, E4L provides examples of what they might look like and has them re-framed as "dispositions for learning"
    - E4L includes 10 new principles which should underpin an effective curriculum (personalised, meaningful, assessment for learning, connected learning, active learning, partnership with community, pupil voice, learning through enquiry, inclusive, challenging and engaging
    - E4L also links to other key imperatives (eg the IOM Children's Plan) so schools aren't trying to use multiple documents
    - E4L is an electronic document (a "wiki") which will enable it to grow and develop as our thinking develops
    - as it's a wiki, it can also enable two-way communication and staff can post information onto it, as well as receive it
    - E4L is multi-layered (i.e it has layer 1 - an overview, layer 2 - support materials, links to other sites, research, definitions of key concepts, staff discussion questions etc. layer 3 - case studies and action research)
    - E4L contains a lot more detail (see above) and will enable schools to explore aspects of it as and when they are ready to
    - E4L defines what we mean by the school curriculum (Environment, Events, Traditions, Lessons, Enrichment Activities, Behaviours, Routines and Ethos)
    - E4L includes cross-curricular aspects of the school curriculum (Citizenship, Healthy Futures, Learning to Learn, Global Dimension, ICT, Manx Culture and History Careers


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