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    The 6Rs


    It is intended that as a result of experiencing the curriculum and the way it is delivered, young people will develop as individuals with:

    • Readiness

      For example, demonstrating;-

      • confidence in themselves
      • a positive attitude towards setbacks
      • an ability to work alone and with others
      • an ability to take responsibility for aspects of their own learning
      • skill in managing own emotions and feelings
      • good concentration and focus

    • Relationships which are Positive

      For example, demonstrating;-

      • an ability to work as a team member, towards commonly agreed goals
      • skills in collaboration, mediation and negotiation
      • understanding and respect for others
      • willingness to take inspiration from others
      • an acceptance of boundaries and ability to adapt behaviour to suit different roles and situations
      • empathy and understanding the role of others

    • Resourcefulness

      For example, demonstrating;-

      • the ability to question and show curiosity to extend thinking
      • the ability to generate new ideas, be imaginative and explore possibilities
      • the ability to use initiative
      • self motivation
      • the ability to be intuitive and explore ideas, based on what is felt to be true
      • adaptability to new circumstances

    • Resilience

      For example, demonstrating;-

      • the ability to solve problems
      • the capacity to persevere
      • an acceptance of constructive criticism
      • an ability to be adventurous and take risks
      • adaptability when circumstances change
      • flexibility, exploring issues from different perspectives

    • Remembering Skills

      For example, demonstrating;-

      • the ability to recall
      • the ability to learn from experience
      • the confidence to transfer skills and strategies from one context to another
      • the capacity to connect their own and others’ ideas and experiences in inventive ways
      • the ability to interpret
      • the capability to apply reason, (compare/contrast; analyse information, judging its relevance; support conclusions; use reasoned arguments and evidence)

    • Reflectiveness

      For example, demonstrating;-

      a sense of pride

      • the ability to plan, organising time and resources, prioritising actions and breaking down tasks into manageable steps
      • skills in observation and analysis
      • an ability to assess themselves and others, identifying opportunities and achievements
      • the capacity to reflect upon the implications of choices they have made
      • the capability to monitor, revise and adapt progress, acting on the outcomes
      • an appreciation of own learning processes


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