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    Finding a Geocache

    Finding a Geocache will require you to create an account on www.geocaching.com or by logging in to the IsleofManSchools account. Once you have created an account and familiarized yourself with the website and the basics of Geocaching your next step is inputing the co-ordinates (depending on your type of handheld GPS sometimes all the information you will need is inputed automatically), each cache listing gives you information and directions on how to access the cache and if you are lucky a bonus hint!! However, certain types of Geocaches don't provide you with the co-ordinates, you have to work these out yourself.

    Some geocaches will tell you what to expect when you go searching for the cache, the type of terrain, if any 'tools' are required, how long the walk might be, if there are any livestock or certain type of vehicles are not allowed. These are all called attributes. Also all geocaches are given a difficulty and terrain ratings, both out of 5, 5 being the hardest!

    There are over 500 geocaches on the Isle of Man at the moment, even 2 on the Calf of Man and 1 on the Tower of Refuge, many are on top of hills/mountains, along footpaths, hidden under bushes, in trees, under stones. I have a geocaching friend who plans to place a geocache under water!!!

    Geocaching will take you to some beautiful, hidden parts of the Isle of Man. It also gives you the opportunity to visit some historical sites and learn some interesting facts about the Island. Below are some photographs of views I have found whilst out geocaching!

    Be warned Geocaching can be very addictive!


    Daniel Sowerby
    Feb 10, 2013

    Geochaching is so fun, i love it

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