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A trackable is an item that can be tracked from geocache to geocache by it's unique code. You locate the code on the trackable and when logging your geocache find on www.geocaching.com you enter the code to tell the owner if you have retrieved or discovered the trackable. You then do the same process when dropping off a trackable in a geocache.

There are different types of trackable items; Geocoins, Travel Bug Dog Tags and different variations of these!

Below are the trackables released by Isle of Man Schools you can see how far they have travelled and countries they have visited so far!

Heres an update on the Isle of Man Schools trackables! Click on the images or text to see there journeys!

Bonobo the Monkey

He has travelled 17185 miles and is currently in the Czech Republic!

Here he is at the Champions League Final at Wembley


Brewster Travel Bug

He has travelled 7224 miles and is currently in Luxembourg.

Here he is at Scarlett

Cacheola Caches Geocoin

It has travelled 15555.3 miles and was last seen in France but could possibly be missing!

Clone Trooper Travel Bug

It has travelled 782.3 miles and was last seen in the east of England but seems to have gone missing!

Isle of Man Dog

This canine has travelled 4640.2 miles and was last seen in Germany but seems to be missing

Isle of Man Lion

This big cat has travelled 11081.6 miles and is currently in the West Midlands in the hands of a geocacher

Isle of Man Nessie

This mysterious creature has travelled 377.4 miles and is currently in England but seems to be missing!

Pikachu Travel Bug

He has travelled 18332.2 miles and is currently in the South of England.

Whiskers the Cat Travel Tag

Whiskers has travelled 7371 miles and is currently in Switzerland!

Whiskers enjoying a drink in Barbacoa, Spain!

Below are the flags of the many countries the trackables have visited, can you name them?


Paul Hamilton
Feb 21, 2011

I have been interested in this for a long time through a friend of mine and now it all makes sense. Thank you and well done.

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