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    New Building

    July 2016

    Year 3 - the first group of pupils to visit the new site

    June 2016

    ....... and now we have a name
    Assembly Hall - coloured panels are acoustic panels
    Entrance lobby
    Learning zone
    Dividing wall open ...... flexible learning!
    Dividing wall shut

    May 2016

    View to left side of building. Reception classrooms to the left, library in the middle and the SEN unit to the right.
    Front entrance
    Sports Hall, varnished and lined.
    Assembly/dining hall viewed from the community balcony.
    Shared area - years 5 and 6

    January 2016

    The teachers had the opportunity to view the site. They were really impressed and really excited for what the future holds.

    Last day of term - Christmas 2015

    Sports Hall
    Assembly Hall
    External finish

    Dec 2015

    Exterior cladding can be seen on both of the above photos

    Dec 2015

    Front aspect with hoarding removed.

    Front entrance and assembly hall to the right.
    Rear aspect, dark grey are will be the all weather play surface.

    KS2 classrooms on 1st floor. Plaster boards have been plastered.
    1st floor shared area.

    1st floor classrooms.
    Ground floor learning zone showing doors to outside area.

    Reception classrooms.
    Photo taken from flat roof and showing end of sports hall.

    Nov 2015

    I have been on site today, four weeks since my last visit. The building has come a long way in a short space of time. Class is in the assembly hall, plasterboard is in place in many of the teaching areas. The teaching space and halls are now joined by the office and reception area.

    Dining Hall and Assembly, Hall Sports Hall

    View showing outdoor areas to rear of school, teaching area awaiting plaster

    Oct 2015

    Ground floor classrooms

    First floor classrooms

    Dining and assembly hall
    Looking back to the sports hall from the sports pitch

    Images taken over the Summer Holidays

    Grass! and view from the 1st floor.

    More views from the 1st floor.

    Assembly and Sport Halls taking shape.

    Classroom beginning to take shape, new roof on classroom accommodation.

    14 July 2015

    Views of the roof awaiting cladding and the metal work for the sports and assembly halls

    2 July 2015

    Art work produced by the whole school to decorate the site boards. Milly, Brintha, Diya and Jessica, pictured left, work tirelessly for a number of weeks. Thank you girls.

    26 June 2015

    The steel work for the sports hall emerging from the mist
    June 2015

    Points of interest –

    · Steelwork on place to corner of existing ward block infill

    · Substructures advancing well to sports hall / assembly hall etc. – steel expected on site later today

    · Foundation progressing for retaining wall between artificial pitch and grass pitch area

    · Car-parking area – will soon be full as Tooms will be pushing out site boundary onto Westmoreland Road frontage this week – space for displaced cars

    May 2015

    To left – part completed staff car-park due to be handed over shortly for DHSC use to enable us to clear the cars parked at the corner / progress works on that part of our site frontage ….. in centre middle distance can see the foundations for the sports hall progressing well …. to the right the herringbone land drainage to the grass sports pitch area is in place.

    May 2015 - We are very busy creating art work to be fixed to the hoarding boards on the new site. We hope to have them finished before TT week.

    The most recent picture of the site. As you can see there has been a lot of ground work undertaken. The photo shows the terracing of the new site for the play areas and sport pitches.

    Construction is underway! The site is a hive of activity and it's all very exciting.


    declan mckay (unauthenticated)
    May 31, 2016

    buzzing for next yr ! :)

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