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    Wales 2016

    Hi, we are having trouble uploading photos.

    All then children arrived at the Sea terminal, bags in hand, ready to begin the weeks great adventure. They were all very excited and the weather was fantastic, a beautiful sunny day, so the crossing should be a good one. I will post pictures when I get them for Miss McCabe.

    9.40 am - Miss McCabe has just sent me a text to say that they are approaching Liverpool and that the crossing was very good - no sick bags needed!

    1:15 pm - The party have stopped in Welshpool for lunch and are about two hours away from the venture centre.

    4:00 pm - All arrived safe and sound at manor Adventure. Let the fun begin!

    Everyone was tired out so lights were out at 10pm.

    After a good nights sleep and a hearty breakfast it was a rainy morning at the lake!
    Everyone enjoyed the stand up paddle boards, Mr Mooney was a natural, Mrs Jones spent a lot of time in the water! All the children did some tricks and rolls on the boards. We also did raft building – both groups managed to keep their raft together…both groups managed to fall in!
    After lunch Mr Mooney's group went for a lovely long hilly bike ride…some very tired children at the end of that! Mrs Jones' group took up a bow and arrow and did some archery and and the lake challenge! We all got together after tea for a nice evening walk and came back for hot chocolate, squirty cream and marshmallows! Every one was tucked up asleep by 10.15 much to the delight of the teachers!

    Another morning at the lake when we joined forces with Anagh Coar for a canoe and kayak session. Everyone enjoyed playing the silly games and didn’t notice the rain coming down. Mrs Jones got tipped in so she splashed Mr Mooney and made sure he was soaked!
    After lunch Mrs Jones' group went on the nice bike ride,……thankfully the rain had stopped! Apparently the saddles were not very comfy! Mr Mooney's group did the lake challenge and the obstacle course, even having a race to carry a canoe over the course.
    In the evening Mrs Jones' group had the low ropes and took Ned the Head across the course! Mr Mooney's group did the big zip wire and everyone had two goes! After hot chocolate and biscuits it was time to go to bed!


    Rebecca Hines-randle (unauthenticated)
    May 14, 2016

    Wales was so fun😊

    declan mckay (unauthenticated)
    May 31, 2016

    i can't wait for next year!:)

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