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Welcome to the ICT Home page. This is a growing resource of helpful hints and tips, video how tos and advice on how ICT can support learning and teaching in your setting.


If you are creating a wiki for your school or curriculum area, please read the Wiki Code of Practice before you begin.

To find information on a wiki you can:

  • click on the blue underlined words which are hyperlinked to other pages, sites and videos.
  • type a keyword in the search box. If you press return you will get any pages containing that key word.
  • click in the search box, leave it blank but press return and you will get all the available pages on a wiki.

To replace the First Class Conference "Staff Laptops FAQs" we have set up a separate site (login required) called ICT Discussions. Here you will be able to ask a question via the blog and offer suggestions to colleagues. ICT Discussions is only available to staff working within the DEC.

Our Blog will keep you up to date with the latest developments in ICT. Please feel free to add comments.

This site

On these pages you will find information relating to internet safety, the latest training courses, information on how to manage hardware in your school, setting up 1-2-1, FAQs and basic troubleshooting help. The pages are tagged so searching for key words will help you to find what you're looking for.

If you are having some technical problems which are not answered on these pages or the ICT Discussions site you may need to contact the Helpdesk.


We are developing a library of suggested activities of how ICT can support learning in all areas of the curriculum, including the use of peripherals such as iPod Touches, cameras, microphones, microscopes and dataloggers.