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Primary ICT Coordinators Summer 2013

Some Terminology:

Long Term Plan (LTP) School Level
A grid showing which year group covered what elements of strands at what time - very broad.

Medium Term Plan (MTP)
Could be for a term/half term for one class/year group. To include the strand and elements for that strand inclduing the "Non Negotiables" to be taught or revisited that term.

Non Negotiables
The most important IT elements - things you really need to get through life.


  • Session 1 Thursday 25th April Bemahague, 1-5pm
  • Session 2 Wednesday 22nd May Ballacottier 1-5pm
  • Session 3 Wednesday 19th June 1-5pm venue tbc
  • Session4 Thursday 11th July 1-5pm Santon

Session 1 "Who does what, when?"
In this workshop session we will help ICT coordinators to plan their long term ICT curriculum map based on their current curriculum plans. You will need to bring your current ICT planning and the documents your school uses for curriculum planning. It would also be useful to have your school's vision statement and the curriculum drivers/ values that underpin the curriculum.

The second part of this session (4pm-5pm) will look at he expectations and transfer to Year 7.

Session 2 "Map the gaps"
In this session we will look at the coverage for each area to match what you currently do and what the expectation would be. If you use other curriculum frameworks (such as Quigley) it is important that you feel you have suitable curriculum coverage.

Session 3 "Attainment"
Look at non negotiables. These are the really important ICT skills that you probably need to get through life. Schools can develop their own or use and build on statements that we have developed.
How do we know what children have achieved in previous years and build on that? We will discuss ways of tracking this (hopefully without levelling!)

Session 4 "Embedding"
We'd like to look at the online resources, the CPD requirements of your staff, how to build the confidence of staff to be able to plan a work flow and find help if they need it.


ICT Update meeting 6/10/11

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11017/3 ICT Co-ordinators' Termly Update


iOS devices

  • Managing devices
  • Borrowing devices
  • Use in the classroom

Progress on….?

  • Acceptable Use Policy
  • e-safety Policy
  • ICT Strategy
  • wikis -How are your 3 sites developing? Are schools managing to engage parents?

To discuss

Webfiltering - safe search, google images resolved.

Key messages

  • upload to wiki through Podcast Capture for video please
  • Change passwords
  • login with short name
  • AUP signed up
  • School's ICT Strategy
  • School's e-safety policy (and curriculum)
  • School's ICT Curriculum
  • "Think before you Print"
Please send us examples for curriculum ideas and finished work

Printing - Biz Hubs
Logging in
changing passwords - passwords changed on the wiki should now replicate to the School Server and IMP.
Software issues
and a few pleas….
photo booth movies (delete)
voiceover utility/display
First Class accounts (move users and size of mailbox)


iPods and iPads

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Many schools are starting to look at the use of iPads and iPods as a teaching tool, in the support of teaching and learning, for supporting Special Needs, as a personal device for instant access or simply to save money on their IT provision.

In order to learn from each other we are having drop in sessions every Thursday in July (7th, 14th, 21st) after school at Santon Professional Development Centre where the ICT team will be available to discuss problems, provide possible solutions over the management of them, plus share ideas from teachers both on and off the island of innovative ways to use them in the classroom.

In addition to this, we are running a half day training course on Thursday 14th July 1pm -4pm at Santon to highlight some of the fundamental differences between these devices from standard computers, plus the range of applications and uses for them. If you school does not have an iPad, you will be given one at this session to take back to school so that other staff can get a feel for what they can do.

Please contact CPD Bookings (via your Headteacher or Bursar) for a place on this course. (14th July)

If you are already using iOS devices (iPods and iPads) in your school, keep updated by visiting the handheld devices wiki (you'll need your wiki login) and please feel free to comment on the blog.

If you require any clarification about these sessions, please contact Graham, Alex or myself.


ICT Update meeting (Summer)

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11017/2 ICT Coordinator's Meeting 12/5/11

New software

  • I Can Present from Kudlian


  • Websense
  • Printing
  • iPads
  • wiki server, podcast library
  • ICT in the creative Curriculum

ICT Strategy, AUP and e-safety policy


Feedback on….

  • Technical support
  • Synching
  • Applications
  • Conferences/communication

To discuss

  • logging in
  • Learning environments - the future(?)
  • Thoughts on CPD/training
  • Please send us examples and any requests
  • Sharing Educational resources wiki

Key messages

  • Change passwords (wiki, IMP, FC)
  • Do Not defer Sync
  • AUP signed up
  • School's ICT strategy
  • School's e-safety policy
  • School's ICT curriculum
  • Please send us examples for curriculum ideas and finished work

Please book a place in the usual way.

If you have any other items for the agenda, please add a comment below.

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ICT Update meeting

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10125/1 ICT Co-ordinators' Termly Update (Primary),
Monday 18th October 2010, 1.00pm to 4.00pm at the Professional Development Centre, Santon

This is a chance to discuss the latest developments in ICT including the launch of the new wikiserver, the creative curriculum for ICT, Digital Creator, SmartAssess and updates in management of hardware and software.

Agenda items (in no particular order….)

  • wiki server
  • ICT creative Curriculum

Overview of spending and equipment provision.

Currently trialling

  • SmartAssess
  • Digital Creator

ICT Strategy

Teaching and Learning model

Online (VLEs, e-portfolios, cloud doc storage, Email)

Infrastructure update

Feedback on

  • Use of Helpdesk
  • Synching
  • Software titles

To discuss

  • ideas about sharing resources
  • Ideas about having out own solution to the maths packs

Key messages

  • Change passwords (wiki, IMP, FC)
  • Code of Practise for wikis and AUP
  • Do Not defer Sync
  • Check backup for staff and ESOs etc
  • Management of iPods/iPads

Please book a place in the usual way.

If there are any other aspects of ICT you wish to discuss at this session, please add a comment below.


Maths Packs (Interactive Resources)

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As you know, we have been using software from Interactive Resources (Primary Games Ltd) for several years and children and staff are very familiar with the 'Maths Packs'. With over 250 games there are plenty of activities for all year groups in the Primary phase. Last year, we bought an online service that allowed you to filter the games depending on objectives, year groups and strand. Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer this additional service.
We do, however still have the maths packs and a new range of Literacy games all available now on your machines. If you haven't explored the iR Literacy Pack One (in your applications folder) they are well worth a look.


Changing passwords

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Please make sure you have changed your password to a secure one. Please go to sch.im (All wikis) and log in, to change it.

There are some helpful hints on setting passwords on this site. Your password must not be:
your name
the default password
the same as the user id
Eventually you may only need one password for all of your work spaces, however currently your username and password will work for:
The school server (Primary Schools)
IMP (for Primary Schools)
sch.im (new wiki server)
* When you change your password this will change in all three places*

The other passwords you have are for First Class and your login to your laptop. It is important that you change your FirstClass password.


Acceptable Use Policy

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We have developed a draft policy for Acceptable Use for pupils and staff, which is available on the Policies for Consultation site.

Having selected and read the policy, you may add your comments by clicking the "add a new comment" tag at the bottom of the page.

AUP for consultation. You will need a login to access this site - if you don't have one, please contact Julie Wilsdon for a temporary login)


Smart Assess 6th July

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'Realsmart' (Primary am Secondary pm)

Realsmart‚ could be our answer to collaborative learning portfolios,peer, mentor and self-assessment. It helps students recognise progression and present evidence back to teachers. Teachers can track progression and provide ongoing feedback.

Representatives from realsmart will be on hand to demonstrate the potential of the system. To book your place contact CPD Bookings



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Please remember to back up your computers regularly.
  • Pupil laptop backup is automatic.
  • Staff (silver) machines back up to an external hard drive (LaCie) click here
  • ESOs using white macbooks need to make sure they have an automated backup (usually to a TC in school) If you are not sure whether you're backing up please contact the helpdesk.