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    Attainment in ICT

    We have devised a growing list of examples that represent certain stages of attainment. Please submit your own contributions via email, blog or comment. We will show examples of work representing each area and each stage with an indication of how that work could be changed to reach the next stage.

    Text and multimedia


    Sound (& music)

    Moving images

    Data handling

    Personal organisation


    Modelling and simulations


    For information only - Not statutory on the Isle of Man

    (New) UK level descriptors

    Level 1

    Key features of level 1

    "Explore options and make choices, developing familiarity"

    Pupils navigate on-screen resources to explore and locate information. They investigate imaginary and virtual worlds and explore options. They capture information and share their work with others. They work with text, images and sound to explore and share their ideas. They explore how devices respond to commands. They use ICT safely by following instructions. They understand that work can be saved and retrieved for later use. They talk about their use of ICT.

    Guidance for making a judgement at level 1

    Download file "Level 1 guidance.key.zip"

    Level 2

    Key features of level 2

    "Purposeful use toward specific outcomes"

    Pupils find and use information to answer questions. They sort and organise information and present it in different forms. They use simple editing and formatting techniques to develop their work. They use ICT to communicate with others following instructions on safe use. They plan and give instructions to make things happen or to control devices and describe the effects. They make informed choices when using ICT to explore what happens in real and imaginary situations. They describe how they use ICT to develop their work.

    Guidance for making a judgement at level 2

    Download file "Level 2 guidance.key.zip"

    Level 3

    Key features of level 3

    "Develop ideas and solve problems"

    Pupils search for and use information from a range of sources and make judgements about its usefulness when following straightforward lines of enquiry. They collect, record and organise data to answer questions and present findings. They use editing and formatting techniques to develop and refine their work to improve its quality and presentation. They use sequences of instructions to control devices and achieve specific outcomes. They answer questions when using ICT models and simulations. They use communication tools to share and exchange their ideas with others, and follow strategies for staying safe. They describe their use of ICT inside and outside school.

    Guidance for making a judgement at level 3

    Download file "Level 3 guidance.key.zip"

    Level 4

    Key features of level 4

    "Combine and refine information from various sources and for an audience. Interpret and consider plausibility"

    Pupils refine searches to find, select and use information, questioning its reliability. Pupils understand the need for collecting information in a format that is suitable for processing. They interpret their findings, question plausibility and recognise that poor-quality information leads to unreliable results. They develop simple ICT-based models to explore patterns and relationships, and make predictions about the consequences of their decisions. They plan, test and refine sequences of instructions. They capture data using sensors to support investigations. They create and combine different forms of information, refining and presenting it for a particular purpose, showing an awareness of audience and the need for quality. They communicate and exchange information and ideas with others, collaborating to develop and improve work. They understand the benefits of online communication and can manage some of the risks associated with the digital environment. They compare their use of ICT with other methods and with its use outside school.

    Guidance for making a judgement at level 4

    Download file "Level 4 guidance.key.zip"

    Level 5

    Key features of level 5

    "Combine the use of ICT tools showing consideration of overall structure. Critically evaluate fitness for purpose"

    Pupils combine ICT tools within the overall structure of an ICT solution. They select the information they need for different purposes, check its accuracy and organise it in a form suitable for processing. They use ICT to structure, refine and present information in different forms and styles for specific purposes and audiences. They exchange information and ideas with others in a variety of ways, including using digital communications. They create sequences of instructions and understand the need to be precise when framing and sequencing instructions. They are systematic in changing the variables in an ICT-based model and explain the impact of the changes. They use ICT to organise, store and retrieve information using logical and appropriate structures. They use ICT safely and responsibly. They discuss their knowledge and experience of using ICT and their observations of its use outside school. They assess the use of ICT in their work and are able to reflect critically in order to make improvements in subsequent work. They use appropriate evaluation criteria to critically evaluate the fitness for purpose of their work as it progresses.

    Guidance for making a judgement at level 5

    Download file "Level 5 guidance.key.zip"


    Level 6

    Key features of level 6

    "Integration and efficiency"

    Pupils plan and design ICT-based solutions to meet a specific purpose and audience, demonstrating increased integration and efficiency in their use of ICT tools. They develop and refine their work to enhance its quality, using a greater range and complexity of information. Where necessary, they use complex lines of enquiry to test hypotheses. They present their ideas in a variety of ways and show a clear sense of audience. They develop, try out and refine sequences of instructions and show efficiency in framing these instructions, using sub-routines where appropriate. They use ICT-based models to make predictions and vary the rules within the models. They assess the validity of these models by comparing their behaviour with information from other sources. They plan and review their work, creating a logically structured portfolio of digital evidence of their learning. They discuss the impact of ICT on society.


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