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Isle of Man Arts Council Loan Collection

In 1993 the Isle of Man Arts Council initiated an innovative project for taking contemporary art into the community. The resulting collection of contemporary art now consists of over 300 prints, paintings and photographs by a diverse range of artists.

These prints are divided up into small groups and lent out to schools, libraries, the prison and other public buildings and every one of the Island’s schools has some of the collection always on display. The prints act as a catalyst for discussion and discovery, enabling the development of a more informed awareness and understanding of contemporary visual language.

Some of the more recent acquisitions to the collection include work from West Africa, Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Isle of Man.

The art works are available on the blog for children to look at and comment on. To access the pictures please click on the blog button above right, or follow this link. To help focus thoughts about the painting there are some questions in the link below.

Art Questions

The Isle of Man Arts Council webpage can be found here: http://www.gov.im/artscouncil/

The Arts Council support many great events that Schools can attend. Click on the link below for more information:

Arts Council events